Photos for a Friday

Download this...

...and that.

And, heck, as long as you're at it, this one too.

P.S. If you've got the time (c'mon, who really works on a Friday?), watch this.


12:53 PM Klepto said...

what was yauch saying? that man was rudely speaking over his part! hmph!

i'm using ze first pic as my wallpaper now! and the last one is so cute! :D

1:46 PM Lucy said...

Thanks! I'm going to use the first one as my wallpaper.

2:37 PM Brody P said...

Awww, Adrock knows we love him. <3

3:59 PM Spiffy D said...

Hey what is Horovitz's tie clip?

Is it a Buddhist prayer wheel?

Just wondering.

Lookin' fly!

-- Damian

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