Beastie Boys considering Coachella performance has published an interview with Adam Yauch that centers on Oscilloscope's new DVD club but slightly touches on the Beastie Boys' future plans. Asked about the new album and tour dates, Yauch responds that the band are "in the process of figuring that out now." Yauch admits that the band have been discussing performing at the Coachella Music Festival in 2010.

Beastie Boys earn Grammy nomination for "Too Many Rappers"

The Recording Academy announced the nominations for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards tonight. Beastie Boys are nominated in the category Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group for "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas. Other nominees in this category are Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent; Fabolous and Jay-Z; Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Common; and Kanye West and Young Jeezy. The award ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on January 31.

Hip Hop 101 with Dante Ross

In this video, Dante Ross provides a short history of the Beastie Boys, describing the band before they became "the super-positive, politically correct Beasties" of today. Fans will be touched by Ross' kind wishes for Adam Yauch and appreciate his unique story-telling ability.

Listen to Beastie Boys remix of Norah Jones

"That's What I Said (The NYC Remix by Adrock and Mike D)" by Norah Jones is streaming at RCRD LBL beginning today. The remix will be available to purchase digitally and on vinyl on January 12.

Have a listen:

Three is a magic number

Here's something to be thankful for: Amazon has a three-for-free mp3 offer, which is good through November 30. Use THIS LINK and follow the instructions to get three mp3s for free. Although you can use the offer to get any artist's music in Amazon's mp3 library, you might want to first review the Beastie Boys mp3 catalogue HERE to determine if you're missing anything. Perhaps The Mix-Up bonus tracks? Perhaps some of the special tracks on the remastered albums? Or maybe one of Adrock's remixes? And don't forget to review Mix Master Mike's and Money Mark's catalogue.

The mp3 offer is good only for U.S. residents. The link above is not unique, so feel free to pass it on to friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Beastie Boys album set for release

My friend at Capital Records has confirmed that Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1 is back on the label's schedule and will be released within the first three months of 2010. An exact street date will be announced soon.

Until a new release date was in the works, I didn't want to read, or refer others to read, any of the press or reviews that came out of the Beastie Boys' European press tour in June 2009, as I felt it would be a mean tease to read about an album that had an uncertain future. Now that the album is definitely back on track for release, I'll return to regularly posting updates and information on the album.

All about the kids

Beastie Boys have contributed a signed photo to the Rock for Kids Charity Auction. Rock for Kids is a non-profit organization that provides free music education to underprivileged kids and teens.

The photo will be auctioned off on December 4. Interested buyers may bid online at the Rock for Kids web site.

Beastie Boy turns DJ for a night

Adam Horovitz will be DJing at the Tony Clifton and Vaginal Davis concert at Santos Party House in New York City next Monday (November 16). Horovitz will share DJ duties with wife Kathleen Hanna and Gibby Haines (Butthole Surfers). Tickets to this 18+ show cost $20 and may be purchased online at Ticketweb.

Presumably, Horovitz and Hanna were invited to DJ at Clifton's and Davis' concert when the couple attended a benefit party recently at NYC gallery Participant Inc., where Davis exhibited artwork and Clifton provided the entertainment.

Beastie Boys remix Norah Jones

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, singer Norah Jones revealed that the Beastie Boys have completed a remix of a song on her new album, titled The Fall.

Norah Jones and the Beastie Boys? "We decided to have people I admire do some remixes," she explained.

The title of the Beastie Boys remix and the format in which it will be released are unknown. Details about the remix should surface closer to Jones' album release date of November 17.

Beastie Boys attend NYC film events

Photo by Michael Loccisano

We know what you're thinking. No, Adam Horovitz has not begun a new career as a golf caddy. And, yes, he is wearing argyle socks.

Horovitz rocked this look when he attended a screening of Schmatta, an HBO documentary about New York's garment district, at the HBO Theater in New York City on October 12. Horovitz' former brother-in-law, Donovan Leitch, was a consulting producer for the film.

See additional photos of Horovitz at the screening HERE.

Photo by Jemal Countess

Horovitz, again with hat, met up with Mike Diamond the next night to attend a party celebrating the NYC premiere of Spike Jonze's film Where the Wild Things Are at the Museum of Modern Art. Although we've heard reports that Adam Yauch also attended the party, we haven't seen any photographic evidence that he was in the company of his bandmates.

Photos of Horovitz and Diamond at the Where the Wild Things Are party are located HERE and HERE.

Follow Mix Master Mike on Twitter

Mix Master Mike has jumped aboard the tweeting train. Fans may now follow the Beastie Boys' resident DJ on Twitter at

According to a recent tweet, Mix Master Mike has just completed work on a new album, titled Napalm Rockets. We assume that it is the mix CD that he talked about in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun earlier this fall. He also has a new EP titled Plasma Rifle coming out soon. It will be packaged with his Skullcandy headphones design.

Hear rough version of new Beastie Boys song

"Pop Your Balloon"

Follow the link above to listen to the Beastie Boys' new song "Pop Your Balloon," which is featured on the NBA Live 10 video game.

This is only a rough version of the song ripped from the game and not the final version as it will appear on Hot Sauce Committee. According to Adam Yauch, the band changed the song after recording "Too Many Rappers."

Update from Adam Yauch

For everyone who has been anxious for another update on how Adam Yauch is doing, this was sent out in an e-mail today by the man himself. Good news! He's healthy, happy, and smiling!
hey all,

so i just got back from dharamsala, india. went over there to see some tibetan doctors, but as it worked out, the Dalai Lama was giving a 3 day teaching, so i was able to attend that as well.

i'm feeling healthy, strong and hopeful that i've beaten this thing, but of course time will tell. i'm taking tibetan medicine and at the recommendation of the tibetan doctors i've been eating a vegan/organic diet, which surprisingly enough was harder to do in india than it is now that i'm back home. here i can just shop for the right food and cook... a lot easier than depending on restaurants.

when i was in india i visited an ani gompa (a nunnery) called jamyang choling. they did a puja (religious ceremony) for me to help me get well. one nun said to me "we do prayers and then you are better." so i've got that going for me, which is nice.

i will put a link to their web site (below) but it doesn't do justice to how amazing it is to actually go there and hang out with them. i sponsor a few nuns at jamyang choling. there are about 125 nuns there now and more keep joining. when i first met them i think there were only 13 and they were living in some abandoned cow sheds. then they bought some land with some donations, and with more donations they started building rooms for housing, classrooms, a prayer hall, 2 stoopas..... they now live on a beautiful complex in this incredibly lush, peaceful patch of land in lower dharamsala. cows walking around, birds singing, they are growing mangoes and bananas, and they have a whole garden where they grow herbs and vegetables.

i asked how many nuns still need sponsorship. they said 50. it's about $350 a year to sponsor a nun if you are interested.

we have not set a new release date for the record yet, but i'm hoping it'll be in the first half of next year. looking forward to that, but in the meantime, i'm just enjoying a little downtime in massachusetts, taking walks in the woods and hanging out with the family.... still doing a little work related to oscilloscope, watching screeners and attending some screenings, but for the most part, just laying low.

if you are interested i'll send out some little updates every now and then on the oscilloscope twitter account.

thanks again for all of the well wishes and prayers, and the letters were great too, brought a smile to my face reading them.

talk to you soon,

Yo, what's happenin'?

There has been a lull in updates at Mic to Mic due to the Beastie Boys inactivity. All we can give readers today is an update about what the individual band members have been up to lately.

Adam Horovitz has been devoting his time to shared activities with his wife, Kathleen Hanna. They are both blogging (HIS and HERS) and have been spotted attending local NYC events together. This week, Horovitz made a spectacle of himself at the "Our Hit Parade" show at Joe's Pub, where he shared a front-of-stage table with Kathleen. According to one audience member, Horovitz kanyed the show, grabbing the mic from the performers to address the audience. We're awaiting video of Horovitz' shenanigans.

Horovitz was also spotted at the recent Passion Pit/Phoenix concert in Central Park. We hear he was a dancin' fool. His other activities of late have been walking his dog and playing softball.

Like Horovitz, Mike Diamond has been focusing on the family. He spent the summer with his wife Tamra Davis and their children in Malibu, where Mike was spotted surfing on a regular basis. Mike continues to support Tamra's internet cooking show, appearing more prominently in it than he has in past. (See the latest episode HERE.)

Next week Mike will be involved with "Magic, Martinis, and Mario," a fund-raising event for the Mario Batali Foundation at Del Posto in NYC. We're not exactly sure what he's doing other than attending, but his name has been bandied about in publicity for the event. Tickets for the fund-raiser are available HERE.

The person every fan wants to hear about is, of course, Adam Yauch. Although there haven't been any new updates on his health (No news is good news, right?), there have been sightings of him out and about in NYC. As all of the sightings have been at food joints, we believe the sightings to be factual. Yes, the news we have on Yauch is he's eating.

Mix Master Mike is still touring non-stop. The newest date added to his performance schedule is at Rok Vegas on October 3 (that's today!) in Las Vegas, which is an afterparty show for the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth expo. Last month Mix Master Mike promised big things for fans in October, including his Skullcandy earphones design, a new album, and a new web site. His old web site has already been removed, and an announcement of the new site is in place. Keep yours ears and eyes open for announcements from Mix Master Mike.

Money Mark has stayed busy by collaborating with other artists and blogging on Tumblr, where he has been sharing photos and stories about his world travels and musical friends. Mark has a upcoming release to note. "Robo Dancing," a song he wrote for an appearance on the children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", is on a compilation album titled Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome. The album will be released on October 20.

Adam Horovitz and Kathleen Hanna are guests on WFMU radio

Adam Horovitz and Kathleen Hanna were guests on WFMU 91.1 FM's "Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili" show this week. You may listen to a recording of the show HERE.

Horovitz and Hanna opened the show by singing a jingle for the show and chatted with Keili about the MTV VMAs, the Beastie Boys success, youth empowerment, and other things throughout the 3-hour show.

Adam Yauch featured in awareness calendar

Each year the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) publishes a calendar that shows celebrities and individuals with Down syndrome sharing a passion. The organization's goal is to show that people with Down syndrome have passions, hobbies, and interests like anyone else. For its 2010 calendar, the DSACT recruited Adam Yauch to participate.

The DSACT will unveil the photos that appear in the calendar at a gala event this Saturday, September 19, from 5-9 pm at the Rough Hollow Yacht Club in Lakeway, Texas. The event is free and open to the public.

The calendar costs $12 and is available for pre-order at The organization will begin mailing calendars next week.

The DSACT tells us that, for Yauch's calendar page, he and his friend Lance share their passion of the outdoors.

New music from Money Mark and friends

Beastie Boys fans will have to wait a bit longer to hear Hot Sauce Committee, but there is no wait to hear new music from Money Mark.

Last winter, Mark and his friends Shawn Lee and Tommy Guerrero spent two weeks jamming and recording in Mark's L.A. studio. The results of their sessions can be heard on their self-titled release Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls.

One song from Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls, titled "Astro Blue," may be downloaded at (courtesy of the artists' label, Ubiquity Records). Additional songs from the album may be heard at Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls' Myspace page.

The album, which is out today, is available to purchase at Amazon, iTunes, and other fine music merchants.

New Mix Master Mike album out soon

Mix Master Mike talks about his new album in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun. The album, titled Plasma Rifle, will be available next month, packaged with the DJ headphones that he designed for Skullcandy.

Mix Master Mike describes the new album as "instrumental, break bass, hip-hop, dubstep, scratch music. It's aggressive, it's a sound assault in terms of weaponry--take a bazooka launcher."

In the interview, Mix Master Mike reveals that, in addition to the new album and headphones design, he has a new mix CD, web site, and iPhone application coming out this fall.

In a second interview with the Sun, Mix Master Mike says that he hopes to be touring again with the Beastie Boys as early as December. "It just depends on my man's recovery," he says, referring to Adam Yauch.

Mix Master Mike will be performing at Blush Nightclub in Las Vegas this Sunday (Sept. 6).

New Beastie Boys song on NBA Live 10

With the release date of Hot Sauce Committee still in question, the next chance to hear a song from the Beastie Boys' new album may come with a video game. One of the songs on Hot Sauce Committee, titled "Pop Your Balloon," is used in EA Sports' NBA Live 10. The game, which will be released on October 6 in Playstation 3, PSP, or Xbox 360 formats, is available to pre-order now. EA Sports is offering a free NBA Live 10 soundtrack with a reservation of the game. The bonus soundtrack is available if you reserve through the EA Sports online shop or from Gamestop (online and in-store).

View the full tracklist for the bonus soundtrack HERE.

Update: Due to licensing issues, the bonus soundtrack was downgraded to a sampler with 13 songs. The Beastie Boys song is NOT on the bonus CD.

Hello Nasty Remastered Edition now available as digital download

The Hello Nasty Remastered Edition digital album is now available to download at Amazon almost a full month in advance of the scheduled release date of September 22.

The remastered edition includes 10 new songs and several skits. The titles of the new songs are "Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious," "The Biz Grasshopper Experiment," "Creepin'," "Dirty Dog," "The Drone," "Learning Remote Control," "Piano Jam," "Stink Bug," "Switched On,"and "20 Questions Version."

All of the new songs, with the exception of "The Biz Grasshopper Experiment," are instrumentals. "Learning Remote Control" is not really a song nor a skit. It's literally what the title says--the band learning to play "Remote Control."

A cursory listen reveals that some of the songs on the remastered edition have different lyrics and vocalizations than on the original album.

Update: The album is no longer available to download. Apparently, Amazon made a mistake posting the files. At one point, the Amazon listing said the digital album had a revised release date of August 25. Now it's back to being available on September 22.



This video interview was filmed in June when the Beastie Boys received the Street Icon Award at the MTV Japan Awards in Tokyo. It includes some talk about food (of course) and a brief comment about Hot Sauce Committee.

"What kind of album is it?" the interviewer asks.
"The really good kind," replies Adam Horovitz.

Money Mark's robot friends

Three emcees or three robots...Money Mark performs well with others.

For a behind-the-scenes look at Money Mark's appearance on the live-action children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", watch THIS VIDEO.

Adam Yauch updates fans on his health

It's his birthday, but fans received the present -- of good news.

Adam Yauch has updated fans of his health status in an official fan e-newsletter. He writes:
i'm about a week and a half out of surgery now and rapidly recovering from it [...] my neck and jaw are still pretty stiff from the surgery, but it gets better everyday. had the stitches out this past monday... so things are moving along [...] the next line of treatment will be radiation. that involves blasting you with some kind of beam for a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. that will start in a few weeks.
In the email, Yauch also acknowledged the tributes by artists at All Points West and thanked fans for sending positive thoughts his way.

Happy Birthday Adam!

Beastie Boys nominated for MTV Video Award

Beastie Boys have been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the unusual category of "Best Video (That Should Have Won a Moonman)" for their video of "Sabotage" (which should have won in 1994). U2, Radiohead, and Bjork, among others, are nominated in the same category.

The award will be given based on viewer votes. You can vote for the Beastie Boys HERE (registration required). Voting is open until September 13.

Beastie Boys don't like hippies

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, French entertainment site asked the Beastie Boys and several other artists their opinion on the legendary music festival. Instead of discussing anything about the festival, Beastie Boys (sans Adam Yauch) chose to discuss their feelings on hippies, define what a hippie is, and decide if Mike D is a hippie or not.

For those who don't understand French: Adam Horovitz' response at the end of the video is to the question, "Would you being willing to participate in a new Woodstock festival?"

Free Mix Master Mike show in Chicago

Here's some good news for Beastie Boys fans who are attending Lollapalooza. Mix Master Mike will be performing at Belmont Army, a vintage clothes store in Chicago, on August 6 from 6-8 pm. This is a Lollapalooza FREE show, sponsored by Adidas.

Update: According to the schedule at his management's site, MMM will also be playing the RiNo in Chicago on August 6 and the Manor, also in Chicago, on August 7. Both places are "guest list nightclubs"--not really the kind of place the average MMM/Beastie Boys fan would want or could even get into.

Three, two, one: Instrumental version of 'Too Many Rappers'

"Too Many Rappers (Instrumental Version)"

You've heard the full song and the a cappella. Now listen to the instrumental version of "Too Many Rappers," which is on the 12" vinyl single.

Thanks to Mike for ripping the audio from vinyl.

Rumor: Adrock and Mike D to appear at All Points West

Word on the street is Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond will be making an appearance at All Points West before Jay-Z's set on Friday night. At this point, we cannot substantiate this rumor with any facts. It is, however, in line with their personalities to want to address the audience and say something about Yauch and their having to back out of the festival.

Adam Yauch feature in the Financial Times

Photo by Jonathan Alcorn

Adam Yauch is the subject of a new feature article in the Financial Times. The article focuses on his work with Oscilloscope Pictures. The interview was conducted before he learned of his illness.

Related to the article is a blog post by photographer Jonathan Alcorn, who photographed Yauch for the Financial Times article.

One for the history books: Lyrics to 'Too Many Rappers'

The a cappella of "Too Many Rappers," which is included on the 12" single, greatly aided the crew's transcription of the song lyrics. Listen along to the audio HERE and let us know if we got it right or wrong.

Too Many Rappers

Mic check, mic check

One, two, three
Too many rappers and there's still not enough emcees
It goes three, two, one
MCA, Adrock, Mike D, that's how we get it done
Like ladies and gents, attention
Nas in the house with Beastie Boys
We can turn it out
Perpetrators, we can point 'em out
So if you got something on your mind, let it out

Yo! I've been in the game since before you was born
I might still be emceeing even after you're gone
Strange start, I know, but my skills still grow
The 80s, the 90s, 2000s, and so
On and on until the crack of dawn
Until the year 3000 and beyond
Stay up all night, I emcee
And never die 'cause death is the cousin of sleep

Because I'm back with a bang, boogie oogie oogie
Strawberry Letter 23 like Shuggie
Oh my god, just look at me
Grandpa been rappin' since '83
I'm supersonic like J.J. Fad
Crazy-ass shit pullin' out the bag
Don't forget the tartar sauce, yo! 'cause it's sad
All these crab rappers, they're rapping like crabs

I have carte blanche, the vagabond
Nas is the narcissist
My pockets are rotund
I'm no killer
But compared to you, I'm more realer
You ain't a shotta mobster or a drug dealer
A slug peeler, you're not
Mafioso, no
You ain't got the cut-throat in ya, beginner
I ain't tryin' to hear your racket
You work a police dog, you snitch, you rat
You wear that jacket

How many rappers must get dissed?
Gimme eight bars and watch me blast this
I'll start to reminisce when I miss
The real hip hop with which I persist
Like rum in mojitos
Bullets and banditos
Matzo balls in soup
Jackets and troop
Yes, y'all! This is one is for the history books
Nasty Nas, what's the word?
Count it off in the hook

One, two, three
Too many rappers and there's still not enough emcees
It goes three, two, one
MCA, Adrock, Mike D, that's how we get it done
Like ladies and gents, attention
Nas in the house with Beastie Boys
We can turn it out
Perpetrators, we can point 'em out
So if you got something on your mind, let it out

'Cause this the type of lyric that goes inside your brain
To blow you bullshit rappers straight out the frame
My lyrics spin 'round like a hurricane twister
So get your hologram on off of Wolf Blitzer
Too many rappers to shake a stick at
I ought to charge a tax for every weak rap I had to listen to
'Cause we've been makin' stacks like Stax Records
My squad, we got a pack
We never coming wack

To all you crab rappers, and hackers, and circuit-benders
Tweaked on Splenda
I take the cake, I stole the mould
The golden microphone, well that's mine to hold
And why all these biters all up in my crotchspace
Sniffin', buffin', huffin'
And mean muggin' with the Blimpie Bluffin
Back up off me, suckers! You ain't sayin' nothin'!

I broader than Broadway
I was the project hallway
Dual tape recorder
Lacing oratorials all day
I'm just gettin' started on this beat, this is foreplay
And when the song's finished, I can sing along with this
By the way, I have a strong fetish for Christian Louboutin steppers
I hear Russian blondes the wettest
But anyway I better pay homage to my fellas
And that's what's on my mind
And the rhyme, who's next up?

Mike D, the man of mystery
History in the making and now we're taking
Titles, awards, and accolades
Scare the competition as I sharpen my blades
We come together like peanut butter and sandwiches
Like pen and paper, like Picasso and canvases
Rockin' stadiums to shitty bars
Go back in time, send a fax from my car

One, two, three
Too many rappers and there's still not enough emcees
It goes three, two, one
MCA, Adrock, Mike D, that's how we get it done
Like ladies and gents, attention
Nas in the house with Beastie Boys
We can turn it out
Perpetrators, we can point 'em out
So if you got something on your mind, let it out

Keeping Adam Yauch in Our Thoughts

Photo by Ari Marcopoulos, from Pass the Mic: Beastie Boys 1991-1996

Adam Yauch will be undergoing surgery today to remove a cancerous growth. Let's all think about him and send positive, healing vibes his way. Here's some Best of Yauch for y'all to enjoy.
  1. Yauch, the prank mastermind [video]
  2. Yauch, fashion icon [photo]
    From Oh Snap! The Rap Photography of Ricky Powell
  3. If Yauch were a chicken... [mp3]
    From "Gratitude (Live at Budokan)" on Check Your Head (remastered edition)
  4. Yauch, the actor who can't keep a straight face [video]
    A scene from A Day in the Life of Nathanial Hörnblowér, directed by Adam Yauch
  5. Yauch, martial arts enthusiast [video]

Photo by Ricky Powell, from Oh Snap! The Rap Photography of Ricky Powell
  1. Yauch performs "The Update" live for the first time [video]
  2. Fun with fruit [photo]
    Photo taken during the Pageant Tour, published at
  3. Leader of goofy routines: "Bong-bong!" [mp3]
    From Live at Heineken Open'er Festival, June 30, 2007
  4. Dad and birthday boy [photo]
  5. Yauch as Bill Swenson, the Money Man [video]
    "Money makes you feel good."

  1. Yauch, the dog lover [video]
  2. Bunny slippers! [photo]
    From the "Body Movin'" video
  3. Yauch comments on who Beastie Boys fans are [mp3]
    From an interview with NPR Fresh Air, March 29, 2006
  4. Yauch in Oscilloscope Laboratories [photo]
  5. Buddhist buddies [photo]
    Yauch and the Dalai Lama

Photo by Ari Marcopoulos, originally published at
  1. Solo rapper [mp3]
    "Drum Machine," MCA and Burzootie
  2. Big-time movie director on the red carpet, with unidentified companions [photo]
  3. Emotive actor [photo]
    From the "Ch-Check It Out" video
  4. Yauch skateboards inside G-Son [video]
    From Rappin with the Rickster TV show
  5. Yauch with his "baby" [photo]
    From Oh Snap! The Rap Photography of Ricky Powell

Photo by Ricky Powell

Beastie Boys "Too Many Rappers" released

Photo by Xavier (via Twitpic)

Today is the official release date of the new Beastie Boys single "Too Many Rappers" featuring Nas. An mp3 of the song is available to purchase and download at and iTunes. You can listen to a full stream of the song HERE.

Yay, nay, or what the hay? Share what you think of the new single in the comments.

Beastie Boys to reschedule album release and tour

Beastie Boys will be delaying the release of their forthcoming album and canceling all their upcoming performance dates due to Adam Yauch having a health issue, which he explains in the above video. On behalf of the fan community, we wish Yauch a speedy recovery and good health.

Possible Beastie Boys concert dates

Several concert dates for the Beastie Boys are now posted at Treat these dates as rumors until confirmed by an official source.

Sept 19 Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA (on sale 7/25)
Sept 20 Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA (on sale 7/25)
Sept 27 Red Rocks - Morrison, CO (on sale 7/18)*
Oct 8 Bayfront Park Amphitheater - Miami, FL

*Listing removed from

First peek at "Too Many Rappers" video

It seems that Beastie Boys and Nas have made a video for "Too Many Rappers." The what, where, and when behind the video is a mystery. The above still is from the listing of the "Too Many Rappers" mp3 download at

Beastie Boys add another festival performance

Beastie Boys will be headlining the San Diego Street Scene Festival, which takes place August 28 and 29. Tickets are available HERE. This festival announcement explains the mysterious booked date of August 29 on Mix Master Mike's schedule.

Beastie Boys 2009 tour plans


An update of Mix Master Mike's tour schedule reveals some clues about what the Beastie Boys 2009 tour plans will be. Clearly, the month of September has been reserved for the Beastie Boys tour of North America.

Most interesting is the booking on August 29, the day before the Beastie Boys will play the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco. A betting person would put money on the Beastie Boys playing a club show in San Francisco or Los Angeles on August 29.

What the band will be doing in October is unknown--perhaps more shows in North America. In November, Beastie Boys will travel to Europe. Adam Horovitz confirmed the European tour plans when the Beastie Boys were doing a press tour in England, Germany, and France recently.

First single from Beastie Boys 'Hot Sauce Committee'

Beastie Boys with Nas at Bonnaroo. Photo by actenille (via Flickr)

According to a music distributor source, the first single from the Beastie Boys new album Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1 will be "Too Many Rappers," featuring Nas. It will be a limited 12-inch vinyl single, available on July 21 from indie music stores only.

Beastie Boys on the Zane Lowe Show

For everyone who missed the Beastie Boys on the Zane Lowe Show, download audio of the show and feel included:
Zane Lowe Show with the Beastie Boys (17 MB zip file)
Thanks to Rodney for supplying the audio!

Behold, the new album cover!

See fan. See shizzle. See shizzle hit fan.

The Mic to Mic staff are all otherwise engaged today, so I'll make this short and simple.

Hey, ya! Beastie Boys are playing a club show in Chicago on August 6. Crazily, the show is ON SALE NOW. See the official e-newsletter, which I know y'all get, for the purchase code and ticket link.

Remember to tune in to the Zane Lowe show on BBC Radio 1 today at 2 p.m. ET to hear the Beastie Boys play some new songs from Hot Sauce Committee. Zane Lowe tweeted that the band will be playing two new songs. Let's hope it's something other than "B Boys in the Cut" and "Lee Majors Come Again."

Cigar to the first person who sends us an audio rip of the radio show to share with those fans who cannot tune in real-time to hear it!

Also included in the official e-newsletter is the tracklisting for Hot Sauce Committee, which will have a release date of September 15.

1. Tadlock's Glasses
2. B-Boys In The Cut
3. Make Some Noise
4. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
5. OK
6. Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)
7. Say It
8. The Bill Harper Collection
9. Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)
10. Long Burn The Fire
11. Bundt Cake
12. Funky Donkey
13. Lee Majors Come Again
14. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
15. Pop Your Balloon
16. Crazy Ass Shit
17. Here's A Little Something For Ya

Beastie Boys face Triumph

According to the Beastie Boys Facebook page, an interview between Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Beastie Boys will air on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien this evening (6/19). We keed not.

Ask Beastie Boys questions for Q magazine

The Beastie Boys are our next act to undergo a grilling from Q readers.

Submit your questions for them to us in the comments ...or tweet them to us @QMagazine, (hash tag #QCash for those who know what that means) and check the next issue of Q Magazine to see which ones they answer...

Free Money Mark show in Long Beach

Money Mark will be doing a free show in Long Beach, California, on June 28. The performance is part of the Downtown Long Beach Summer Music Series. The show will take place at Pine Avenue & Broadway, beginning at 7 p.m.

Beastie Boys perform "Too Many Rappers" with Nas at Bonnaroo

Beastie Boys at Bonnaroo 2009

Beastie Boys perform with Nas at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Photo by Ryan Murphy via TwitPic.

MMM Intro
Time for Livin' [VIDEO]
Super Disco Breakin'
Shake Your Rump
Egg Raid on Mojo [VIDEO]
Body Movin'
Pass the Mic [VIDEO]
Root Down
Too Many Rappers (a new song with Nas from the forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee) [VIDEO, Part 1, VIDEO, Part 2 // ALTERNATE VIDEO // AND ANOTHER // AND YET ANOTHER]
Ricky's Theme
Something's Got to Give
Tough Guy
Remote Control
MMM Interlude [VIDEO]
Intergalactic [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
3 MCs & 1 DJ
Country Mike / Heart Attack Man

Roman Coppola filmed the Beastie Boys set, with Adam Yauch providing direction.


  • Beastie Boys introduce a special guest at Bonnaroo
  • The Beastie Boys Roar Onstage at Bonnaroo

    *Big thanks to Paul B for the real-time setlist information!
  • Beastie Boys at the Orange Peel

    This nine minute video captures the first four songs performed at the show in Asheville, North Carolina.

    The Biz vs The Nuge
    Time for Livin'
    Remote Control [VIDEO]
    Root Down [VIDEO]
    Sure Shot [VIDEO]
    Super Disco Breakin'
    Posse in Effect [VIDEO]
    Shake Your Rump
    Electric Worm
    Lee Majors Come Again
    Transit Cop
    Body Movin'
    B Boys in the Cut
    Do It (with Biz Markie) [VIDEO]
    Pass the Mic
    So What'cha Want
    Ricky's Theme
    Lighten Up
    Egg Raid on Mojo
    Tough Guy
    Benny and the Jets (with a shirtless Biz Markie) [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO // and ANOTHER]
    Mix Master Mike solo [VIDEO]
    3 MC's & 1 DJ [VIDEO]
    Country Mike / Heart Attack Man
    Mark on the Bus (Not on the setlist. It was a request by Mike D.)

    There's a video montage with Time for Livin', Remote Control, Root Down, Sure Shot, Body Movin', Posse in Effect, Shake Your Rump, Gratitude, Sabrosa, So What'cha Want, Intergalactic, and Sabotage. Fast-forward to 6:30 to see Adam Horovitz' dance moves.


    Beastie Boys at Rams Head

    Click photo above to see a photoset of my pics from the Rams Head concert.

    Setlist (see earlier post)

  • Baltimore Sun: Last night's Beastie Boys show at Rams Head Live (review)
  • Baltimore Sun: Biz Markie: Awesomely bad (review)


  • Two short video clips of "Shake Your Rump" and "Alright Hear This"
  • Several cameraphone video clips
  • Sabotage
  • Country Mike sings "Heart Attack Man"
  • Photo of Beastie Boys at Rams Head

    Mike and Yauch tease Mix Master Mike

    Photo of Country Mike in Baltimore

    Country Mike sings Heart Attack Man

    Beastie Boys live at Rams Head setlist

    Root Down
    Skills to Pay the Bills
    Sure Shot
    Alright Hear This
    No Sleep til Brooklyn
    Shake Your Rump
    Egg Raid on Mojo
    Big vs Nuge (with Biz)
    Time for Living
    B for My Name
    Lee Majors Come Again (sounded exactly like recording)
    Remote Control
    Body Movin
    B Boys in the Cut (MMM provided soul groove beats)
    Flute Loop
    Pass the Mic
    Right Right Now Now
    Check It Out
    Ricky's Theme
    Lighten Up
    Off the Grid
    Something's Got to Give
    Benny & the Jets (Biz singing with Yauch, Mike, & Fredo playing song)
    Tough Guy
    So Whatcha Want
    Heart Attack Man (performed first by Country Mike on acoustic guitar then by the Beastie Boys)
    3 MC's & 1 DJ

    Photos & more info to come.

    Hello from Baltimore

    If the soundcheck is any indicator, the show tonight in Baltimore will be a Beastie geek one. I've heard them soundcheck B for My Name, Off the Grid, Lighten Up, Something's Got to Give, Sabrosa, and Electric Worm -- plus some songs I do not recogize.

    Yauch was playing some Black Sabbath too.

    Pre-Bonnaroo Quickies

    Beastie Boys have announced two quickie warm-up shows before they play the Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 12. Tickets for both shows go on sale tomorrow (June 4) at 4 pm ET:

    June 9 - Rams Head, Baltimore, MD // Tickets
    June 10 - Orange Peel, Asheville, NC // Tickets

    There is a two ticket limit per show. All tickets are will call and not transferrable.

    Follow the keyboardist

    We told you months ago that Money Mark has a Twitter account. Are you following him? You should be, because the keyboardist knows secrets.

    The Young and Skinny Joke Band

    Beastie Boys at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, 1984
    You started out as a big fat joke band, right?

    Kate Schellenbach: Yeah, a big fat joke band.

    Michael Diamond: We still are except now we lost weight, so we're a skinny joke band.
    9th Beastie, my colleague and pal, recently acquired a 1984 punk fanzine with an interview with the Beastie Boys. The band -- then comprised of Adam Yauch, Michael Diamond, Kate Schellenbach, and a young man calling himself Adam O'Keefe -- share what they had for breakfast that day, their plans for the future, the names of their favorite clubs, what they got for Christmas (Mike: I got a lot of Mr. T things for Christmas. Mr. T was big under the Christmas tree this year.), and other very important things. This material is what we refer to as "classic Beastie Boys."

    Click to read. Use the "All Sizes" link above the images at Flickr to see larger images.

    Punk 'zine 1984 - Cover Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 1

    Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 2 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 3

    Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 4 Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 5

    Punk 'zine 1984 - Page 6

    Beastie Boys perform "So What'cha Want" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


    The full episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with the Beastie Boys interview and performance is available to watch HERE at

    Beastie Boys on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" spoiler

    So yeah. Beastie Boys are on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" tonight. Crazy me, I decided to try for a standby ticket for the show, which is not something I would recommend any sane person do because it requires enduring a lot of BS. I am happy to report that the "Luck o' the Beastie" was with me. After grueling hours of lines and check-ins at 30 Rockefeller Center, I made it into Studio 6B.

    Here's a run-down of the pertinent parts of the show:
    • After his monologue, Fallon tells a story about his first Beastie Boys concert and meeting Yauch. It's actually a good story. I won't tell the story. You'll have to listen to Fallon tell it. From his story, Fallon shows that he is as much as a Beastie Boys geek as I am or anyone who reads this site. He later tells the Beastie Boys that they are his favorite band ever.
    • Beastie Boys enter the studio and mess with the seat cushions. Mike the Communicator, of course, takes the seat closest to Fallon. The Adams are relegated together on a sofa. Horovitz comments on Fallon's nice water cups. Horovitz hassles Fallon about having a laptop on his desk.
    • Fallon asks them about their new album. Mike responds by telling an elaborate (and false) story about recording multiple new albums on Paul Allen's yacht, as well as a submarine. Heard that one before? Yauch and Horovitz play along with the yacht gag by adding their two bits.
    • Fallon asks them to reveal the new album's title. Beastie Boys confirm that the album is, as they announced in their fan newsletter sent out earlier today, Hot Sauce Committee. Ta-da! Unfortunately, Fallon loses his concentration and forgets to ask anything more about the new album, except when it will be released. They reply, "In September" with some shtick.
    • Fallon pulls out the Check Your Head vinyl collector's set and asks about the bonus single. Horovitz points out that he included a special bonus single in Fallon's gift set -- an autographed one of a disco single. They explain that the non-"Lee Majors Come Again/B Boys in the Cut" singles that have been found in some of the CYH collector's set came from their personal collection.
    • Fallon asks them if they would be willing to perform a song from Check Your Head. The audience screams, and the Beastie Boys oblige with a performance of "So What'cha Want," backed by The Roots.
    • Beastie Boys exit the stage to The Roots playing "Paul Revere."
    The end.

    Maybe I forgot a thing or two, but I got up dang early for that standby ticket. Watch the show. It's on at 12:30 or some other time, depending upon where you live.

    P.S. David Cook reminds me of that guy from Creed.

    P.S.S. Fallon posted a pic of the Beastie Boys rehearsing with The Roots:

    Take a look around you, and a look at these lyrics

    Yauch said what?

    We listened, we discussed, we disagreed, we agreed, we guessed. Transcribing the lyrics for "Lee Majors Come Again" has been a challenge for the team. Take a look at what we came up with HERE at If you have any corrections or suggested changes to the lyrics, email them to staff @ or post them in the comments.

    Expect new Beastie Boys album and tour this fall


    Mix Master Mike's tour schedule is evidence that Beastie Boys will not be releasing their new album and touring until this fall. August [Update: now confirmed to be September] seems the likely month that fans can expect some new music and tour action. In the meantime, fans will have to be happy with the two new tracks and the announced festival performances, which are sure to be "greatest hits" sets. Beastie Boys have stated in the past that they don't like to play new songs for festival audiences because they're generally not accepted well.

    From all accounts we've heard, the new Beastie Boys album is completed and has been completed for some time. A listening session with some label reps happened at the end of January. The report we heard was that "All three sound great -- especially Adrock." Another source who has heard some of the album told us that it sounds very Check Your Headish. Chomp on that.

    Adam Horovitz on Soft Focus

    Watch a four-part interview with Adam Horovitz (part 1 above) on Soft Focus at

    Found in Spike's shoebox

    Photo by Spike Jonze

    Spike Jonze and some of his film-making pals have created a collaborative blog titled We Love You So. In an entry posted this week, Jonze shares some out-take photos from video shoots of "Ricky's Theme" and "Sabotage," as well as some candid photos of the Beastie Boys. See the photos HERE.

    Complete control: Beastie Boys influence Spike Jonze

    Beastie Boys on the "Ricky's Theme" video shoot. Photo by Spike Jonze.

    In the special 100th issue of Juxtapoz magazine, filmmaker and Beastie Boys friend Spike Jonze is interviewed about the people who have influenced and shaped his aesthetic. Speaking of the Beastie Boys, Jonze credits them for influencing how he operates Girl, his skateboard company:
    When Girl started I was doing a lot of stuff with the Beastie Boys. We'd begun to make videos and we started Grand Royal magazine, and Mike Diamond was definitely an influence. His whole thing is to do it yourself, own it yourself, control it, don't listen to anybody from anywhere else other than what you want to do. After their first record, they never let anybody get involved in anything they did. No one from outside the three of them had any control whatsoever on the music, art, video, or tour, and when the records came out, they did it all themselves. They bought their own studio and took as long as it would take to make the records and put them out when they were ready. I think that was a big influence for Girl.
    Also in the special issue are interviews with photographer Glen E. Friedman and artist Raymond Pettibon (interviewed by Mike Watt), whom Money Mark is currently working with on a musical project.

    Just imagine the 42nd Street C train bathroom: Lyrics to 'B Boys in the Cut'

    Figuring out a Beastie Boys lyric requires knowing a thing or two about the band. There are rules. The first rule is they never rap outside their field of knowledge or area of interest (e.g., arcade and video games, television shows, movies, animals). The second rule is they follow the traditional rules of hip-hop music-making (e.g., acknowledge the old school, boast about themselves, voice their beefs). The third rule is no rhyme is too ridiculous or stupid for them to use.

    So, with those rules in mind, the team have been deciphering the lyrics to the two new songs, "B Boys in the Cut" and "Lee Majors Come Around."

    We're still debating "Lee Majors Come Around" (in particular, Yauch's first verse and Mike's third verse), but we feel fairly confident about our transcription of "B Boys in the Cut." View the lyrics HERE. If you have any corrections or suggested changes to the lyrics, email them to staff @ or post them in the comments.

    Two unreleased Beastie Boys tracks in collector vinyl set

    A number of fans who ordered the Check Your Head collector's vinyl set have discovered a surprise bonus 7-inch record containing two NEW, unreleased songs in the set. The bonus album has not been found in every copy of the collector's set.

    The first track, titled "Lee Majors Come Again," is rap over hardcore instrumentation. Listen HERE.

    The second track, titled "B Boys in the Cut," is an a cappella. Beastie heads will recognize the end of the track as the "My New Name Is Larry" routine that the Beastie Boys have been throwing into their live show for the last few years. Listen HERE.