Berlin setlist

Photos and shit later.


5:51 AM delight intl. said...

Holy sock, I had great fun last night. Thanks for posting the setlist. This was my first Beastie Boys concert, although their albums have been my truest companions from the early nineties onwards. Contrary to many, I think their instrumental stuff is brilliant. So, all I'd hoped for was there, plus some solid punk-rock, plus new songs. 'off the grid' - what a beauty. Only puzzle left: Did they ever find that #*@ place for their after show party???

6:00 AM Hot Sauce said...

You mean Wimpy's? :P

8:25 AM Hanna said...

The show was great especially seing it from the front row.
I loved the instrumental and cant wait to hear the whole record.
My arm is still aching a bit, but it was worth it:)
It was good to enjoy the show with you girls.

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