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The Young and Skinny Joke Band

Beastie Boys at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, 1984
You started out as a big fat joke band, right?

Kate Schellenbach: Yeah, a big fat joke band.

Michael Diamond: We still are except now we lost weight, so we're a skinny joke band.
9th Beastie, my colleague and pal, recently acquired a 1984 punk fanzine with an interview with the Beastie Boys. The band -- then comprised of Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond, Kate Schellenbach, and a young man calling himself Adam O'Keefe -- share what they had for breakfast that day, their plans for the future, the names of their favorite clubs, what they got for Christmas (Mike: I got a lot of Mr. T things for Christmas. Mr. T was big under the Christmas tree this year.), and other very important things. This material is what we refer to as "classic Beastie Boys."

Click to read. Use the "All Sizes" link above the images at Flickr to see larger images.

Punk 'zine 1984 - Cover Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 1

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 2 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 3

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 4 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 5

Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 6

Beastie Boys perform "So What'cha Want" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The full episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with the Beastie Boys interview and performance is available to watch.

Beastie Boys on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" spoiler

So yeah. Beastie Boys are on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" tonight. Crazy me, I decided to try for a standby ticket for the show, which is not something I would recommend any sane person do because it requires enduring a lot of BS. I am happy to report that the "Luck o' the Beastie" was with me. After grueling hours of lines and check-ins at 30 Rockefeller Center, I made it into Studio 6B.

Here's a run-down of the pertinent parts of the show:
  • After his monologue, Fallon tells a story about his first Beastie Boys concert and meeting Yauch. It's actually a good story. I won't tell the story. You'll have to listen to Fallon tell it. From his story, Fallon shows that he is as much as a Beastie Boys geek as I am or anyone who reads this site. He later tells the Beastie Boys that they are his favorite band ever.
  • Beastie Boys enter the studio and mess with the seat cushions. Mike the Communicator, of course, takes the seat closest to Fallon. The Adams are relegated together on a sofa. Horovitz comments on Fallon's nice water cups. Horovitz hassles Fallon about having a laptop on his desk.
  • Fallon asks them about their new album. Mike responds by telling an elaborate (and false) story about recording multiple new albums on Paul Allen's yacht, as well as a submarine. Heard that one before? Yauch and Horovitz play along with the yacht gag by adding their two bits.
  • Fallon asks them to reveal the new album's title. Beastie Boys confirm that the album is, as they announced in their fan newsletter sent out earlier today, Hot Sauce Committee. Ta-da! Unfortunately, Fallon loses his concentration and forgets to ask anything more about the new album, except when it will be released. They reply, "In September" with some shtick.
  • Fallon pulls out the Check Your Head vinyl collector's set and asks about the bonus single. Horovitz points out that he included a special bonus single in Fallon's gift set -- an autographed one of a disco single. They explain that the non-"Lee Majors Come Again/B Boys in the Cut" singles that have been found in some of the CYH collector's set came from their personal collection.
  • Fallon asks them if they would be willing to perform a song from Check Your Head. The audience screams, and the Beastie Boys oblige with a performance of "So What'cha Want," backed by The Roots.
  • Beastie Boys exit the stage to The Roots playing "Paul Revere."
The end.

Maybe I forgot a thing or two, but I got up dang early for that standby ticket. Watch the show. It's on at 12:30 or some other time, depending upon where you live.

P.S. David Cook reminds me of that guy from Creed.

P.S.S. Fallon posted a pic of the Beastie Boys rehearsing with The Roots:

Take a look around you, and a look at these lyrics

Yauch said what?

We listened, we discussed, we disagreed, we agreed, we guessed. Transcribing the lyrics for "Lee Majors Come Again" has been a challenge for the team. Take a look at what we came up with HERE at If you have any corrections or suggested changes to the lyrics, email them to staff @ or post them in the comments.

Expect new Beastie Boys album and tour this fall


Mix Master Mike's tour schedule is evidence that Beastie Boys will not be releasing their new album and touring until this fall. August [Update: now confirmed to be September] seems the likely month that fans can expect some new music and tour action. In the meantime, fans will have to be happy with the two new tracks and the announced festival performances, which are sure to be "greatest hits" sets. Beastie Boys have stated in the past that they don't like to play new songs for festival audiences because they're generally not accepted well.

From all accounts we've heard, the new Beastie Boys album is completed and has been completed for some time. A listening session with some label reps happened at the end of January. The report we heard was that "All three sound great—especially Adrock." Another source who has heard some of the album told us that it sounds very Check Your Headish. Chomp on that.

Adam Horovitz on Soft Focus

Watch a four-part interview with Adam Horovitz (part 1 above) on Soft Focus at

Found in Spike's shoebox

Photo by Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze and some of his film-making pals have created a collaborative blog titled We Love You So. In an entry posted this week, Jonze shares some out-take photos from video shoots of "Ricky's Theme" and "Sabotage," as well as some candid photos of the Beastie Boys. See the photos HERE.

Complete control: Beastie Boys influence Spike Jonze

Beastie Boys on the "Ricky's Theme" video shoot. Photo by Spike Jonze.

In the special 100th issue of Juxtapoz magazine, filmmaker and Beastie Boys friend Spike Jonze is interviewed about the people who have influenced and shaped his aesthetic. Speaking of the Beastie Boys, Jonze credits them for influencing how he operates Girl, his skateboard company:
When Girl started I was doing a lot of stuff with the Beastie Boys. We'd begun to make videos and we started Grand Royal magazine, and Mike Diamond was definitely an influence. His whole thing is to do it yourself, own it yourself, control it, don't listen to anybody from anywhere else other than what you want to do. After their first record, they never let anybody get involved in anything they did. No one from outside the three of them had any control whatsoever on the music, art, video, or tour, and when the records came out, they did it all themselves. They bought their own studio and took as long as it would take to make the records and put them out when they were ready. I think that was a big influence for Girl.
Also in the special issue are interviews with photographer Glen E. Friedman and artist Raymond Pettibon (interviewed by Mike Watt), whom Money Mark is currently working with on a musical project.

Just imagine the 42nd Street C train bathroom: Lyrics to 'B Boys in the Cut'

Figuring out a Beastie Boys lyric requires knowing a thing or two about the band. There are rules. The first rule is they never rap outside their field of knowledge or area of interest (e.g., arcade and video games, television shows, movies, animals). The second rule is they follow the traditional rules of hip-hop music-making (e.g., acknowledge the old school, boast about themselves, voice their beefs). The third rule is no rhyme is too ridiculous or stupid for them to use.

So, with those rules in mind, the team have been deciphering the lyrics to the two new songs, "B Boys in the Cut" and "Lee Majors Come Around."

We're still debating "Lee Majors Come Around" (in particular, Yauch's first verse and Mike's third verse), but we feel fairly confident about our transcription of "B Boys in the Cut." View the lyrics HERE. If you have any corrections or suggested changes to the lyrics, email them to staff @ or post them in the comments.

Two unreleased Beastie Boys tracks in collector vinyl set

A number of fans who ordered the Check Your Head collector's vinyl set have discovered a surprise bonus 7-inch record containing two NEW, unreleased songs in the set. The bonus album has not been found in every copy of the collector's set.

The first track, titled "Lee Majors Come Again," is rap over hardcore instrumentation. Listen HERE.

The second track, titled "B Boys in the Cut," is an a cappella. Beastie heads will recognize the end of the track as the "My New Name Is Larry" routine that the Beastie Boys have been throwing into their live show for the last few years. Listen HERE.