Beastie Boys Story official trailer

The film will be screened in select IMAX theaters on April 2, and air on Apple TV+ beginning on April 24.

Adam Yauch 1964-2012

Adam Yauch's death has been confirmed by the Beastie Boys' publicist.

No words. Only sympathy and love for Beastie Boys' family, friends, and fans.

"Solid Gold Hits" opening reception

I visited the opening reception of Sunny Bak's and Cey Adams' show titled "Solid Gold Hits" at Ivy Brown Gallery last night. The reception had a good turnout, which included a supermodel, a comedian, a hip-hop photographer, and a Pageant Tour cameraman, among others.

The show features Bak's photos of the Beastie Boys in the 80s and Adams' Beastie Boys design work. All the works are available to purchase. View a price list HERE. (Click on the "Read Online" link to see all 6 pages.)

Among the works are four of Bak's photographs dressed with Adams' graffiti. They are one of a kind. Adams told me it was Bak's idea to collaborate on a few works. In my opinion, they are the gems of the show.

Adams has posters, prints, and his Adidas wear in the show. The posters and prints are signed with the edition noted. This is true of Bak's photographs as well. (See Bak's photographs in an earlier post.)

In addition to her photographs, Bak has her Beastie Boys Converse sneakers in the show. They are custom-ordered.

The show continues at Ivy Brown Gallery (675 Hudson Street, 4FL) through June 21. If you are interested in purchasing any of the works, contact Ivy Brown Gallery.

Cey Adams and Sunny Bak