20th Anniversary of Paul's Boutique

In the new coming year, it will be 20 years since the release of Paul's Boutique. To celebrate this, the band is going to release a special 24-bit digitally remastered version of the album. Insound.com reports that it will be available in CD format with an 8-panel, eco-friendly limited edition fold-out poster. It will also include a free digital download for a track-by-track commentary by the band discussing each song over the music (Paul's Boutique "The Director's Cut" bonus audio). The album will be released on January 27, 2009.

According to Albumvote.co.uk, the Beastie Boys are expected to road test some of the new material that they have been working on in the spring.

On another note...If you haven't been able to get your bonus tracks from The Mix-Up yet because you're not in the United States, try purchasing them from your country's Amazon or iTunes. The bonus tracks are now available in several countries, but still not all.

More Tammy D

Tamra Davis has new videos up since last noted.
Davis is showing off his Beastie Boys T-Shirt, and Mike tries out his story-telling-skills.

The other one is Beastie-free, but still looks yummy.

Adrock on Zane Lowe

Adrock had a short phonecall with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 this Thursday. He didn't reveal much about the Beastie Boys new album, but he said the band will return soon, so we can just wait.

Go to BBC's page to listen to it, or download it HERE.

Money Mark in the month of merry

Money Mark was in New York City this past week to perform at two separate events. First, he performed at "Red Hot + Rio 2: The Next Generation of Samba Soul" with a number of artists at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House. He also performed with Helenka, a musical collective formed by Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto), at Joe's Pub. The performance, which celebrated Honda's birthday, was "instructed improvisation." Simply put, the band jammed under Honda's direction. (See photos from the show at Flickr.)

You can hear a new song from Mark on Brushfire Record's holiday collaboration This Warm December. On Mark's Myspace blog, he writes that the song, titled "Stuck at the Airport," was:
"written a long time ago but only in my head and when I was asked to contribute to Brushfire's Warm December album I couldn't resist putting it down on tape! It's just a joke and I hope it makes you laugh a little!"

The album may be purchased at Brushfire Record's Online Store. Portions of the proceeds supports children's music education.

News round-up

Not a heck of a lot is going on in Beastieboysland now, but that should change soon. In 2009, you can expect a new Beastie Boys album and, presumably, a tour to follow.

From all accounts (i.e., what Adam Yauch has said in Gunnin'-related interviews and what the band told the press during the Get Out and Vote Tour), the new Beastie Boys album will be a mixed bag of sounds à la Check Your Head and Ill Communication. In other words, you can expect to hear some rap, instrumentals, and possibly some hardcore on the new album. According to Yauch, the new album should be out "early part of next year." (Hear him say so in a recent interview with XTRA Sports San Diego.)

Speaking of new music...busy with other things these past few months, we failed to report the release of four new bonus tracks from The Mix-Up. The songs -- titled "LTD," "Beasley Is a Beast," "The Panda Rat" and "Politickin'" -- were used in the soundtrack of Yauch's film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot. The songs are available to download exclusively at Amazon.com.

Yauch's film, which was released to dvd on October 21, is available to watch or download in its entirety via Amazon.com's Video on Demand. Amazon.com allows you to watch the first 10 minutes of the movie for free. (This service is restricted to the United States.)

Another recording from the Get Out and Vote Tour has surfaced. We converted and posted mp3s for easy download:

Beastie Boys Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nov. 2, 2008
Recorded and shared by sullylove

DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

As they have done for the last few years, Beastie Boys have contributed a lunchbox design to the annual Lunchbox Auction, which benefits the Food Bank For New York City and the Lunchbox Fund. The auction begins Dec. 11 and ends on Dec. 18. A photo of the Beastie Boys' design is not yet available on the auction site.

Video flashback: Three fools in front of a camera


Here's a clip of the Beastie Boys, at their stupidest, doing a promo for the "She's on It" video.

New album from Eric Bobo

Photo courtesy of Nacional Records

Beastiemania.com is hosting an mp3 exclusive from Eric Bobo's new album, titled The Meeting of the Minds Vol. 1, courtesy of Nacional Records. Bobo was the Beastie Boys' percussionist and drummer from the Check Your Head to Hello Nasty period. A stream of Bobo's entire album is available to listen to at Nacional Record's web site.

Bobo's album, which celebrate its release today, may be purchased at Amazon.com and the iTunes Music Store.

For more information on Bobo, review the quick links on the front page of Beastiemania.com and visit Bobo's myspace page.

Mix Master Mike tears it up in Europe

Mix Master Mike in action in Paris (video courtesy of Top 10)

Mix Master Mike is touring again in Europe with DJ Muggs, Rahzel, and DJ JS-1 on the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop tour. Our friend Top 10 caught their show in Paris last week. Check out his videos and pics from the show.

Top 10 reports that Mike was "on fire," throwing hardcore hip-hop beats and electronic breaks during his set.

For a list of shows on the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop tour, visit SoulAssassins.com.

Adam Yauch interview in Supreme mag

A short interview with Adam Yauch appears in the Fall/Winter issue of Supreme magazine. Supreme is considered the "home of New York City skate culture." Because Supreme's brand is very popular in Japan, its magazine is written in a mixture of English and Japanese. Yauch's interview in the current issue is written in Japanese. I asked my friend Hitoshi to translate the interview. His translation follows:

ADAM YAUCH / musician, movie director

I often used to go to Supreme, when I lived at Nolita. I could see my friends like Pooky(?) there, but I considered Supreme more like a place for having good conversations. When I was in high school, I played for a punk band and I used to have fun at a record shop called Rat Cage. Just hanging in front of the shop, talking about music, and sometimes getting acquainted with some cool guys...That was Supreme in the 90s for me. Whenever I went there [Supreme], I could see the skaters hanging out and hear their music. It was not just a skate shop, it was the hub for the skaters. That's what street culture is, right? People come out of nowhere and they gradually make their own culture. I usually love to put my head to many places, get some pieces of information, and meet a lot of people. There were many places for activities for various subcultures and when I went there, I could meet people who were interested in the same culture. NYC is such a place. After I moved to Tribeca, I don't go there as much as before, but I make it a habit to go there at least for my favorite musical events. I also go there for Tibetan Buddhists' events and movie festivals.

Recently I made a movie called "Gunnin' for That #1 Spot." My friend was running a basketball tournament, and I thought it would be interesting to follow the top players. They reminded me of myself when I played for a punk band, but they were so sophisticated and, in a certain sense, more adult than I expected.

We organized a movie division at Oscilloscope, the Beastie Boys' studio. It's like an indie label in music. Once I began to attend movie festivals, I realized the huge gap between major studios and small independent movie makers. I often heard, "This is really a good movie, but it's so tough to sell it..." It's stupid to bury good movies in such a way. So I thought I should find ways to distribute them. I think we'll be able to release good movies from now on.

Get out your Get Out and Vote tour photos

Beastiemania.com is looking for material from the recent Get Out and Vote tour to complete the gigography archive. If you have any of the following to share, please email Beastiemania.com:

  • Photos* from the Richmond, Dayton, Youngstown, and St. Paul shows
  • Ticket scans for the Youngstown and Charlotte shows
  • Complete setlist for the Youngstown show
  • *Please submit only performance photos that you personally took, not other people's photos. [Click this link and skim the new photos.]

    Stay In and Listen: Audio from the Get Out and Vote tour

    "My new name is...LARRY!" (Or is it Gary, Barry, or Harry?)
    Beastie Boys live in Milwaukee, Nov. 2, 2008

    The purpose of the Get Out and Vote tour was to remind all Americans that they have the ability to affect change through voting. Huge kudos to the Beastie Boys and the artists who joined them on the tour for urging people to vote in the presidential election. A lot of Americans turned their fresh finger into a voting booth finger on November 4 and, because of it, hope exists in America again.

    If you didn't get a chance to attend any of the seven shows of the Get Out and Vote tour, don't worry -- we're looking out for you. Several kind souls recorded some of the shows and are sharing lossless audio. We converted their files to mp3s for easy download and listening. So far, the following shows have surfaced:

    Beastie Boys Live in St. Paul, Minnesota, Nov. 1, 2008
    Recorded and shared by kingjman
    DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

    Beastie Boys Live in Denver, Colorado, Nov. 3, 2008
    Recorded and shared by brianblank
    DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

    Get Out and Vote tour: Denver, CO

    Check out more photos here.

    MMM Intro [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Tenacious D "We Got The" intro)]
    Body Movin' [VIDEO (with Ch-Check It Out)]
    Ch-Check It Out
    Sure Shot [VIDEO]
    Root Down
    Shake Your Rump
    Super Disco Breakin'
    Flute Loop
    Pass the Mic
    Right Right Now Now
    No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
    3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
    So What'cha Want
    The Biz vs The Nuge
    Time for Livin' [VIDEO (with Tenacious D)]
    Sabotage "Goodnight, George W. Bush" [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]

    Beastie Boys Live in Denver, Colorado, Nov. 3, 2008
    Recorded and shared by brianblank
    DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

    Photo by Rock the Vote 2008

  • Backbeat Online: Tenacious D and the Beastie Boys want you to get off your asses and vote
  • Backbeat Online: More pressing questions for the Beasties and Tenacious D
  • Backbeat Online: Rock the Vote: Beastie Boys and Tenacious D at the Fillmore
  • Denver Daily: Boys tenaciously rock vote
  • Kodi's Pillow Fort: I flew with Tenacious D and the Beastie Boys
  • Denver Post: Beastie Boys, Tenacious D @ the Fillmore
  • Marquee Magazine: Beastie Boys and Tenacious D Rock The Vote
  • Coloradoan.com: Beasties sound the call
  • Rocky Mountain Collegian: Beastie Boys stump last minute on Plaza
  • Get Out and Vote tour: Milwaukee, WI

    Photo by eytonz

    MMM Intro [VIDEO]
    Body Movin' [VIDEO]
    Ch-Check It Out [VIDEO, pt. 1 // VIDEO, pt. 2]
    Sure Shot [VIDEO]
    Root Down [VIDEO]
    Super Disco Breakin' [VIDEO (with Flute Loop)]
    Flute Loop
    Pass the Mic [VIDEO]
    Right Right Now Now [VIDEO]
    No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
    So What'cha Want [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    Intergalactic [VIDEO]
    The Biz vs The Nuge
    Time for Livin' [VIDEO]
    Sabotage [VIDEO]


  • Muzzle of Bees: Photos: Get Out & Vote '08 - US Cellular Arena, Milwaukee
  • OnMilwaukee.com: Beastie Boys talk elections before Milwaukee gig (Mike D interview)
  • ExpressMilwaukee.com: The Beastie Boys @ The U.S. Cellular Arena [Editor's note: This review is waaaayyy wrong. Read only for giggles.]
  • L.A. after party with Money Mark

    RSVP at rsvp@himynameisryan.com to attend Friday's after party.
    More info about the film (playing at AFI Fest) here.

    Shout-out to Xavier!

    Get Out and Vote tour: St. Paul, MN

    MMM Intro [VIDEO (with Super Disco Breakin' & Flute Loop)]
    Super Disco Breakin'
    Flute Loop
    Shake Your Rump
    Pass the Mic [VIDEO]
    Ch-Check It Out [VIDEO]
    Root Down [VIDEO]
    Body Movin'
    No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    Right Right Now Now
    3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
    So What'cha Want [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    Intergalactic [VIDEO]
    Time for Livin' [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    Gratitude [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]

    Recorded and shared by kingjman
  • Mp3 Download (86.39 MB ZIP file)
  • Torrent download [account required]


  • Minneapolis City Pages: Beastie Boys endorse Obama at Augsburg rally
  • Minneapolis City Pages: Concert review / slideshow
  • Star Tribune: A vote for the Beastie Boys
  • Star Tribune: Beastie Boys rock the mic
  • Spin: Beastie Boys Rock the Vote in St. Paul
  • Get Out and Vote tour: Dayton, OH

    Singing "Happy Birthday" to Adam!! (also includes MMM Intro, Super Disco Breakin', Pass the Mic & Root Down with Ben Stiller)

    MMM Intro [VIDEO]
    Super Disco Breakin'
    Flute Loop
    Sure Shot
    Pass the Mic [VIDEO]
    Ch-Check It Out
    Body Movin'
    No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
    Right Right Now Now
    3 MC's and 1 DJ
    So What'cha Want
    Intergalactic [VIDEO]
    Gratitude (appears on setlist, but wasn't performed)
    Sabotage [VIDEO (dedication)]


    Get Out and Vote tour: Youngstown, OH

    Information on the Youngstown show is slow coming in. Several things photos from the show have revealed is actor Ben Stiller joined the Beastie Boys on stage as Adrock's doppelgänger, and the band busted out the instruments.

    Photos by Katie Libecco

    Partial Setlist
    MMM Intro
    Sure Shot [VIDEO (with Super Disco Breakin')]
    Super Disco Breakin'
    No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
    Root Down [VIDEO "Let's weave it up! Let's weave it up!" (with Ben Stiller) // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Check It Out)]
    Check It Out
    So What'cha Want [VIDEO (with Intergalactic)]
    Sabotage [VIDEO]


  • Youngstown Vindicator: Rockin' the Vote
  • WKBN: The Rock The Vote Wrap-Up
  • Video of Beastie Boys and Ben Stiller at Youngstown State University
  • Original Licensed to Ill artwork on auction

    The original artwork for the cover of the Beastie Boys' album Licensed to Ill, by artist David Gambale, is among the items for purchase in Christie's first major auction on punk and new wave memorabilia. The auction will take place in New York on November 24, 2008.

    The catalog description for the artwork states:

    The iconic image was created by assembling a photographic collage of a plane crash, then meticulously drawing over the components and hand-coloring them with water soluble crayon. Inscribed, Beastie Boys I David Gambale 1986 on the lower border. Framed, 43½x26in.
    Christie's values the artwork at $20,000 to $30,000.

    Get Out and Vote tour: Richmond, VA

    Photo by Beezwaxxx

    Mix Master Mike Intro [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Sure Shot)]
    Sure Shot [VIDEO]
    Shake Your Rump
    Triple Trouble [VIDEO]
    Posse in Effect [VIDEO]
    Body Movin'
    Root Down [VIDEO (with The Weave)]
    Do It
    Pass the Mic
    Super Disco Breakin'
    Ch-Check It Out
    No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
    "It's a family show." [VIDEO]
    Right Right Now Now
    So What'cha Want [VIDEO (with Intergalactic)]


  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: Beasties, Crow in "Get Out and Vote" tour at Coliseum
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: Slideshow of Rock the Vote Rally in Monroe Park
  • Ellwood Thompson's Blog: The Beastie Boys Love Ellwood's
  • WRIC TV: 'Rock The Vote' Visits Richmond
  • Video of Yauch speaking at Richmond Rally
  • Rolling Stone: Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson Rock the Vote in Virginia
  • Get Out and Vote tour: Charlotte, NC

    Introduction by Sheryl Crow and Santogold & enter the Bboys!!

    MMM Intro
    Super Disco Breakin' [VIDEO]
    Triple Trouble
    Skills to Pay the Bills
    Sure Shot [VIDEO]
    Alright Hear This
    Pass the Mic
    Ch-Check It Out [VIDEO]
    Do It
    Body Movin'
    Root Down
    3 MC's and 1 DJ
    Right Right Now Now
    No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
    So What'cha Want [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
    Intergalactic [VIDEO]


  • Concert review by Charlotte Observer
  • CLT Blog: Beastie Boys @ UNC Charlotte [with video report]
  • Video of Beastie Boys, Santogold, and Sheryl Crow at CPCC Central campus

    *Perry Farrell has been announced as the special guest at the Youngstown, Ohio, show tomorrow night!*
  • Horovitz talks about new album and tour

    From Billboard.com:
    Beastie Boys in the 'Middle' of New Album
    By John Benson

    As the Beastie Boys prepare to begin their barnstorming Get Out and Vote tour, the group is also at work on the follow-up to the 2007 instrumental album "The Mix-Up."

    "We're actually in the middle of recording it right now," group member Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz tells Billboard. "We hope to have it out sometime next year. It's a lot of vocals, a lot of words -- very wordy. And it's political, depending on what you call political. You know, if toilet talk and fart jokes are political, which they can be, in that sense yeah, very."

    Any chance of new material getting played on the "Get Out and Vote 08" tour? "I don't think so," Horovitz laughs. "It's always weird when you play the new songs that people don't know. Anytime we play new songs, it always seems like a brick."

    Horovitz says the decision to stage Get Out and Vote came down to the simple fact that in the last presidential election, 70 million registered voters didn't make to the polls.

    "70 million people is a lot of people to not vote," Horovitz says. "So this all happened really quick, like a month or so ago and within the past few weeks, literally. We were just stressing on what to do and then we were like, 'We're a band and we play shows, so let's go to these swing states.' We thought it would be a good idea to get people to vote.

    "Basically, we just called a bunch of people and asked them if they wanted to play," he says. "It's literally like, whoever called us back (is on the tour)."

    The seven-date trek begins Oct. in Charlotte, N.C., and runs through Nov. 2 in Denver. Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Crosby & Nash, Santogold and Tenacious D will play in different incarnations throughout. Horovitz says the Beasties also reached out to De La Soul, Nas, Nine Inch Nails and Moby, but those acts were unable to participate for scheduling reasons.

    More articles on Get Out and Vote tour:
    Creativeloafing.com: Beastie Boys heading to Amos' Southend (Horovitz)
    Fredericksburg.com: Beastie Boys fight for your right to politics (Diamond)
    Inrich.com: Message of tour with Beastie Boys, others is 'Literally, vote' (Horovitz)
    Washingtonpost.com: Six-ish Questions For ... the Beastie Boys (Yauch!)
    MTV.com: Beastie Boys Tour The Swing States Before Election Day Because That's Where 'Every Vote Matters' (with video clip)

    Can't get enough of Sasquatch

    Sometimes it is necessary to cross-post items between Mic to Mic and Oscope Archive -- for example, the following quote:

    O-Scope President Adam Yauch says: "Before seeing the film I had no idea Bigfoot could levitate."

    Read about Oscilloscope Laboratories new acquisition, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie, at Oscope Archive.

    Details on Adam Yauch's Virgin Megastore appearance

    If you're planning to go to Adam Yauch's Virgin Megastore appearance on October 21 at Union Square, listen up! We've got the 411.

    Yauch will be at the store to promote the release of his film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot on dvd. He will sign dvds for the first 400 people who purchase the dvd that day from Virgin. You must go to the store sometime before 6 p.m. (the store opens at 9 a.m.) and pre-purchase the dvd. When you pay for the dvd, you will be given a wristband to wear for the signing. Before 6:30 p.m., return to the store and queue at the Virgin Cafe, where the signing will take place, to get your signed dvd and meet Yauch.

    Only one wristband per person is allowed.

    Update (10/21): Virgin Megastore is not distributing wristbands. You simply have to purchase the dvd today from the store and have a receipt proving purchase when the signing takes place in the evening. Also, you may get more than one dvd signed as long as you have individual receipts for each dvd to be signed.

    Reminder: Cey Adams & Bill Adler book signing in Brooklyn tonight

    Cey drawing in DUMBO, Brooklyn, 2006. Photo by Vincent Skoglund.

    Cey Adams and Bill Adler will be signing their book, DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop at Barnes & Noble, 106 Court Street, Brooklyn, today beginning at 7 pm. Come and say hi to them!

    As we previously posted, you may also purchase a signed copy of DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop by sending an email to bill [at] eyejammie.com. Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

    Defining hip hop

    Cey Adams defines hip hop

    If our review of DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop by Cey Adams and Bill Adler didn't convince you that the book should be in your book collection, check out the DEFinitionVIDEO channel on YouTube. Here you will find videos of the authors talking about hip-hop art and design, as well as videos of friends and colleagues providing testimonials of Adams' being expertly qualified to compile such a book. Among the friends who appear on video are Steve Carr, Adams' partner at the Drawing Board; Harry Allen, hip-hop cultural authority; and Adam Yauch, Boss Beastie Boy.

    Review of DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop

    Book Review

    DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop
    By Cey Adams with Bill Adler
    Book release date: October 14, 2008

    Cover illustration: "Lust" by Mike Thompson, 2005

    Over the Beastie Boys three-decades musical career, no visual artist has been associated with the band more closely and longer than Cey Adams. Adams has continually contributed to the band's visual image and maintained a close friendship with them. His longevity as a professional to whom they turn for graphic needs and as a friend whom they want near when recording and touring is testament of his being an extraordinary artist and a nice guy.

    Among Beastie Boys fans, Adams is a legend. It is no exaggeration to say that he is as well known and admired in the Beastie Boys fan community as MCA, Adrock, and Mike D are. (Some fans argue that Adams is the fourth Beastie.) Like his goofball musician friends, Adams exudes an ineffable charm and humor that appeals to everyone who meets him.

    As a visual artist, Adams has designed album art, logos, tour merchandise, and promotional material for the Beastie Boys and countless of other hip-hop musicians. If you're a huge Beastie Boys fan, you're probably familiar with Adams' story because it intertwines with the band's story.

    Adams started out working for Russell Simmons at Def Jam Recordings, where he co-founded a visual design firm and handled the graphic needs of the bands signed to Def Jam. Designing material for artists like Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, De La Soul, LL Cool J, and Public Enemy earned Adams' respect not only from the hip-hop music community, but also from the visual world (i.e., fine art community) and corporate America. His work in hip-hop music lead him to be sought after by companies like Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Nike to design their advertising campaigns.

    [Click to enlarge.]
    Beastie Boys logo design by Cey Adams

    Adams spent almost two years compiling DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop. In November 2007, he gave hip-hop fans a preview of what DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop was about when he spoke to Format magazine. Some time after he conducted the interview, Adams discarded his idea about having some of the musicians with whom he has worked, including the Beastie Boys, contribute essays to the book.

    "The musicians already get too much attention and credit," Adams explained. "I wanted the book to be about the artists and their work."

    And, indeed, that's exactly what Adams' book is about: art. With DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop, Adams and his co-author, Bill Adler, have created a serious book about hip-hop art and design that proves it deserves to be respected and appreciated as much as any other art genre or form.

    [Click to enlarge.]
    Billboard graf design by Faust

    "Graffiti artist Faust really crushed this little campaign, which was limited to the neighborhood in Brooklyn where Chris Rock grew up. They hired Faust to spray paint right on the billboard. That's the cool thing about graffiti; it's a one-shot deal with no room for fuck-ups. It's guerrilla marketing for real!"
    --Cey Adams in DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop

    Adler, who was the director of publicity for Def Jam Recordings and Rush Artist Management in the eighties, introduces DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop with a description of what the book aims to achieve. He writes:

    "...hip-hop has been every bit as important to the visual world as it has been to the music world. Self-identified hip-hoppers have had significant success in virtually every aspect of the visual media. The sum of their work has changed the way the world looks. This book is an attempt to see the world anew, through a hip-hop lense, and identify these changes."

    Adler currently runs Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery in New York City. His role with the book was cheerleader and editor, helping Adams to chose the artwork as well as find fitting contributors to write the text.

    Artists whose work is featured in DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop are from the old school and new school -- artists like Dalek, Nika Sarabi, Mare 139, Haze, Shepard Fairey, Morning Breath, Lee Quiñones, Revolt, Lady Pink, Angela Boatright, and Gregory Bojorquez (see his photo of Missy Elliott here) -- just to name a few. Something all of the artists featured in the book have in common, other than being highly regarded by Adams, is they all work in a variety of media. This fact is something Adams feels is important to emphasize because it gives these artists credibility in the visual world. They have both street cred and gallery cred.

    Artists featured in the book whom Beastie Boys fans will recognize are Sunny Bak, Glen E. Friedman, Bill McMullen, Ricky Powell, and, of course, Cey Adams.

    The artwork alone in the book is enough to impress anyone who would thumb through its pages; however, it's the artwork plus the accompanying text that makes the book essential. Seven essays -- one each about street art, album art, art in advertising, video and film, cars, sneakers, and fashion -- provide a concise story and history of how art and design have played a role in developing and popularizing hip-hop culture. Among those who contribute essays are Sacha Jenkins, the editorial director of Mass Appeal and co-founder of Ego Trip magazine, and Michael Gonzales, urban journalist and fiction author.

    DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop is a beautiful book, filled with page after page of visually stunning art. Although the book will beautifully dress any coffee table, it's much more than a cool art book. It is so informative and educational in the history of hip-hop art and design that it presents, it could easily be used as a primer for art school students and a reference book for art critics now and in the future.

    DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop is available on bookstore shelves now.


    Cey Adams and Bill Adler will be signing their book, DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop, at Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem on Tuesday, October 14, beginning at 7 pm. On Thursday, October 16, they will be signing their book at Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn, beginning at 7 pm.

    If you would like to purchase a signed copy of DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop but can't travel to Harlem or Brooklyn for the in-store book signings, send an email to bill [at] eyejammie.com and request a signed copy. Adams and Adler will be offering only a limited number of signed books at Eyejammie.com, so don't delay with your request if you want one. Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

    Get Out and Vote '08 shows added

    Three more Get Out and Vote '08 shows have been announced:

    October 27 - Charlotte, North Carolina
    October 29 - Youngstown, Ohio [ticket pre-sale begins on Thursday, Oct. 16]
    October 30 - Dayton, Ohio [ticket pre-sale begins on Thursday, Oct. 16]

    Yauch in NYC for Gunnin' DVD release

    From Beastieboys.com:
    Come meet Adam!!
    On Tuesday, October 21 at 6:30pm, Yauch will be at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square (52 E.14th St, NYC) to support the DVD release of "Gunnin' For That #1 Spot".
    You can pre-order the 2-disc set at Amazon.

    Beastie Boys to perform at Rock the Vote shows

    Beastie Boys have announced that they will be doing several shows for Rock the Vote in the coming weeks. Rock the Vote is an organization that focuses on getting young people involved in the voting process to achieve progressive change in the United States (i.e., kick some ass).

    In their official e-newsletter, Beastie Boys explain their involvement in these shows:

    this election is too important, too much is at stake to stay at home. we hope that you can come out, have a nice night, dance, sing, get your freak on, and then wake up the next morning and get everyone that you possibly can to get out and vote.

    Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Crosby & Nash, Santogold, and Tenacious D will also be performing at these shows. (Check specific shows for exact line-up; it will vary by city.)

    So far, Beastie Boys have announced their involvement in three shows, with more to follow.

    October 28 - Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, Virginia [Tickets on sale October 11]
    November 1 - Roy Wilkins Auditorium - St. Paul, Minnesota [Ticket info to follow]
    November 2 - US Cellular Arena - Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Tickets on sale October 11]

    Please note that the ticket links above have changed. Also, the shows are being billed as "Get Out and Vote '08," not "Rock the Vote" -- so use that search criteria at Ticketmaster.com.

    DEFinitely worth tuning in for

    Tune into Forty Deuce Radio today from 6 to 8 p.m. EDT to hear Cey Adams and Bill Adler talk about their new book DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop. The radio show is podcasted and archived on Eastvillageradio.com, so if you can't tune in during the show, you may download and listen to the show later.

    Click the orange "Podcast XML" button on the Forty Deuce Radio page to listen. The file will automatically play in iTunes. If you have problems listening to the file, check back here for an easy-to-download mp3. [Update: The show is now archived here. The interview begins around 58:00.]

    We'll have more information on DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop in the coming days.

    Current TV - yet again

    Current TV has uploaded a few more videos with Yauch since the last update.

    "That was the first time Mike D ever got drunk in his life, and he threw up."

    Check out them all here.

    Horovitz at Gotham Girls Roller Derby

    Photo by BrendanMc

    A smiling Horovitz saw a lot of girls on rollerskates at Hunter College in the last part of September. The event he attended was Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

    Beastie Boys attend Cey Adams' book launch party

    Photos by Ray Tamarra

    Adam Yauch and Adam Horovitz were among the hip-hop luminaries who attended a book launch party for Cey Adams'and Bill Adler's DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop (Collins Design) last Tuesday in New York City. The book "examines the evolution of hip-hop as a visual phenomenon" and contains "more than 200 stunning photographs and illustrations as well as compelling essays by some of hip-hop's most seasoned voices." The book, which will be on sale beginning October 14, is available for pre-order through the publisher's web site, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.

    You may view additional photos from the book launch party at Thecrusade.net.

    Somebody wants to be a DJ!

    Gimme Shelter Concert Tonight!

    You may purchase half-price tickets to tonight's Gimme Shelter Rock and Rescue Concert, which Adam Horovitz will be hosting at the Highline Ballroom, by entering the word "rational" in the Access Code field on the order page at Ticketweb.com.

    Oodles of noodles

    The newest episode of the Tamra Davis Cooking Show features footage from the Beastie Boys performance at the Roskilde Festival in 2007.

    Win a pass to attend the Raindance Film Festival

    Clashmusic.com has a contest to win an all-access pass to the Raindance Film Festival in London, where Gunnin' for That #1 Spot will have its European debut. Adam Yauch will be attending the festival, which takes place October 1-12, as both a director and a jury member for the festival.

    To win the all-access festival pass, you must email the answer to the following question to ben@clashmusic.com:

    What is the name of Adam Yauch's new documentary?

    The contest deadline is Wednesday, October 1, at 11 a.m. GMT.

    All-Horovitz Update

    We received a request for an all-Adam Horovitz update, similar to our previously published all-Adam Yauch report. Because we're about making people happy, we'll oblige.

    Soooo, what has Mr. Adam Horovitz been up to, you ask -- no! -- DEMAND to know? According to a source, Horovitz has been playing a lot of softball, like he does most summers. The same source tells us that Horovitz has recently suffered a leg injury, which has him hobbling around like his semi-crippled bandmate who plays the bass. We feel for them. (Really, we do.)

    Hopefully, the Original Nasal Kid will make a full recovery before he hosts this year's Gimme Shelter Rock and Rescue concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on October 6. The concert is a fund-raising event for Rational Animal, an organization that works to help animals in New York City. Get your tickets for the concert here.

    If you attend this year's Gimme Shelter Rock and Rescue concert, you will have an opportunity to bid on some collectibles donated by the Beastie Boys at the concert's accompanying silent auction.

    Speaking of collectibles...our friend and Beastiemania.com colleague, 9th Beastie (aka Mark), added an interesting item to his Beastie Boys collection not too long ago. He kindly gave us permission to share and write about his find -- a New York punk fanzine from early 1983 -- here at Mic to Mic.

    Killer - cover Killer - article

    Killer - photo

    [Click photos to go to enlargements.]

    The 'zine, titled "Killer," contains a talk with a young, homework-doin' Mike Diamond, who reveals that the Beastie Boys have a new guitarist.

    Michael said this...John Berry is not their guitarist anymore -- the new guy is ADAM from The Young and Useless. Now there's 2 Adams in the band.*

    Beastie "heads" will recognize press acknowledging Horovitz as a new addition to the band as rare, mainly because Beastie Boys did not receive a lot of media attention until Licensed to Ill was released. The style and language used in the article makes it a unique, historical find and read.

    Unfortunately, that's all the Horovitz info we can scrape up for now. Sorry. Look for our equally lackluster all-Michael Diamond update in the near future.

    *Twenty-five years later, there are still two Adams in the band. Nice, huh?

    Mix Master Mike's got tough love

    Mix Master Mike has contributed to a new anti-smoking campaign created by TheTruth.com, the people who get your attention about the hazards of smoking with their unusual television commercials. TheTruth.com's new campaign has world-renowned DJs, like Mix Master, Diplo, Pete Rock, and Z-trip, remixing the anti-smoking organization's theme music. Hear Mix Master Mike's remix, titled "Tough Love (Mix Master Mike's Ashtray Mix)," at www.thetruth.com/remix/ and at Imeem.com/thetruth.

    Not only did Mix Master Mike agree to remix a song for TheTruth.com, he also agreed to be interviewed and talk about his experience as a former smoker. Watch his interview below and see Buford the pig and hear the master talk about his good buddies, the Beastie Boys.

    Beastie Boys: Register to Vote!! / Vote Obama 2008

    Adam Yauch has previously given his support for Barack Obama for president. Now on Beastieboys.com, Beastie Boys have shown a written support for the Democratic party’s candidate for president of the United States.

    During the last election, the band just told people NOT to vote for George Bush, so it’s a change to see them name a candidate, even though we got the point then.

    Here’s what the Beastie Boys say on their website:

    Register to Vote!! / Vote Obama 2008 / Early Voting

    Register to Vote

    Vote Obama ’08 – See how YOU can make a change!

    Early voting – that’s right – did you know that in 31 states you can vote BEFORE Nov 4th????

    See if you live in one of those States and click the link for instructions:

    More Current TV

    Yauch shares advice in this new Current TV clip:

    Mix Master Mike & Money Mark: The original musical mavericks

    Photo: Top 10

    Both Mix Master Mike and Money Mark will be guests separately on the live-action children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!" when it begins its second season on Nick Jr. later this month. Mix Master Mike will be on the show that airs on September 24. The date of Money Mark's appearance is currently unknown.

    For a lil' something more mature, check out Mix Master Mike on tour again! Mix Master Mike will be performing at select cities on the Bacardi Live Tour, an "innovative performance of today's hottest DJs." According to Mix Master Mike's official site, he will be performing at the following cities on the tour:

    Sept. 13 Lawrence, KS
    Sept. 20 St. Cloud, MN
    Sept. 27 West Lafayette, IN
    Oct. 4 Champaign, IL
    Oct. 11 Columbus, OH
    Oct. 18 College Park, MD
    Oct. 25 State College, PA
    Nov. 1 Morgantown, WV
    Nov. 8 Austin, TX
    Nov. 15 Tallahassee, FL
    Nov. 22 Gainesville, FL

    Boss Yauch

    Photo: Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

    “I don’t know if I’ll always want to make records...I could see doing this [films] for a long time."
    --Adam Yauch

    Read a new interview with Adam Yauch at NYTimes.com.

    All-Yauch Update

    Adam Yauch continues to focus his attention on Oscilloscope Pictures. Yauch is now pimping his b-ball documentary across the pond. Gunnin for That #1 Spot will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival, which takes place in London from October 1-12. In addition to having his film screen at the festival, Yauch will sit on the filmmakers jury and determine the best films of the festival.

    Earlier this summer, Yauch was nominated for the Gucci Group Award -- an award given to an artist who has made a significant contribution to a film in any capacity within the past 18 months, as a director, actor, screenwriter, set designer, or costume designer. Although the award was bestowed to another director (Steve McQueen for Hunger) during the Venice Film Festival, Yauch surely benefited from the nomination -- most likely receiving some sweet Gucci gear and the respect of fellow filmmakers.

    On September 5, Yauch attended the premiere party for the Coen Brothers' new film Burn After Reading, starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, and Brad Pitt, at the Toronto Film Festival [see pic from WireImage.com below]. Presumably, Yauch attended the film festival to scope out possible films for Oscilloscope to distribute and to help promote Oscope Pics' Wendy and Lucy, which screened at the festival.

    To celebrate the North American release of Gunnin' for That #1 Spot on dvd on October 21 [pre-order at Amazon], Yauch will participate in a Q&A at 92YTribeca, a new venue in Manhattan, on October 23. Tickets may be purchased at 92YTribeca's web site for $12.

    Photos: Beastieboys.com and WireImage.com