No soft joke: 1982 Adam Horovitz interview

One of the editors at has discovered a short 1982 radio interview with Adam Horovitz and Dave Rubenstein on WNYU's "Life After Death," which was a New York hardcore and punk radio program hosted by Hal Jannen. Rubenstein (aka Dave Insurgent) and Horovitz, were on the program to promote a free show in which their bands--Reagan Youth and the Young and the Useless, respectively--were playing at the Mudd Club in New York City on August 2, 1982.

You may download and listen to an mp3 of the 5-minute radio interview HERE or at

The audio comes from hardcore music fan Greg Fasolino, who recorded the "Life After Death" programs on audio cassettes and kept them for nearly 30 years before sharing them online. Four of Fasolino's recordings of "Life After Death"--including the one from which the Horovitz/Rubenstein interview has been extracted--are available to download from the blog More Than a Witness. It should be noted that Fasolino did not record full audio of the programs, choosing to stop the cassette player on occasion. Additionally, note that his recordings are two or more shows that were combined on a single cassette.

On the same program that Horovitz promoted the Mudd Club show, he supposedly premiered the Young and the Useless' 7-inch. Unfortunately, Fasolino's recording does not capture that part of the program.

The average Beastie Boys fan may not find the Horovitz/Rubenstein interview or the "Life After Death" recordings all that interesting; however, the over-40 fans who remember the hardcore music scene and 80's college radio will likely be highly entertained with the audio.

In memory of Sean Carasov

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In memory of Sean "the Captain" Carasov, who passed away on October 30, we share his article "The Captain's Beefs," which was published in Issue #1 of Grand Royal Magazine (Fall/Winter 1993).