Video, photos & audio of Beastie Boys at Sonar Festival

Beastie Boys perform "Triple Trouble."

Videos on Youtube:
Remote Control
The Maestro
Sure Shot
3 MC's and 1 DJ

Photos on Flickr:

Photos by Bakameh and Kurrn

You may download the Beastie Boys’ live set at the Sonar Festival on June 15th here [updated link]. Please note that this is an edited version of the concert, not the full concert.


1:15 AM Hot Sauce said...

Nice post, Klepto!

I'm still working on uploading my pics from the second show.

1:43 AM Hot Sauce said...

I'm listening to the audio of the show now. I forgot about hearing "In 3's"!

2:44 AM Saber said...

nice audio!


3:48 AM David said...

Soundboard audio!


3:54 AM paulbonardelli said...

Wow, thanks for the audio link! I got me some Uffie too! :D, The Electric Worm sounds awesome! The keyboards sound alot better than when the boys whistle the part... Im glad the trip is doing well.

9:08 PM pshabi said...

Bloody hell. I just now saw the audio link and the link on the newmix site is down for the bboys file. Both the download and the pop up player thingy. Can someone who snatched it download it to megaupload or something and post a link here or on the board?

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