Paris Bataclan setlist

"Suco de Tangerina," which does not appear on the setlist, was performed after "Ricky's Theme."

I got the show I expected yesterday at Le Zenith tonight at le Bataclan. The show was super magnifique -- with a beret on top! I will post a full review and photos after Midzi and I get to Poland tomorrow.


12:34 AM Laver said...

I've been meaning to ask, exactly how is 3MCs performed without the 1 DJ? What instrument provides the beat/music?

5:47 AM Ludwarf said...

Beastie let Mix Master perform 3 MC'S at the the end. It was a great show, I think better than Zénith. It was awesome...

7:02 AM titou la praline said...

Actually Mixmaster took part of the show. He mixed a little bit on each song.(and 3mc's wasn't an intrumental).

The show was A W E S O M E.
that's crazy they played Song For The Man!!!!!!

12:27 PM french fan said...

MMM Was here and played 3MC & 1 DJ ;)

4:43 PM fonky said...

Super magnifique...exactly!!!

that show was soooo goooooood!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see some pics!

it was very nice to meet you!


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