June 21st: Go Skateboarding Day & "The Mix-Up" Listening Parties

From Beastieboys.com:
"Go Skateboarding Day" lands on the summer solstice, this Thursday, June 21st, and encourages skaters both young and old to pick up their boards and take advantage of the longest day of the year to go skating. Check out one of the events below for a pre-release listening event for the new Beastie Boys album The Mix-Up. The Mix-Up hits stores the following Tuesday, June 26th on iTunes and in record stores nation-wide.
Visit Beastieboys.com to see a list of events where The Mix-Up will be previewed and giveaways held.


2:58 PM Hot Sauce said...

This is a dumb idea. The skateboard community is not going to buy into the B Boys instrumental stuff. I know so because I live deep in the skateboard community. Skateboarders love the hip-hop stuff, but not the instrumentals.

This seems like a desperate attempt by Beastie Boys (management possibly?) to reach a certain demographic.

5:00 PM Spiffy D said...

How about the basketball demographic? I was playing Mix Up on cassette on an old-school cheapo boombox out at the court and the homies were digging it and wanting copies. I told them to buy the album. The music elevated my game to the point of mad skillz. I almost dunked once. Yeah, that's it, sure I did.

--- Damian in Seattle

"Praying Mantis on the court"

11:03 AM Cheeky1025 said...

At one time we were sk8ers. I'm too old for that shit anymore. The older stuff is more fitting the ol punk stuff and Licensed to Ill. The Mix Up album it too mature for the crowd.

I can see reaching that demo but it's not the right venue.

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