Beastie Boys at Le Zenith

The best thing about the show tonight in Paris was meeting people from the message board in the queue before the show and having drinks with them after the show.

I cannnot lie. Many in our group were disappointed with the show tonight -- not the performance, but the setlist. We were all hoping for a little something special but got a standard set instead. The band devised the setlist for a Parisian audience who hasn't seen a proper show since 1999.

Cameras were not allowed in the venue, so I have no photos to share from this show. Also, very few professional photographers were credentialed, so it may be difficult to find any quality photos from this show.

The most interesting thing about this show for some of us was watching Kathleen Hanna shake her booty on the side of the stage throughout the entire show. She was having fun. Spike Jonze rocked out next to her.

On a super-cute note, Tamra Davis brought out Skylar and Davis, dressed in their jammies, to view the audience before the show started. Mike later introduced "Brass Monkey" as the song his sons requested to hear that night.

It's difficult to write much about a show that didn't wow me. Couple that feeling with not having photos and the show is mostly forgettable. That said, Paris is one of my favorite places to see concerts. Parisian audiences are great.

Time for Living
B for My Name
Remote Control [video]
Root Down [video]
Triple Trouble
Sure Shot [video]
Shake Your Rump
Electric Worm
Live at PJ's
Tough Guy [video]
Pass the Mic
Super Disco Breakin'
Body Movin'
Brass Monkey [video]
Off the Grid
Shambala [video]
Something's Got to Give
The Maestro
Egg Raid on Mojo
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Ch-Check It Out [video]
So What'cha Want [video 1 // video 2]
MMM Interlude [video]
Intergalactic [video 1 // video 2]
Heart Attack Man
Sabotage [video]



9:23 PM Cheeky1025 said...


No Sleep til Brooklyn and Brass Monkey???? Spoiled... y'all are spoiled.

Also, how neat that the Paris stop was the "family" show. What a way to spend the summer...Watchin Dad...LUCKY!!! Agh guys... ya need a nanny???? HA

11:20 PM Hugebooge said...

What didn't you like about the setlist?

3:35 AM Disappointed Beastie Boys Fan said...

Ok..bought the new album and I am super disappointed. Not with the music...but with the fact that The Beasties were telling us dont download the album! wait for the album to drop, wait for the album art, the videos, etc etc. Then when I buy the album...I get a piece of crap paper cover with nothing but the booklet, no picture, no videos, wouldve hurt if they added something extra on the cd...what are they going to do with all those B/W videos...couldnt they have put that on the CD. OK whats up with the extra song on itunes, not on the hidden songs...OK I'll go along for the all instrumental ride...but why so lazy on the album art, no videos, no extras...especially when they hinted all that would be included...or did they just lie to us so we would not download the album...this suck!

3:54 AM Hot Sauce said...

@huge: The setlist wasn't any different or special than what they've been doing every night in Europe. We had expectations that the show would be special because (1) it was the release date of the new album (which they failed to mention, btw), (2) there was a huge message board presence in attendance (people have been talking about the show on the MB since March), and (3) it was Paris.

Like I said, we were disappointed with the setlist, not the performance. The song performances were solid, although the sound in the venue was really bad.

There was very little banter and goofing around. There was nothing special about the show, except the people whom I was standing next to.

4:57 AM Doc said...

I wasn't disappointed. I thought it was a very solid Beasties show, with all of three Beasties in top form. It had been about 9 months since my last show and I'd have been disappointed if they only did the obscure stuff. :p

5:01 AM Winebibber said...

it is wierd that they didn't mention the album dropping. perhaps it would have made today even more anti-climactic. Lord knows how much harder the street teams worked on Hello Nasty and looking back on how pumped the world was that week compared to what went down today, eh...i dont know.

in addition, I think it's a special show whenever you get the Maestro. That song is brilliant and -until Seattle 07- the boys hadn't played it live since the Hello Nasty tour.

I have a question for those in attendance in Paris, Tuesday. Did ad rock say, Je Suis...Le Maestro!

5:12 AM Hot Sauce said...

Horovitz did not say "Je suis le maestro." I was listening for it. He has been saying it at all the shows I've seen on the European tour.

Horovitz goofed around with some French between songs. He would tell the audience to "ecoutez" (listen).

5:55 AM Monica said...

I am in Paris for work. I decided to go to the concert at the last minute. I was shocked by all the people on the floor. Crazy! The pushing made it impossible to watch the concert. I am a small woman who was crushed on all sides. I am never seeing the Beasties in Europe again.

5:55 AM MC boulangerie said...

Your Powell t-shirt was cool. I saw you, but unfortunately I don't speak a very good English :(

6:06 AM titou la praline said...

Very nice to met you!!

6:32 AM Hot Sauce said...

MC Boulangerie: Everyone was asking about you! You should have introduced yourself.

Titou la praline: It was nice to meet you too! Where did you watch the show? After we got inside the venue, we saw your friends at the rail but not you.

I'm curious to hear what the French fans think of the show. Please share your thoughts.

7:21 AM titou la praline said...

Indeed.. Before entering inside the venue, I had to wait a friend who took time to come!!Gggrrr!! So actually I was in front of the stage, but a little bit more on your right.

Concerning the show, I found it very great! The group was freshhhh,energic,cool etc. and the setlist.. really interesting!
I can't wait to be at le Bataclan tognight!^^

7:25 AM MC boulangerie said...

They are like gods.They are big. They are beautiful. And MCA sleep on stage.

7:44 AM Dazza McGazza said...

That's a great set list. I haven't seen 'Brooklyn' live since 1987. PJ's, Maestro, Off the Grid, Root Down, 3MC's and Sure Shot - fantastic. I'll be very happy if they do the same stuff in London.

7:46 AM Hot Sauce said...




8:24 AM MC boulangerie said...

I don't know how say "demi-dieu" in English. (an alive person but like a god)

lol :D

The concert was awesome ! but the crowd crushed me against the barrier, the bboys fans were crazy :D

5:05 PM Frenchbgirl said...

Well, i'm not disappointed.. at all!! I thought it was a great show, i just LOVED the setlist (The Maestro is one of my favorite beastie songs), I loved the atmosphere of the show...
No sleep 'till brooklyn was a great surprise... just loved it!!

Monica: i'm a small woman too! and sure, it was hard not to be hurt, but i'm still alive and i think it's just worth it! :D

6:21 PM Ludwarf said...

Zénith was a great show. I was near Titou at the beginning of the show and after that i was on the second line in front of the scene. So i apologize myself to have push the blonde girl, who i dont remember the name (sorry :)) against gate, but sometimes it was very difficult to stay alive. Whatever good performance, i liked it.

8:35 PM djzap said...

i was there!! i was at the second row (front) in the pit for a few songs then had to go somewhere safer haha. i couldnt see you guys there :(

amd dont worry, we got our camera took off us but mam went and got it back just as the encore started so i got like 20 pics... actual photos so theyll have to be scanned and shit tho

8:48 AM francois said...

Hi guy

I succesfully enter my camera and took few pix before a big guy bring me to let my camera outside


4:15 AM sheffielder said...

The zenith gig was my first bboys live experience and it was well worth the hassle of missioning out of the floods of sheffield to get over to paris to see it ! Thought the setlist was sound, the venue was sound and the crowd were sound! All in all cant wait to see them again. And to all the people that ive heard dissing the new album - WHY? its straight down the line, beasties magic ! P.S thanks to the americans who kindly bought us a round of beers - enjoy munich when u get there !

8:29 AM *********vixen27 said...

Last Beastie show I had been to was in 1995 in Tel aviv and that show was incredible. The zenith show was fun, but I felt really bad for cornelius being booed off stage. that must have felt shitty. There were some weird people there like this older woman who was clearly a devoted fan but was also looking to bag a younger fellow she kept following around, and there was also the charming gentleman behind me who kept screaming 'show me your tits! all this (including almost getting killed in the pit) added to the magic of the show. didnt realize there were so many devoted french fans!!! it warms my heart... really it does. i was really surprised to feel that same feeling I felt when i was 15 at that last show of 'i HAVE to meet these guys, they rock my world!'. felt like a kid again.

thanks beasties....

6:39 PM Mia wallace said...

J'y étais !
Beastie Boys en live plus culte tu meurs !Putain de sa mère ce que c'était bon, assez hard près du pogo mais excellent quand même!
Beastie Forever <3

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