New Beastie Boys song on NBA Live 10

With the release date of Hot Sauce Committee still in question, the next chance to hear a song from the Beastie Boys' new album may come with a video game. One of the songs on Hot Sauce Committee, titled "Pop Your Balloon," is used in EA Sports' NBA Live 10. The game, which will be released on October 6 in Playstation 3, PSP, or Xbox 360 formats, is available to pre-order now. EA Sports is offering a free NBA Live 10 soundtrack with a reservation of the game. The bonus soundtrack is available if you reserve through the EA Sports online shop or from Gamestop (online and in-store).

View the full tracklist for the bonus soundtrack HERE.

Update: Due to licensing issues, the bonus soundtrack was downgraded to a sampler with 13 songs. The Beastie Boys song is NOT on the bonus CD.

Hello Nasty Remastered Edition now available as digital download

The Hello Nasty Remastered Edition digital album is now available to download at Amazon almost a full month in advance of the scheduled release date of September 22.

The remastered edition includes 10 new songs and several skits. The titles of the new songs are "Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious," "The Biz Grasshopper Experiment," "Creepin'," "Dirty Dog," "The Drone," "Learning Remote Control," "Piano Jam," "Stink Bug," "Switched On,"and "20 Questions Version."

All of the new songs, with the exception of "The Biz Grasshopper Experiment," are instrumentals. "Learning Remote Control" is not really a song nor a skit. It's literally what the title says--the band learning to play "Remote Control."

A cursory listen reveals that some of the songs on the remastered edition have different lyrics and vocalizations than on the original album.

Update: The album is no longer available to download. Apparently, Amazon made a mistake posting the files. At one point, the Amazon listing said the digital album had a revised release date of August 25. Now it's back to being available on September 22.



This video interview was filmed in June when the Beastie Boys received the Street Icon Award at the MTV Japan Awards in Tokyo. It includes some talk about food (of course) and a brief comment about Hot Sauce Committee.

"What kind of album is it?" the interviewer asks.
"The really good kind," replies Adam Horovitz.

Money Mark's robot friends

Three emcees or three robots...Money Mark performs well with others.

For a behind-the-scenes look at Money Mark's appearance on the live-action children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", watch THIS VIDEO.

Adam Yauch updates fans on his health

It's his birthday, but fans received the present -- of good news.

Adam Yauch has updated fans of his health status in an official fan e-newsletter. He writes:
i'm about a week and a half out of surgery now and rapidly recovering from it [...] my neck and jaw are still pretty stiff from the surgery, but it gets better everyday. had the stitches out this past monday... so things are moving along [...] the next line of treatment will be radiation. that involves blasting you with some kind of beam for a few minutes a day, 5 days a week, for about 7 weeks. that will start in a few weeks.
In the email, Yauch also acknowledged the tributes by artists at All Points West and thanked fans for sending positive thoughts his way.

Happy Birthday Adam!

Beastie Boys nominated for MTV Video Award

Beastie Boys have been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the unusual category of "Best Video (That Should Have Won a Moonman)" for their video of "Sabotage" (which should have won in 1994). U2, Radiohead, and Bjork, among others, are nominated in the same category.

The award will be given based on viewer votes. You can vote for the Beastie Boys HERE (registration required). Voting is open until September 13.

Beastie Boys don't like hippies

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, French entertainment site asked the Beastie Boys and several other artists their opinion on the legendary music festival. Instead of discussing anything about the festival, Beastie Boys (sans Adam Yauch) chose to discuss their feelings on hippies, define what a hippie is, and decide if Mike D is a hippie or not.

For those who don't understand French: Adam Horovitz' response at the end of the video is to the question, "Would you being willing to participate in a new Woodstock festival?"

Free Mix Master Mike show in Chicago

Here's some good news for Beastie Boys fans who are attending Lollapalooza. Mix Master Mike will be performing at Belmont Army, a vintage clothes store in Chicago, on August 6 from 6-8 pm. This is a Lollapalooza FREE show, sponsored by Adidas.

Update: According to the schedule at his management's site, MMM will also be playing the RiNo in Chicago on August 6 and the Manor, also in Chicago, on August 7. Both places are "guest list nightclubs"--not really the kind of place the average MMM/Beastie Boys fan would want or could even get into.

Three, two, one: Instrumental version of 'Too Many Rappers'

"Too Many Rappers (Instrumental Version)"

You've heard the full song and the a cappella. Now listen to the instrumental version of "Too Many Rappers," which is on the 12" vinyl single.

Thanks to Mike for ripping the audio from vinyl.