Berlin Gala Event pics

I suspect that our internet connection in Berlin was powered by two monkeys on bicycles. It was taking me forever to upload my pics from the Berlin Gala Event. Now that Midzi and I are in Cologne, where they employ at least four monkeys to power their internet, I have finally uploaded all my pics from the show. View a slideshow of the pics by clicking on the photo above or go to Flickr to see the photoset.

Midzi and I decided to skip the Hurricane Festival today. We gave our hotel reservations to some friends from the message board and asked them to provide a report after the festival. It rained off and on today in Germany. We hope that it stayed dry for our friends and the Beastie Boys.

Midzi's and my drive from Berlin to Cologne was unusual. Worth mentioning is how much bad radio we listened to today. REO Speedwagon? Cutting Crew? What the?! It was like torture. We prayed to hear just one Beastie Boys song. No such luck. If it hadn't been for that little break in Schlongburg [giggles], I think we may have driven the car off the road to end our suffering.

After we returned our rental car in Cologne, we took a taxi back to our hotel. Our taxi driver played a Best of Phil Collins CD for us. It took all our will power not to laugh aloud. Su-su-sudio!

Speaking of music, The Mix-Up was released today in Germany. Midzi and I plan to check out the record stores in Cologne tomorrow to see how it's moving. We expect it will be flying off the shelves like frisbees.

We're ready to meet up with more message board peeps tomorrow before heading to the Cologne Gala Event. Hanna, our new friend in Berlin, told us that Cologne has a huge hip-hop community, so the show should be a fun one.

I figured out that I have heard six of the twelve songs from The Mix-Up live now. I have my fingers crossed for a seventh tomorrow night.

I wonder if they packed the sitar...


5:11 AM friis said...

it's aslo out in denmark! :D

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