"Fight for Your Right Revisited" premieres at Sundance Film Festival

After going "off the map" since his July 2009 announcement of having cancer, Adam Yauch made his return to the showbiz world with the screening of his short film Fight for Your Right Revisited at the Sundance Film Festival last night. Before its premiere, Yauch kept details of the film secret except for the cast list (on IMDb.com)-- even the actors were kept in the dark about the story. Danny McBride, who portrays Yauch in the 20-minute film, told MTV that he didn't know what the film was about despite having a lead role. It's puzzling why Yauch kept the film so secret, especially from Beastie Boys fans, the audience who is most likely to appreciate the film. Yauch's only communication to fans about the film was a posting of a film still at Beastieboys.com in December.

Reviews of the film are mixed. One audience member tweets that the film was "Endless and ultimately pointless cameos in an extremely vapid overlong music vid spoof." Okaaay. The Los Angeles Times provides a weirdly kinder (?) assessment of the film, saying it is so unfunny that it is perhaps funny. What?

New York Magazine tries to be helpful by describing the roles of each character in the film, but doesn't give an opinion on it. Not particularly helpful.

Moviefone offers positive words about the film, saying it is "equal parts hilarious, offensive and really great to listen to." Yay! It's just like the Beastie Boys!

In its review of the film, MTV says "Some scenes crackle with comedic verve, thanks to the talents of some of Hollywood's most reliable improv talents...[while] Other scenes could have benefited from a trim or two in the edit room."

It's unclear if Yauch attended the screening last night. From all accounts, it seems that he did not attend. (The saying goes "If there's no photo, it didn't happen.") Elijah Wood, who portrays Adrock in the film, appeared at the screening and made some comments to the audience. Danny McBride was also seen at the festival, but it's unknown whether he attended the screening.

Money Mark to play shows in spring

Photo by Mic to Mic

Money Mark is confirmed to play the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, which takes place May 26 through 28. Tickets are available at Primaverasound.com. Mark will also be playing with Jack Johnson when he tours Japan in March. Visit Jack Johnson's official web site for details about his tour.

Mix Master Mike stars in commercial

Skullcandy has produced a commercial to promote the DJ headphones Mix Master Mike created for the company. The commercial shows Mix Master Mike doing what he does best.

Money Mark remixes Tom Tom Club

We're not sure how this flew under our radar, but last fall Money Mark created a remix of Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love." The remix was included on a bonus disk with the reissue of Tom Tom Club's Genius of Live, a live compilation album last September.

Tom Tom Club member Chris Frantz told Spinner.com that Mark's remix is the band's favorite one on the bonus disk.

You may legally download "Genius of Love (Money Mark Remix)" from Nacional Records.

Mike D talks to Zane Lowe

Mike Diamond called into the BBC 1's Zane Lowe Show earlier today from his home in California, where he was "about to get ill on a sandwich." Mike told Lowe that Beastie Boys plan to release Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 this spring. Whether the band will tour has not yet been decided. It will be Adam Yauch's decision. Mike also spoke about the band's new video/short film (a "filmeo" as he called it) as well as explained to Lowe how to prepare steel-cut oats.

Listen to streaming audio of the Zane Lowe Show at BBC.co.uk. The interview begins around the 1:14 mark.