Sonar Festival Audio

The link I posted a while ago was missing the first few songs, but you can download the entire show here.

Time for Livin'
14th St. Break
Root Down
Pass the Mic
Super Disco Breakin'
Sure Shot
Triple Trouble
Electric Worm
Ricky's Theme
Lighten Up
In 3's
Egg Raid on Mojo
The Maestro
Flute Loop
Brass Monkey
3 MC's and 1 DJ
Groove Holmes
The Gala Event
Tough Guy
Ch-Check It Out
Body Movin'
So What'cha Want
MMM Interlude
Heart Attack Man

Also, there is audio from the gala event the previous night (June 14th) here. Only the first six songs though.

B for My Name
Live at PJ's
Futterman's Rule
Do It
Remote Control
Time for Livin'


10:21 PM djzap said...

thanks so much! could you possibly upload the second mp3 onto a diff host? maybe rapidshare only allows 1 per hour...

4:27 AM Pooty said...

Thank you very much for sharing these downloads with us.

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