Beastie Boys perform in Portugal for the first time

Photos by Espanta Espiritos for Blitz

From a review of Portuguese news sources, I was able to piece that Beastie Boys performed the following songs (neither in order nor complete) at the Alive Festival yesterday (June 10):
Body Movin'
Root Down
Triple Trouble
Sure Shot
["a few" instrumentals, according to one concert-goer]
Super Disco Breakin'
The Maestro
Skills to Pay the Bills
Pass the Mic
Something's Got to Give
Brass Monkey
Shake Your Rump
Ch-Check It Out
No Sleep Til Brooklyn
So What'cha Want

Approximately 20,000 people witnessed the Beastie Boys first performance in Portugal. One report said it seemed the entire audience was there just to see the Beastie Boys, applauding them continuously and responding enthusiastically to the songs. The same report said the enthusiasm died down when the band picked up the instruments and performed a new song, "annoying much of the audience." The audience's enthusiasm returned when the band picked up the mics again.

Following an interlude by Mix Master Mike, the band came out with glasses of champagne and performed "Intergalactic" for the encore. The audience booed when Horovitz announced the band had reached their last song, "Sabotage," which they dedicated to George Bush.

Another report went into more detail about the audience's reaction to the new instrumental(s). Translated, the writer says:

"[When the band picked up the instruments], you could perceive a certain feeling of treason in the air. And the musicians also detected it.

The festival was, clearly, the wrong environment for introducing the material to Portuguese fans."

More Photos

Photos by Manuel Lino and Alvaro Isidoro. Click on the photos to go to the photosets.


6:26 AM Hot Sauce said...

I fear for the band and the instrumental show today.

7:32 AM dave790 said...

haha oh well i guess if you'd never had the beasties in your country and only really knew of them as a group firmly on the mic then it kinda makes sense.

i like the bit about the band sensing it, i can sort of picture a mock 'oops this isn't going so well' giggle between the group, if indeed they reacted at all.

i think, from what i've heard and seen, there's fans of music who love the instrumental side of things and new album etc... all stuff that needs to be listened to, and y'know... the general 'beasties should rock the mic and do what they do best' clan.

they're lovers of music - quality all round!

8:13 AM Dazza McGazza said...

The boys have been performing instrumental tracks as part of their live sets since the release of Check Your Head. One the the best things about these guys live is that you get to see punk, jazz and hip-hop all in one show. It breaks up the performance and keeps you guessing as to what thay will do next.

I first saw the Beastie Boys playing real instruments in London back in 1992 (prior to that 1987 with turntables only). It will definitely come as no surprise or disappointment to see them ditch their mics for a few laid back instrumental tracks when I see them in Brixton this September. Much as I am a big fan of Mix Master Mike, it will be fantastic if they perform Jimmy James and Sure Shot with instruments too.

10:43 AM Danielle said...

Thank you for all the photos and the setlist. Some of the photos are spectacular.

1:13 PM Hot Sauce said...

I communicated with someone who saw the set. I updated the setlist to include "Pass the Mic" and "Something's Got to Give."

4:58 PM Keyser said...

Where are the hardcore-songs? Dammit...I want them to play hardcore-songs at the Southside-Festival (as they did on both Sasquatch-Shows).
This setlist is quite the same as in 2004. :(
Thanks for the infos though. :)

5:31 PM Klepto said...

the photos are HOT! i had to make myself a whole new wallpaper. :)

there are a few more here including another sexy yauch pic uhhuh.

5:42 PM Hot Sauce said...

Keyser, if you want to hear the hardcore songs, you'll have to go to a Gala Event show. For all the festivals, I think you can expect a greatest hits set.

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