Download of Money Mark's appearance on KCRW

On February 27, Money Mark made a guest appearance on KCRW's radio program Morning Becomes Eclectic. Here's the tracklist:

02.Color Of Your Blues
03.Pick Up The Pieces
04.Summer Blue
06.Sneaky People
07.Never Stop
08.Black Butterfly
10.Hungry For Love (outro-overlap)

You may download the audio of the show at Trader's Den. (You must register to download the file.)

Alternatively, you may watch and/or listen (streaming audio and video) to the show at

Beastie Boys return to the studio

After a three-week break, Beastie Boys have returned to their New York studio, Oscilloscope Laboratories. Watch them in real-time as they work (or do not work) on their new album via the O-scope Cam, or check out the screen caps from the O-scope Cam at O Watch.
  • Today's O Watch
  • Money Mark in-store appearance

    Money Mark will be making an in-store appearance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood to mark the release of his new album Brand New by Tomorrow at 7 p.m. tomorrow (Feb. 27). If you're in Los Angeles area, you have no good excuse for not going to Amoeba and catching a free performance by Mark.

    andPOP Interview

    The interview was conducted during the Beastie Boys' visit to Toronto in summer 2006, but it has not been posted before. Watch it to see what happens when you have 3 Adams vs 1 Mike in the room. The interview is over 20 minutes long, and it's hard to say who is struggling more -- the band or the interviewer.

    Interview with a head

    JTV has a video interview with the Beastie Boys at its web site. The interview was previously posted as an audio file on Triple J radio [mp3 download] [alt link]. It's a typical, goofy Beastie Boys interview.

    Click on the above image to view the video (5min: 24sec).

    (Thanks to the yobbo)

    What are the Beastie Boys up to?

    A posting on a blog associated with Australian music site has revealed some insight into what the Beastie Boys have been working on in the studio for the last few months. Last week, Sydney native and associate "Glen" was chosen to appear in a Beastie Boys video, shot in Sydney.

    Asked by M2M (that's us) to elaborate on his experience on the video shoot, Glen responded:
    "From what I can gather, it is part of a concept DVD. Two songs were covered and the boys played out a spy spoof of sorts across the two songs. They were shooting a car (and I think boat) chase scene on the Saturday before their gig at Good Vibrations. The songs weren't at all what I expected from the Beastie Boys -- sort of a 60s psych sound and entirely instrumental."
    Glen described the video shoot scene as a "1960 L.A. cocktail party" that included "girls with big hair and short frocks" and vintage bikes and automobiles.

    If you couple Glen's information with a hint posted by a very suspicious character going by the name of "Soothsayer" on the Beastie Boys Message Board, you can begin to piece together the clues and imagine what the Beastie Boys new material might sound like.

    Soothsayer hinted, "Think soundtrack. Think the tail end of 60's Northern Soul. Think stop motion." (We feel sure that Soothsayer has the "inside" scoop.)

    Adding further to the clues is a comment by Mix Master Mike in an interview with Australian radio Triple J that the Beastie Boys' new album is a "spy thriller."

    Although there are still pieces of the picture missing, it is safe to conclude that the Beastie Boys next project combines music and film in a unique way.

  • To see photos from the Beastie Boys video shoot in Sydney, visit the blog.
  • Expect the unexpected in Paris

    Tickets for the Beastie Boys concert in Paris on June 26 will go on sale Friday, February 23 at 10 am (local time) at Tickets cost €40.70 (standing general admission/pit) or €46.20 (seats). The seats are unnumbered at the Zenith, so if you choose that ticket option, be aware that you will need to queue the day of the show to get the best seats. (Study the venue layout before making your online purchase.)

    A reliable source tells us that the Beastie Boys may premiere their new material at this special performance at the Zenith. It's very possible this show will be an all-instrumental show and not include any of the band's hip-hop/rap songs.

    Singapore Good Vibrations Festival review

    The Beastie Boys' appearance at the Good Vibrations Festival did not yield many professional media reviews or reports, except for the following one from The Straits Times (Singapore).
    February 21, 2007

    Sexy Beastie
    By Yong Shu Hoong

    Fort Canning Park

    Now, who says white men can't rap? Before the rise of white rapper Eminem, New York-based Jewish rap group Beastie Boys have, since the early 1980s, been churning out their unique wordplay infused with hip-hop, punk and retro funk.

    Pushing into their late 30s and early 40s, the vivacious trio were eager to please as the headlining act of Good Vibrations Festival.

    Backed by turntablist Mix Master Mike and keyboardist Money Mark, Beastie Boys emerged onstage at 12.30am, dressed in corporate suits which got ruffled up as the night wound down.

    They played a mostly greatest-hits repertoire, with familiar numbers like Root Down, Sure Shot and Shake Your Rump. Some momentum was lost, however, when they threw two instrumentals into the mix, with some awkward pauses between songs.

    But the crowd was left wanting more when the group polished off the main set with dance tracks like Brass Monkey, So What'cha Want, Ch-Check It Out and No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

    For the encore at around 1.20am, they gladly obliged with Intergalactic, before thanking the Singapore audience and organiser for a 'fun time' and promptly launched into the final number, Sabotage, cheekily dedicated to United States President George W. Bush.

    Jurassic 5, on the other hand, is a Los Angeles all-black rap group steeped in old-school hip-hop.

    They delivered a competent 40-minute set that included Red Hot, a single off their 2006 album Feedback, as well as older tracks like Concrete Schoolyard and I Am Somebody. But one never got past the feeling that they were nothing more than a stage warmer for the main event.

    Split between the Good Vibrations main stage and the smaller Chinese Laundry dance area, the festival, which eventually drew 8,000 people, also featured Singapore's Close Apart, Electrico and Wicked Aura Batucada, Australia's Cut Copy and Malaysia's Too Phat, as well as DJs like Mad Mats (Sweden) and DJ Dan (USA).

    Good Vibrations Festival Media - Singapore

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    By Phil Date, pumpkineyes, thehoneymoon

    by ShermenMukhtar

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    "Sabotage" and "Intergalactic" by doubleuai

    "Three MCs and One DJ" and "Ch-Check It Out" by doubleuai

    "Triple Trouble" and "Root Down" by dopelamb

    Photos and video by Adrian Yeo are located here.

    Money Mark in Europe

    Money Mark will be touring around Europe this spring. Below you can find the dates and information about the performances.

    15 Apr 2007 Hamburg - Knust
    16 Apr 2007 Berlin - Magnet Club
    18 Apr 2007 Köln - Prime Club


    24 Apr 2007 Brighton - Audio
    2 May 2007 Bristol - Thekla
    3 May 2007 Nottingham - The Social
    4 May 2007 Nottingham - The Social


    Beastie Boys to headline Sasquatch festival

    Beastie Boys will perform on May 27 at the Northwest's Sasquatch! Music Festival. Check the festival's site for more details. Tickets' sale start on March 3th.

    Good Vibrations Festival Media - Sydney

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    By Foraggio, simv, Playtoy

    By anthiiiee
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    "Brass Monkey" with Rahzell and "Something's Got to Give" by Miramanee

    "Lighten Up" and "Paul Revere" by Miramanee

    "Paul Revere" with Snoop Dog by lukemilfy

    "Alright Hear This" and "Gratitude" by malk

    "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by martinakallan and "Triple Trouble" by andrewg2110

    Beastie Boys' animal behaviour

    From The Straits Times: (Singapore)
    February 16, 2007

    Beastie Boys' animal behaviour
    The wacky white boys who still hold the reins in a black-dominated hip-hop scene are heading here

    By Sujin Thomas, Music Reporter

    THE Beastie Boys are three MCs and one DJ - who are in their late 30s and early 40s.

    But speak to Adam Horovitz aka Ad-Rock, one of the MCs, and you'd think they are still a bunch of playful adolescents.

    "They're mean people," says the 40-year-old last month, on the line from his home in New York, of his band mates.

    Then breaking into a series of guffaws, he continues: "And that's been really trying on me. They push old people around and kick kids. I'm serious."

    When you realise just how nonsensical his replies to your questions are, you can't resist egging him on by asking: "And you don't do any of that?"

    He promptly replies: "No, of course not. Everybody says I'm the nice one and it's true."

    Audiences can check out how true that is when Ad-Rock and the rest of his posse - Michael Diamond aka Mike D, 41, Adam Yauch aka MCA, 42, as well as tour DJ Mix Master Mike, 36 - perform at the Good Vibrations Festival at Fort Canning Park on Monday. The event is organised by home-grown events company Kinemat.

    A further sign of the Beastie Boys' cheeky reputation: A spokesman for Kinemat tells Life! that the group had requested something unusual aside from the typical list of band equipment, food and alcohol.

    Get this: They asked for a swimming pool, palm trees and sand to be set up for them backstage.

    "I was totally shocked and didn't know what to do. I rejected it, of course. It's not conducive to the gig's environment," says Kinemat director Donovan Wong, 30.

    Now the group has asked for 'an 8R photograph of a local celebrity' instead - without giving any explanation.

    "I don't know which celebrity's photograph to give. If any celebrity is keen to hand them a photograph, let me know," adds Mr Wong.

    Such wacky behaviour is par for the course for the group whose career has spanned nearly three decades and is famous for tracks such as Fight For Your Right (1987), Sabotage (1994), Intergalactic (1998) and Triple Trouble (2004).

    They have been known to perform alongside women in cages as well as wrestle with a man dressed as a bear in their music videos.

    Formed in New York in 1979, they were initially a punk rock band called The Young Aborigines. They adopted the Beastie Boys name after MCA joined two years later.

    Following a line-up shuffle, the group changed from a punk band to a three-man rap crew and released their debut album Licensed To Ill in 1986.

    "We were always producing all our own records. But the last few records, we had a sound engineer to help us," says Ad-Rock.

    In a largely African-American dominated hip-hop scene, the Caucasian group have proven their staying power and released six albums - even bagging two Grammy Awards in 1999 for the album, Hello Nasty.

    They won under the categories of Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

    They are currently working on their seventh studio album which will be released later this year.

    "I can't tell you anything about it. It's top secret. It's actually hard to describe but it's good and you can dance to it," he says, sounding serious for once.

    But when asked what first-time audiences here can expect from their concert, he turns goofball again: "We're going to bring animals. Magicians are coming, too."

    Money Mark loves Good Vibes and mixing with the best

    From Australian Associated Press:
    February 16, 2007

    Money Mark loves Good Vibes and mixing with the best
    By Erin McWhirter, National Entertainment Writer

    American producer/musician Mark Ramos-Nishita aka Money Mark, is happy mixing his time between high-profile musicians including the Beastie Boys, Yoko Ono, Gnarls Barkley, Jack Johnson and Australia's own John Butler.

    In Australia playing keyboards for the Beastie Boys, who are touring with the Good Vibrations festival, Ramos-Nishita says experimenting with different bands for sounds, melodies and beats keeps his creativity flowing.

    "I am always experimenting, which is always a risk, but in the word experiment there is the word 'risk' as well," he said in Sydney today.

    While Ramos-Nishita has been touring the world with the Beastie Boys since the early 1990s, he has also established himself a successful solo career.

    On March 3 his latest offering, Brand New By Tomorrow, will be released in Australia and is far removed from the usual hip-hop and rap beats of the Beastie Boys.

    It's soulful and reflects a laid-back, mellow, Jack Johnson feel.

    Ramos-Nishita said fans will appreciate the new tone, not shun it.

    "This isn't your typical jump up and down and have fun record like I usually make," Ramos-Nishita said.

    "My fan is really open-minded. I don't want to pigeon-hole my fan. I would like to think that they are open to many things."

    Ramos-Nishita was last in Australia for the 2004 Big Day Out festival and said it was good to back for hip-hop fest Good Vibrations, with the Beastie Boys.

    The group has already headlined the Gold Coast and Melbourne festivals and will play Sydney tomorrow and Perth on Sunday.

    "I always have fun when I am on the road with these guys," Ramos-Nishita said.

    "We've got a good thing happening on stage. Good Vibrations is a kind of party vibe, but I think all the festivals are like that.

    "The kids go wild there."

    While Ramos-Nishita works his music wizardry for concert-goers, he says he doesn't envy the audience.

    "I would be exhausted, I would run out of energy, waiting in the sun all day," he said.

    "But, I have quite a lot of energy on stage. I savour for that moment on stage and hopefully that works for them."

    Most of Ramos-Nishita's work is underground, however his credits include musical scores for award-winning movie The Devil Wears Prada and Jim Carrey's 2005 comedy Fun With Dick and Jane.

    A veteran of the music scene, Ramos-Nishita said the passion never dies.

    "Keeping your mind open helps, maybe I am kind of wired that way," he said.

    "That kindred side of me comes out and balances and combines my experiences. I don't feel like I am, I don't want to say the word - ageing - but I don't think I am going away anytime soon."

    Beastie Boys film video in Sydney

    From The Daily Telegraph:

    Hip-hoppers take on radio's weird boys
    February 17, 2007

    THEY'VE already conquered the airwaves, now brekkie radio kings Merrick and Rosso are launching an assault on the small screen.

    And despite only setting up shop with their own production company, Smoke and Mirrors, two weeks ago, the comedy duo have already signed on Intergalactic hip-hop outfit The Beastie Boys.

    Confidential can reveal the energetic trio - Mikey D, MCA and Adrock - commissioned the local lads to shoot their new video clip in Sydney on Thursday.

    Obviously The Beasties weren't too concerned about checking the lads' references before signing up _ which is probably a good thing for the funnymen.

    Until they signed on, Merrick and Rosso had been their own major clients, producing their own advertisements for Nova - which had it's advantages.

    Rosso said The Beasties project was an exciting step for the fledging company, which specialises in video clips and advertising, and they relished the opportunity to work alongside the aging music legends.

    "The best thing about it was not being the oldest guy on set," Rosso told Confidential yesterday.

    The Beasties said they also enjoyed the experience, which gave them a better appreciation of the Harbour City landscape.

    Rarely straying too far from Bondi during previous visits, the video clip, filmed in Hunters Hill, gave them the chance to see another side of the city.

    Though the boys, who must have missed peakhour, were even more impressed with the traffic than the waterfront mansions.

    "We're noticing no one honks their horns here," MCA said yesterday.

    "It's almost as if honking your horn is road rage - it's very chilled out here."

    Good Vibrations Festival Media - Melbourne & Gold Coast

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    "MMM intro" and "Pass the Mic" by Miramanee

    "Sabrosa" and "Lighten Up" by Miramanee

    "3 MCs and 1 DJ" by gaselite and "Intergalactic" by notcommerce

    "Root Down" by arvendelej and "3 MCs and 1 DJ" by kezmanisagun

    "Sure Shot" and "Sabrosa" by hellopop

    "Intergalactic" by damo1983 and "3 MCs and 1 DJ" by keharrison2

    Slideshow video by smurfun

    Gold Coast

    "Brass Monkey" and "Flute Loop" by mydogsteelo

    "So What'cha Want" and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" by mydogsteelo

    "Intergalactic" by Drebourghini

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