Istanbul Gala Event is a mystery

We'll be damned if we can't find a single report or photo from the Gala Event at Yeni Melek in Istanbul on June 18. We received one email from a fan who said the show was by special invitation only, which confused us. The show was never advertised on; it was only mentioned in the official e-newsletter. That's not a special invitation.

Somebody had to attend this show. We hope to hear from them soon.


10:16 AM friis said...

there was this one kid on bbmb

1:34 PM waxwarrior said...

People at Yeni Melek Beyo─člu were simply liars. I gently asked them about the event and they replied 'no, you're wrong mister'. Yesterday I phoned them again, this time they replied 'yes it was yesterday night and you missed it'. I shouted at him like 'wow you're a sincere person!' Nevermind I had been planning to wait there to see what they were up to, but I thought that it was an urban legend so I prefered to stay at home. I have no idea about the reason why Beasties kept this event as a secret.. Where and how did those invited folks get their invitations? I'd like to have a chat with them for a while, get my waxes signed..I missed that opportunity=((

1:45 PM waxwarrior said...

Extra info: The show was advertised on a month ago just for 1 hour and then they deleted the info.

9:59 PM Jon said...

So who was this show for if fans didn't get an invitation and didn't attend it?

12:40 PM Hot Sauce said...

The thread on BBMB that Friis pointed to is about the show on June 17 (the One Love Festival performance), not the Istanbul Gala Event.

I can find absolutely no evidence that there was a Gala Event in Istanbul.

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