Beastie Boys honored at Webby Awards

AP photo

Beastie Boys were honored as Webby Artist of the Year at the 11th Annual Webby Awards in New York this evening. They were recognized for their forward-thinking approach to the internet and for embracing technology.

Their acceptance speech was supposed to be limited to 5 words. Here's what they said:
"We clearly didn't plan anything for this. Thanks everyone for loving us so much and we love the internet so much, and computers. We get paid for this. Thanks for thinking of us. Can anyone fix my computer? I am the king of lunch."
More photos at:

Yahoo! and Abaca Press and Flickr photoset by bebeellis


Other distractions:
  • Video of Beastie Boys' acceptance speech (very dubious quality)
  • A not-so-dinky photo from the red carpet arrival
  • CBS News video blog at the Webby Awards

    2:15 AM Hot Sauce said...

    The king of lunch has to be Horovitz.

    2:54 AM Shabilicious said...

    Yeah, I was gonna ask if it was one of them delivering it all or a team effort. Definitely sounds like a combo at least.

    11:27 AM Maria S. said...

    As Freddie Prinze would say...


    1:09 PM Anonymous said...

    Great coverage! Thanks alot.

    1:48 PM Anonymous said...

    Um, I fucking LOVE Rob Corddry.

    That is all.

    3:21 PM Babs said...

    OMG Rob Corddry and the all I need is a pic of them with Stephen Colbert and I'm set for life.

    3:25 PM Hot Sauce said...

    LOL. I was thinking of you, Babs, when I posted the photo.

    3:25 PM Klepto said...

    of course, horovitz is the king of lunch! and he rules his lunch-dom by wearing the almighty apron! re-cog-nize! lol

    those are hoooooot pics! oh my god, they're lookin' soooooo sexy!

    i want to use him, but without wrinkling his suit or messing up his hair, it's so perfect!

    suh-weet jesus! <3

    i can't breathe! they're so freakin' long! <3

    8:02 PM Klepto said...

    photo 1
    "don't remember what Mike D. had to say. He did have the least gray hair though. [klepto note: gray hair is sextremely sexy!]

    The Beasties were extremely courteous and stuck around until the end of the show, hanging outside and taking pictures with fans." :)

    photo 2
    "Right at the end MCA leaned in to apologize to David Bowie. Apparently MCA replied-all with a private response to an email Bowie had mass mailed to friends the week before." :P

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