Beastie Boys to receive Hip Hop Honors

VH1 has announced the honorees for its third annual Hip Hop Honors, and guess who made the cut? Yes, indeed, the Beastie Boys will be honored, along with their old pal Russell Simmons, Rakim, Easy-E, the Wu-Tang Clan, Afrika Bambaataa, and MC Lyte.

The show will be taped on October 7 and air on October 17 on VH1.

Slew of press

Image has an entertaining interview with the band, talking about Awesome and some other silly stuff.
Q: There were some great, great audience shots, especially the girl who was dancing like you, Mike.

Mike D:
She was actually digitally manipulated. Her dancing wasn’t anything to do with it and it has nothing to do with what I’m capable of.
City Beat has a strangely pieced article that combines an interview with the band while they were at SXSW this month with an interview from the Paul's Boutique era. Have a beer before you read this one. It might make sense.

Fashionably late, New York Press offers an interview with the Beastie Boys while they were at the Sundance Film Festival in January.
How did you manage to stay together so long?
Mike D:
Yeah, but it’s not just fights, it’s group therapy. We have encounter bats.
Mike D:
And we have a lot of pillow fights. We learned that from Aerosmith. They taught us about therapy and shoulder rubs.
And raunch.
Finally, The New York Times provides a conversation with the Beastie Boys from the New York premiere of Awesome at Loews Theatre the other night.
After a little talk about the movie, we asked if there were any big projects in the works.

"No," said AD ROCK, who was chewing gum.

A long pause.

"We have a lot of stuff we are working on," he added.

"We are lying," said MIKE D.

"We're just kicking it, you know. Rhyming," said Ad Rock.

His eyes scanned the lobby indifferently. "Oh, detailing cars. Restaurants, lots of restaurants."

Beastie Boys discuss their mold-free film

Image has added another video interview to its site -- one with the full band, who manage to spend the full 8 minutes of the interview on nothing but sillytalk.

A whiff of fresh air

Visit NPR's web site to listen to the Beastie Boys interviewed by Terry Gross on "Fresh Air," or download this handy-dandy mp3 (44 MB) I ripped of the interview.



Several weeks ago, Beastie Boys fans speculated that Adam Horovitz had married long-time girlfriend Kathleen Hanna after he began wearing a flashy ring. Without any solid proof or confirmation from a reliable source, most fans dismissed the talk of the marriage as false. A new interview with the Beastie Boys, however, may get fans' tongues wagging on the subject again.

In an interview published in today's Newsday, Mike Diamond refers to "Adam's wife":
The press conference [at SXSW] ended awkwardly, as Adrock talked about a link between Scientology and radio monolith Clear Channel, though he later learned there wasn't one.

"It was an awkward note to end the press conference on," MCA says

"Yeah, it was pretty dumb, pretty bad," Adrock says.

"Upon hearing about it, Adam's wife called him an idiot," Mike D says.

"Yes she did," Adrock says. "'Idiot' was the exact word. But I have been called that plenty of times."
Although it's possible Newsday misquoted Diamond, it also possible that the publication quoted him correctly. In either case, fans wish Horovitz and Hanna happiness.

Going dark

AVC: Do you think it [the Beastie Boys' next album] will have a singular hip-hop sound like To The 5 Boroughs, or be more expansive, like Check Your Head or Ill Communication?
AY: Probably change it up, but I don't want to reveal any secrets that we don't have yet.
MD: I think it's time for the band to go dark.
AVC: Like goth?
AY: I was more in like a CIA sense: "We're going dark!" [Laughs.]
MD: That too. I was thinking goth, like eyeliner.
The Onion's A.V. Club has published an interview with the Beastie Boys that's an entertaining and worthwhile read. The talk focuses more on the band's music instead of the current film project, which no one is tired of hearing about, of course.

Yakkin' with Yauch

Two weeks ago, Adam Yauch stopped by KROQ studios in Los Angeles to talk about Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! During his 15-minute visit, he shared a David Hasselhoff story on-air and answered listeners' phonecalls. One of the more interesting things he revealed is Adam Horovitz is working on a remix for Matisyahu. (Mike D has already done a remix for Matisyahu.) Yauch also explained how David Cross became involved in the Hornblower short A Day in the Life of Nathaniel Hornblower: "We know him from around."

Listen to Yauch yak (in two parts) at KROQ's web site.

Way to go Ohio!

Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! will be screened at the Athens International Film and Video Festival, which takes place in Athens, Ohio, from April 28-May 4, 2006.

Date to remember

Fat Wreck has announced a release date of April 11 for Against Me!'s "From Her Lips to God’s Ears" 12-inch single, which includes a remix by Adam Horovitz.

Read-along stories

MCA: "No Sleep til Brooklyn" really should have been in that film.
Mike D: We did screw up!
Like Product Shop NYC, attended last Tuesday's interview session with the Beastie Boys at Oscilloscope.'s report is basically a transcription of the audio provided in Product Shop NYC's report with a few additional bits.

Mr. Big-Shot Director

Image What are your fans saying about the film?
Yauch: They seemed amped up on it. I looked at the message boards a couple of times. They seemed like they're psyched about it. The ones who have seen it. has a 4-minute video interview with Adam Yauch, talking about making Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! Two trailers for the film can also be found at the site.

B Boys on has a video interview with the Beastie Boys that ends rather strangely. I'm not even going to try to explain. Just watch it.

Movie talk

Last Tuesday (March 21), the Beastie Boys conducted an interview session with media at their Oscilloscope studio in New York. Product Shop NYC (yeah, I don't know who they are either) were among the media who asked the band questions about Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!

Read Product Shop NYC's write-up and download audio (mp3) [alt link] from the interview session.

Operators in focus

In its March 24th issue, New York Magazine speaks to four of the Awesome camera operators and proves through its brilliant questioning that Adam Horovitz is the Beastie Boy whom fans would most like to be marooned on a desert island with, and Adam Yauch is the Beastie Boy whom fans are most often photographed with.

Dynamic editor with dynamic words

Perhaps the most accurate and dynamic description of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! that I've read appears in a feature article about the film published in yesterday's Washington Post. The film's editor, Neal Usatin, describes Awesome as follows:
"It's really subversive, this kaleidoscopic and violent presentation that at the same time is seductive. It reaches out and smacks you across the face."
Violent. Seductive. Face smackin'. I love that. That guy should be doing more press for the film.

Awesome night

For two groups of filmgoers, last Thursday (March 23) was literally an "Awesome Night with the Beastie Boys." The band made appearances at two New York screenings of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! -- one at a Battery Park theater and the other at a Union Square theater, where they participated in a short Q&A with the audience after the film.

Adrock sighting


Could Adam Horovitz be interested in reviving his acting career? Or does he simply look at anything if promised a meal?

Rappin' about rap


How do the Beastie Boys feel about rap music today?
Adrock: The state of rap music is great!

Mike D: Wherever you think rap music is now, it's going to be someplace different in three months anyway and, actually, that's part of what makes hip hop great.
Yesterday WB11 Morning News in New York aired an interview with the Beastie Boys in which they talk about Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!, rap music today, and Barbie dolls. Watch the video at WB11's web site (Windows Media Player required).

The best from SXSW

After reviewing many reports, photos, and video about the Beastie Boys at SXSW in Austin, Texas, I recommend the following:

  • Read Billboard's report on the SXSW panel discussion.

  • Watch KXAN TV's video report on the SXSW panel discussion (Windows Media Player required). The Beastie Boys appear in the first few minutes of the video.

  • Watch a fan-filmed video from the SXSW panel discussion to get the answer to the burning question "What gum does Adam Yauch chew?"

  • Read the Vancouver Province's report on the SXSW panel discussion. The article quotes Yauch as saying, "For us, we like to revisit our hardcore and instrumental roots every few years and it's probably time we did it again."

  • Download an mp3 of the Beastie Boys appearance on Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1. (Please note you must wait 45 seconds before downloading the file.)

  • Watch video of the Q&A the band did with the audience after the SXSW screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! at the Beastie Boys group: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.

  • Review photos tagged with "Beastie Boys" and "SXSW" at

  • Look at Kirstin Cummings' photos of the Beastie Boys secret show at

  • Read the Houston Chronicle's interview with Yauch while at SXSW.

  • If you have found SXSW items worth a look, drop me a note and I'll add them to the list.

    Beastie Boys Message Board is hacked again


    The Beastie Boys Message Board has once again become the target of a hacker. Hijacking an administrator's account, a hacker who calls himself "Hacker Saudi" posted unimaginative FU and LOOOOOOL messages today. The hacker appears to be the same fool who attacked the board two weeks ago.

    It's safe to assume that the board will be offline for a while as the administrators determine the security weaknesses that are allowing the hacker to infiltrate the board.

    "More film stuff"

    Q: Do you plan on ever making an album again?
    A: More film stuff. I'm having fun with it. I'm interested in doing more narrative stuff.

    Yes, it seems most definite that Adam Yauch plans to focus his efforts on film making. Read a new interview with him at the San Francisco Chronicle in which he talks about making Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! While you've got your glasses on, read yet another interview with Yauch at Columbus Alive in which he shares his favorite part of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!

    Movies, not music

    If you're interested in spoilers for the A Day in the Life of Nathanial Hörnblowér short and want to read why a new musical release from the Beastie Boys is unlikely to come soon, check out the Los Angeles Times interview with Adam Yauch. Yauch revealed to the Times that his next planned project is a feature drama about a group of New York graffiti writers in the eighties.

    Interestingly, the article states the Hörnblowér short will be included in the dvd version of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!, which contradicts what Yauch has said on that topic elsewhere.

    Radio, Radio

    The Beastie Boys will be guests on the Zane Lowe show on Radio 1 on Thursday, March 16, sometime between 7-11 pm GMT.

    "Awesome" heads North


    Canada is getting in on the Awesome action! In addition to being shown in theatres in select cities in America on March 23, the Beastie Boys concert film will be shown in theatres in a number of moose-filled cities in Canada on that date.

    More beard than a billy goat

    Jennygirl reports on the Last Call with Carson Daly taping:

    Adam Yauch, he is a man of many whiskers and few words. That’s right, the guy has more beard than a billy goat!

    He strolled confidently onto the Carson Daly set with his cool Bboy stride sporting, of course, a parka. Lacking his sidekicks (Mike and Horovitz) seems (imo) to put Mr. Yauch into a quieter disposition.

    The other guests of the evening were Michael Rappaport, Jim Gaffigan and a band called The 88.

    The loudest applause of the evening seemed to have been for our man Yauch. (Perhaps it was just me though. I screamed like an adolescent girl upon the mere mention of him.) There did seem to be many Beastie Boy supporters among us however.

    Of course, Mr. Daly had to ask if Yauch’s uncle would be joining us. I believe Yauch stated Mr. Hornblower was in the back drinking out of a wine skin. His photo was presented for the cameras, giving credit where credit is due. Carson also showed a vinyl copy of Solid Gold Hits, announcing Licensed to Ill’s 20th anniversary this coming year.

    Yauch explained the film (same stuff most of us are skooled on already): 50 cameras, editing craziness, etc. Carson asked him if anyone stuck a camera down their pants, shot any amateur porn and what not -- at which point, Michael Rappaport interjected that he saw the film at Sundance and dropped a spoiler for everyone. *cough* bathroom scene *cough* rrrr something like that.

    My favorite part of the interview was Yauch’s set up for the clip. I’m sorry, I don’t recall verbatim, but it was something to the effect, “Ok, so this is when the guy is returning from Viet Nam...” Pfffffhahaha.

    The clip was, well, rather AWESOME.

    It appeared as though he tried to split the scene immediately after the interview. Then it appeared to me that Carson had to ask Yauch to kick it there for the remainder of the taping. Haha, where’d he have to run off to?

    Luckily I was in the 3rd row and pretty darn close. It was surreal. I’m still trying to grasp the fact I saw a Beastie Boy last night. A bearded one at that! And because I was on the floor I had to walk over to the stage for the live music portion. In my heart of delusional hearts, I prayed a surprise performance was in store. Like, “We’re sorry ladies and gentlemen, the band, The 88, could not make it tonight, but we have the Beastie Boys here for you.” No such luck. I am also sad to report that I couldn’t even snap a cell phone pic to share with you all. There was this meathead standing near me that looked like he would’ve seriously thrown my ass out had I attempted it.

    All in all, it was an AWESOME experience!

    This episode is slated to air on NBC, St. Patrick’s Day... really late, so don’t get too drunk beforehand. Pace yourselves kiddies! You don’t want to pass out early in a puddle of green brew and forget to hit that record button.

    Awesome; Some Other Guys Fuckin' Shot This!


    To add to the excitement and buzz surrounding the theatrical release of the authorized bootleg Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!, I have uploaded video from the unauthorized bootleg of the same concert to

    Triple Trouble
    Sure Shot
    Root Down
    Hello Brooklyn
    Time to Get Ill (featuring Doug E. Fresh)

    These videos have been added to the Beastie Boys Group, which was founded by Beastie Boys Message Board member Midzi. The group provides fans an opportunity to share and discuss videos.

    A word from the "Last Call" taping

    Superfunky fan and Beastie Boys Message Board member Jennygirl attended the taping of Last Call with Carson Daly yesterday in Los Angeles, where Adam Yauch made an appearance to talk about the Beastie Boys concert film. When I queried Jenny about the taping this morning by text message, she sent me a one word reply: "Beard."

    Jenny will be providing a full report later today, which I'll publish here for her since the message board problems have not yet been resolved.

    "Awesome" premieres in New York


    The Beastie Boys attended the screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! at Loews Theatre in New York last night. The film was presented as a special event by the Museum of the Moving Image and involved a Q&A with the band. Among the guests who attended the event were Chuck D, Joan Jett, and Jimmy Fallon.

    Mixing with the Youth

    Mike D's mix of Matisyahu's "King Without a Crown" that I reported on earlier can be found on Matisyahu's new album Youth, which was released this week. You can preview and download Mike's mix of "King Without a Crown" and the full album at the iTunes Music Store.

    Everyone calls him Yauch

    "As dusted and as spacey as he could be, he was the one who really took the risks. He's a poet."
    --Lisa Ann Cabasa, referring to Adam Yauch has posted yet another outtake from Dan LeRoy's book Paul's Boutique. The outtake, "DeNiro in the mix," is material from an interview LeRoy conducted with Adam Yauch's former girlfriend, Lisa Ann Cabasa. In the outtake, Cabasa describes Yauch's obsession with film, music, and cooking.

    Variety review in print

    Dennis Harvey's review of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!, which originally was published at in January, appears in the print version of Variety this week (March 6-12, 2006 issue). The printed review includes a still from the film--to be specific, this one.

    Is "Awesome" heading to big screens in Europe?

    This week I received an email from a friend who's a writer for a European entertainment magazine. He provided some optimistic information about Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! making its way to big screens in Europe:
    "...Last month I was in Berlin reporting on the Berlin Film Festival. I thought you would want to know the Beastie Boys movie was screened there for the European Film Market. Only distributors, producers and buyers/sellers of movies can attend those screenings. Someone with the festival told me the film 'attracted attention' from several European distributors. I don't know if that meant actual deals were made, but that's probably the case."

    The king and the lady

    According to her official web site, Lady Sovereign is in a New York studio this week working with Adam Horovitz on "a couple of tracks." Legend has it that Def Jam President/CEO/Head Honcho Jay-Z enlisted Horovitz to work with the British grime star. Sovereign's first American release, an EP titled Vertically Challenged, was released last November and included a remix by Horovitz ("A Little Bit of Shhh" [Smallstars Remix]). gets "Awesome"


    You've seen the Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! web site and the trailer. Now it's time to feast your eyes on the Awesome page -- which was inevitable, considering is a sponsor of the film.

    For a short time today, the page featured video from the film, but it was removed and replaced with the trailer, which was also removed later. The page appears to be maintained by a Swiss shepherd.

    Them's good readin'

    "I do remember being knocked out, listening to it on my own. Because I knew it was an unbelievable amount of work."
    --Chuck D on Paul's Boutique has published another outtake from Dan LeRoy's forthcoming book Paul's Boutique. The newly posted outtake details Chuck D's memories of the album's release and his support of the Beastie Boys after they left Def Jam.

    Awesome; I fuckin' bought tickets!

    Tickets for the "Awesome Night with the Beastie Boys," the one-night only showing of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! on March 23rd, are now available to purchase at

    "Awesome" is amazing in Missouri


    I contacted the True/False Film Festival and inquired about the success of the screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! last weekend at the festival. David Wilson, who handles media queries for the festival, responded:
    The screening went very well, with over 250 people attending. The venue was the Blue Note night club in Columbia, Missouri, a hall that has seen its share of amazing performances over the years, from Public Enemy to My Bloody Valentine to Wilco. The sound system was amazing, and I'll be reporting back to the producers on this, as they're considering other screenings at music venues.

    In the end, neither Adam nor his producer Jon were able to come. They are, as you may know, working on some additional material for the film, to be used, I think, as part of some sort of satellite broadcast.
    I assume the additional material Yauch and Doran were working on is the 20-minute movie introduction that will be shown before the film at the March 23rd screenings.

    Wisconsin Film Festival announces schedule

    "For the entire day, everyone on staff made comments like, 'Awesome, I fuckin' made photocopies!' and 'Awesome, I fuckin' answered the phone!'"
    -Meg Hamel, director of the Wisconsin Film Festival, describing her staff's reaction to learning the festival had secured the Beastie Boys' film
    Organizers of the Wisconsin Film Festival officially announced the films in its 2006 line-up and its full screening schedule at a festival preview party last night in Madison. Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! will be screened on Thursday, March 30, at 9 p.m., at the Orpheum Theatre. The Orpheum is an historic, downtown building that serves as both a cinematic and concert venue. It seats 1,700 people.

    Tickets may be purchased at the UW-Madison Memorial Union or online at, beginning Saturday, March 4, at noon.

    On the boob tube

    Adam Yauch is scheduled to appear on NBC Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday, March 17 (that's early morning March 18). What do you suppose they'll talk about?

    The Beastie Boys are scheduled to appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Thursday, March 30. I wonder what they'll be promoting on that show.

    If you missed the Beastie Boys February 9th performance on Late Show with David Letterman, you can catch it when the show re-airs on Tuesday, March 7.

    Trailers galore

    Various versions of the Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! trailer are now available for viewing and download at

    No-show at film festival

    The "possible special guest" the True/False Film Festival organizers hoped would attend the screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! last Sunday (Feb. 26) was a no-show. I confirmed with local media reporting on the festival that no special guest appeared at the screening.

    ISO: Percussionist


    If the Beastie Boys decide to tour with instruments in the future, they will be searching for a new percussionist. Alfredo Ortiz, who handled percussion on the Pageant tour, now has a full-time job with another band. Last fall, Ortiz joined the rock band Morningwood, replacing the band's original drummer.

    On Morningwood's message board, frontwoman Chantal Claret explained how Ortiz came to join the band: "Pedro [Yanowitz, Morningwood's bassist and co-founder] has known him for years from when they both played double drums for Money Mark."

    Morningwood's self-titled debut, which was produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, The Distillers, Jimmy Eat World), is generating a lot of buzz, as are the band's wild live shows. Ortiz does not feature on the album; however, he will be performing with Morningwood as they tour with The Sounds (see tour schedule). Morningwood's next live performance will be at SXSW, where Ortiz may have the opportunity to catch up with his old friends, the Beastie Boys, who will be making an appearance at the music and film festival.