+ Capitol Music = Virtual Beastie Boys!

From Mediaweek: Pacts With Capitol Music
By Mike Shields, an online virtual world aimed at teens and twenty-somethings, has initiated a unique distribution partnership with Capitol Music Group to host a series of “live” appearances in the world where users can interact with their favorite music artists, including The Beastie Boys and Korn.

Starting July 10,, a video-game-like, avatar-filled fantasy domain that has been described as a PG-13 version of the popular Second Life, will launch The Tower, a new nightclub that will host musical performances. The first performance by a Capital artist is scheduled for that launch, as the rapper MIMS – or a virtual version of him – will perform and interact with fans. At least five such appearances are planned over the next several months, according to There creators Makena Technologies.

During each live virtual show, fans can also purchase both virtual and real world band-related items, ranging from virtual band t-shirts to actual CDs. There will also place a variety of interactive kiosks throughout the world where users can also purchase such products.

Capital executives are looking at the There opportunity as a way to offer virtual world devotees a unique way to get close to their favorite bands, while at the same time as a means to drive more sales.

“We know that consumers are spending a lot of time in virtual worlds and offers a completely new way to promote music, both emerging talent and recognized artists, allowing artists to really connect with their fan bases,” said Syd Schwartz, senior vp of digital strategy, for Capitol Music Group. “Virtual worlds also give us a new revenue channel to promote our artists and sell virtual and real world branded merchandise to consumers.”
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5:03 AM Hot Sauce said...

Attend a virtual concert? Buy virtual t-shirts? If I had a teen in my family, I would encourage him or her to attend a real concert and buy real t-shirts instead of sitting at home on a computer.

I suppose this company collects REAL money, not virtual money, from users.

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