More Terminal 5 tickets available

Ticketmaster has released more tickets for the benefit concert at Terminal 5. These are not auction tickets; they're standard general admission tickets for $75. If you need a ticket, get one quick at before they're gone.

Yauch's Top 10 Criterions

From The Criterion Collection Newsletter:

1. Seven Samurai
C’mon, I gotta tell why this movie is good? You tell me!
2. Walkabout
Saw this one when I was in junior high school and it stayed with me. Glad to see it in the collection.
3. Nights of Cabiria
I don’t know what to write. I just love this movie.
4. Yojimbo
I guess you have figured out by now that I am really not going to review any of the films that I picked.
5. Sanjuro
But I do like the folks up at the Criterion Collection. Those are my people up in there.
6. Rushmore
They are a really great team that’s into some bugged-out, esoteric shit.
7. And God Created Woman
Peter is like the bigwig. He’s the head honcho.
8. The Harder They Come
Susan has her ear to the street. She always looks for some interesting stuff to put out.
9. Rashomon
When I was hanging out up there Heather was working on the audio. But now she switched over to some other department.
10. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Sometimes I get free DVDs from Criterion, but not always. I wanted to get one of each, you know, like the whole collection, but they said, “No, Adam, we don’t do that.”

(Shout-out to Thunder D!)

"Trade you a Busy Bee for the Beastie Boys"

Check out this cool design item! The Legends of Rap is a trading card deck that "celebrates the groundbreaking musical pioneers from the early days of hip hop." The deck consists of 32 illustrated cards with a biography and selected discography printed on the back side.

Artists included in the deck are Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel, Whodini, Busy Bee, Kool DJ Red Alert, Fab 5 Freddy, The Treacherous Three, Kool DJ Herc, Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Double Trouble, Fantastic 5, LL Cool J, Roxanne Shante, Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambaataa, Crash Crew, Kurtis Blow, Bobby Robinson, Cold Crush Brothers, The Sugar Hill Gang, The Sequence, The Fearless Four, Funky Four Plus One, The Fat Boys, Run-DMC, Spoonie G, DJ Hollywood, Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, Sylvia Robinson, and, of course, the Beastie Boys!

The cards are packaged in a presentation box with a fold-out poster of Grand Mixer DST and a small booklet showing all of the cards.

It is available to purchase at Stand & Deliver (Germany) and also from the Design Museum Shop (England).


Very soon, Beastie geeks will be descending upon New York City with a special green and white ticket in hand. Folks are flying in from all corners of the universe to see the Beastie Boys perform at Terminal 5 on March 4.

Following the concert, Pootytang and I will be hosting a fan afterparty in the East Village. If you'd like to attend, please email me* for the location of the party. It is open to all Beastie Boys fans, regardless of whether you attend the show or not.

The party will be held in a licensed drinking establishment, so you must be 21 years old (or have ID that says you are 21 years old) to attend.

Bring your own wallet

*I would like people to email me so I know how many people plan to attend. The place needs to know how big our party will be so they can staff appropriately.

Beastie Boys work on new album

Remember this photo taken in late summer 2006 and published in Trip magazine? Do those working titles seem like songs that ended up on The Mix-Up?

Did I Rip Van Winkle? Rolling Stone reports Beastie Boys are working on a new album. They are?!
"It's in the early stages of development, but it sounds cool to me," says Yauch. He wouldn't offer much else in terms of details: "We make music and eat lunch," he says. "Sometimes we fantasize about how cool it would be if we had a chef that cooked lunch everyday."

If it's true the band are working on a new album, why hasn't the O-scope cam been turned on? C'mon, throw us a frickin' bone, Beastie Boys!

Ticket auction for Beastie Boys benefit concert

If you are still looking for a ticket to the Beastie Boys benefit concert at Terminal 5 on March 4, you can try your luck with a Ticketmaster auction that begins at noon today EST.

Super-hero cooking

Tamra Davis has posted another recipe video on her cooking blog. This time, she, Davis, and Skyler make granola.

Like his father, Davis displays a love for wearing super-hero outfits in the video.

Sunday reading

Recently, we uploaded some more Beastie Boys press to our press archive on Flickr. All of it is older material that we originally posted to or saved from the Beastie Boys Message Board a few years ago. If you didn't read the articles in the past, you might enjoy reading them now during this Beastie Boys down time.

At Flickr, click on the "All sizes" link to view articles at full size.

Hip-Hop Connection (July 2004)
Hip-Hop Connection - TOC Hip-Hop Connection - Page 1 Hip-Hop Connection - Page 2

Hip-Hop Connection - Page 3 Hip-Hop Connection - Page 4 Hip-Hop Connection - Page 5

Synch magazine (July 2004)
Sync - Page 1 Sync - Page 2

Mean magazine (Summer 2004)
Mean Magazine - Page 1 Mean Magazine - Page 2 Mean Magazine - Page 3

Mean Magazine - Page 4 Mean Magazine - Page 5

Teen People (Summer 2004)
Beastie Boys are interviewed by a 14-year-old girl
Teen People - Page 1 Teen People - Page 2

XXL magazine (August 2004)
XXL Magazine - Page 1 XXL Magazine - Page 2 XXL Magazine - Page 3

XXL Magazine - Page 4 XXL Magazine - Page 5 XXL Magazine - Page 6

Spin (December 2004)
Spin - Page 1 Spin - Page 2

Heeb (Winter 2004)
Heeb Cover Heeb TOC Heeb - Page 1 Heeb - Page 2

Heeb - Page 3 Heeb - Page 4 Heeb - Page 5 Heeb - Page 6

Heeb - Page 7 Heeb - Page 8

We are attempting to build a comprehensive press archive, but it's difficult to find time to scan the piles of magazines we've picked up. If you can supply scans of articles and interviews with the Beastie Boys, past and present, please contact us. We would appreciate your help. We are interested in press written in all languages.

Additional Mix Master Mike performance dates

Beastie Boys must be getting a lot of beauty sleep this month because we've not heard boo from or about them, except for the random "I ran into Mike D!" report from New York fans who have written us.

Mix Master Mike, on the other hand, has been busy doing gigs in the United States this month and lining up performance dates in Europe. We have four new European performance dates for Mix Master Mike to report:

April 18 - Festival des Artefacts, Strasbourg, France - tickets
April 19 - Club 106, Rouen, France - tickets
April 23 - Le Social Club, Paris, France - tickets
May 29-31 - Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain - tickets

Last Friday (Feb 22), Mix Master Mike performed at Epic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One fan who attended the show wrote, "That man can throw down hardcore on the decks. Was a lot of fun to watch. The crowd was really into it. Good time."

If you are aware of Mix Master Mike performance dates that we have not yet published, please contact us.

(Shout-out to Xavier)

Mix Master Mike impresses Arkansas crowd published a review of Mix Master Mike's show at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas, yesterday (Feb 15):
DJ Mix Master Mike was in Fayetteville last night to do about a 2 hour crowd-pleasing Set. This DJ, whom most know as the DJ for The Beastie Boys, made a packed house at George's Lounge move to mixes of Old School jams with: Nirvana, Korn, Tool, Ludacris, Beastie Boys and even some new shit all thrown together and mixed at a level that rocked the rhythm of the crowd and kept everyone's hands in the air all night. This set was awesome, a rather small setting for such a seasoned vet but it seemed MMMike used that to his advantage and had Fayetteville's finest moving their feet. Personally I'd never seen any DJ move at the speed this guy could move his hands so it was quite the show, even the silence of a blown fuse didn't stop him from finishing a set that truely was an exceptional performance.

Visit to see a few iphone photos from the show and read more about the show. Watch a short video of MMM's performance at YouTube.

Upcoming festival performance update

Earlier this week, the Langerado Festival published its performance schedule. The Beastie Boys' headlining set on Friday night (scheduled for 9:30-11:30 p.m.) does not overlap with any other band's set, which means everyone who's at the festival should be able to shake their rump to the Beastie Boys.

Money Mark and Alfredo Ortiz will be performing with the Beastie Boys at both the Langerado Festival and MX Beat Soundfest in Mexico, which means fans can expect sets similar to the shows that the Beastie Boys performed last year during their Gala tour. In other words, the sets will be a lil bit o' this and a lil bit o' that. Certainly, they will perform songs from their Grammy award-winning album The Mix-Up. (That's fun to say.)

Adam Horovitz' TV acting debut now on dvd

Hey, nice sweater!

Released this week on dvd is the television series The Equalizer - Season 1. Adam Horovitz made his television acting debut in an episode of the show titled "Mama's Boy," which is included on the dvd. The episode featuring Horovitz originally aired on CBS on November 13, 1985.

In "Mama's Boy," Horovitz portrays a teenager who is manipulated by a bad guy to sell cocaine to his classmates. Read more about the show and see additional screencaps at

(Shout-out to Jeremy)

Adrock remixes M.I.A. song

Adam Horovitz has created a remix of "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. for an EP titled Paper Planes - Homeland Security Remixes. The digital EP, which also features remixes by Diplo, DFA, Blaqstarr, and Scottie B, is available to purchase on iTunes.
Paper Planes (Remix for the Children by Adrock) (5.54 MB mp3 via zshare)

Another episode of "Rappin' with the Rickster"

Some of the most popular video that I've uploaded to YouTube has been footage from Ricky Powell's public access television show "Rappin' with the Rickster." Today I discovered that someone else has uploaded another episode of "Rappin' with the Rickster" to YouTube. In this particular episode, Ricky Powell gives fans an inside look at the Beastie Boys' Skills to Pay the Bills home video.

Part 1
Ricky Powell introduction

Part 2
"Skills to Pay the Bills" animated video (from Skills to Pay the Bills home video)

Part 3
Yauch and Horovitz sign autographs and introduce the "Slow and Low" live performance video

Part 4
"Slow and Low" live performance (from Skills to Pay the Bills home video)

Part 5
Beastie Boys dine in New Orleans with Mario C and Ricky; Ricky visits Bruce Lee's grave in Seattle

Part 6
Candid video of Beastie Boys with Paul's Boutique "Ask for Janice" voiceover (from Skills to Pay the Bills home video)

Part 7
Footage of Beastie Boys fans and Beastie Boys arriving to a venue

Read about the Skills to Pay the Bills video at Buy the Skills to Pay the Bills video from the official Beastie Boys store at

Magical mystery tour

Trying to keep tabs on Mix Master Mike and where and when he will be performing is a challenge because both his official web site and Myspace page have been neglected for some time. We have, however, discovered through random search the following performance dates for the belt-wearing, turntable champion:

February 15 - George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, Arkansas - tickets
February 22 - Epic, Minneapolis, Minnesota - tickets
March 5* - Highline Ballroom, New York City - tickets
April 5 - Festival Garock - Marmande, France - tickets
April 17 - Le Printemps de Bourges (Festival), Bourges, France - tickets

*Note that this performance is the day after the Beastie Boys benefit show at Terminal 5.

Beastie Boys receive Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album

They shoot, they score! Beastie Boys were awarded the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album for The Mix-Up.

For a full list of Grammy winners, visit

Take the open shot: Will Beastie Boys score at Grammys?

The Grammy Awards will be given out today in Los Angeles. The two categories in which the Beastie Boys are nominated -- Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Pop Instrumental Album -- are not part of the televised ceremony on CBS tonight. You may watch the pre-telecast awards webcast live on, beginning at 1 pm PST. Please note that special video software is required to watch the webcast.

In 1998, Beastie Boys won two Grammy Awards: Best Alternative Music Performance for Hello Nasty and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for "Intergalactic." In 2008, ten years after their initial Grammy success, can they score two more awards?

Song for the dog

Mic to Mic has learned the name of the track Adam Horovitz contributed to the Visionaire Sound issue. "The Dog Park Mix" is the second track on Disc 1 (of 5). We assume the song was inspired from Horovitz' spending time with his fuzzy-faced friend (see photo) in the dog park.

Unfortunately, we do not have "The Dog Park Mix" to share. If you do, please hit our inbox, and we'll pass on the love.

Mike D cameos in Tiny Masters of Today video

Mike Diamond appears in Tiny Masters of Today's video for "Hologram World," which was directed by and features Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Mike's appearance is so brief that if you blink, you'll miss him.

If you watch the video on YouTube, you'll catch Mike at 1:25 and 2:19.

Beastie Boys benefit concert SOLD OUT

It appears the benefit concert for The Institute for Musical and Neurologic Function at which the Beastie Boys will perform on March 4 is now sold out. If you need a ticket, check our ticket exchange group. Also check frequently because tickets from bad orders (e.g., from people with overextended credit cards, purchases exceeding the maximum 4 tickets allowed) all return into the computer system.

Beastie Boys fans are really great about helping other fans find tickets at face value, so please check with fan resources, including the Beastie Boys Message Board, before you buy a ticket from scalper scum.

Fluffy Friday

Here is a unique audio/video edit of the Beastie Boys' "Sure Shot" that I guarantee will make you laugh.

Mix Master Mike show in Aspen

Mix Master Mike will be performing at Belly Up Aspen in Aspen, Colorado, this Saturday (Feb. 9). This is a rescheduling of a show that Mix Master Mike canceled in December due to weather.

Tickets are available to purchase at

Benefit show in NYC

Beastie Boys will be playing a benefit concert for The Institute for Musical and Neurologic Function at Terminal 5 in Manhattan on Tuesday, March 4. Tickets are $100 (plus fees), and go on sale to the public on Friday, February 8, at 12:00 pm EST on Read the comments in this post for information on the presale.

Introducing Wall to Wall

We are pleased to announce a new feature at Mic to Mic, a tumblelog. What the heck is a tumblelog, you ask? The creator of the tumblelog,, explains it:
To make a simple analogy: If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks.

You can also look at tumblelogs as slightly more structured blogs that make it easier, faster, and more fun to post and share stuff you find or create. Blogs are great, but they can be a lot of work. And they're really built to handle longer-form text posts. Tumblelogs, on the other hand, let you easily and quickly post and share anything you find or create.

Neat-o, right? We think so.

Mic to Mic's focus is on current Beastie Boys happenings and news. Our tumblelog, which we have given the companion name of "Wall to Wall," will include content from all periods of the Beastie Boys career. Content will be text, photos, quotes, links, chat, audio, and video. It will be wall to wall Beastie Boys stuff. Get it?

The dashboard editor looks like this:

It's pretty simple. Click on the icon and then add your content. Why do you need to know how it works? Because YOU can be a content contributor if you wish. We created our tumblelog as a public group, meaning anyone whom we invite to contribute has the ability to post content to the tumblelog. Currently, only the editors of Mic to Mic are members at Wall to Wall and have the power to post. We will model what we're aiming to do with the tumblelog and then begin inviting contributors when the rules of posting are clear. We want Wall to Wall to be a fan community effort.

Wall to Wall is located at Click on the Hornblower button to access the tumblelog from this blog. With the launch of Wall to Wall, we will be retiring the Best of O Watch feature until the Beastie Boys decide to turn the Oscope cam on again.

If you would like to contribute to Wall to Wall but not become a member of the Tumblr group (which is free to do, by the way), you can email contributions to us (please put "Wall to Wall" or "W2W" in the subject line) or PM Midzi or Klepto on the BBMB.

In the moshpit

Beastie Boys are strongly tipped as one of the headliners for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, which takes place in Manchester, Tennessee, from June 12-15, 2008. Festival organizers will officially announce the artist line-up next Tuesday (Feb. 5). We've also heard the Beastie Boys' name dropped in discussions about line-ups for both the Leeds and Reading Festivals in England this summer, but from unreliable sources.
Update: Beastie Boys are not on the Bonnaroo line-up.

The rumor that Beastie Boys will be doing a surprise show at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, in March, has not died. Given the fact that the Beastie Boys will be doing two festival appearances at the same time as SXSW takes place (meaning they'll have their crew and equipment on the road), it's very possible a surprise show could happen. If the SXSW rumor is true, it's unlikely that there will be any confirmation from anyone until the day of the event. That's how they do it in Austin!

The Gimme Shelter concert that Money Mark was to perform at and Adam Horovitz was to host last fall has been canceled. Rational Animal, the organization that planned the benefit concert, hoped to reschedule it for March 2008; however, it has now decided to refund all ticket holders. In a personal email to one of M2M's readers, Susan Brandt, the founder and president of Rational Animal, explained:
"Unfortunately we will not be able to produce our fundraising concert this March. We've run into all sorts of snags, so we have decided to provide refunds for all of those generous people who asked us to keep their tickets til March. Our regrets for all of the postponing. When we do it, we want to do it right, and we are not ready now, so we are looking to later this year if possible. We will be asking one or as many Beastie Boys as we can back, so that's still percolating, but it's tough to say what will happen, schedules are so hard to coordinate. Thanks for your patience and your support."