Mike D talks about Live Earth

From the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine:
You guys started the Tibetan Freedom concerts - any advice for the Live Earth team?
Really just get out there and do it, don’t hesitate, especially when things are as critical - really beyond critical - as the environment.

What is the best thing concerts like this can do?

There’s a real chance to get the collective consciousness of almost the entire world focused on the topic - even people who aren’t aware of the concerts, because all the people talking about it will spin off and change their actions.

Why are people finally waking up to this now?
Al Gore’s movie did a great job getting the word out there. People realized that this is not a far-removed issue, not a scientific issue. It’s a quality-of-life issue.

How did you realize this was a major problem?

When I surf, I notice a lot of people are getting sick - that’s a bad sign. And there’s a huge amount of beach erosion that nobody’s seen. It’s right in front of your eyes.

Anything special planned for your show at Live Earth?
We’re going to do a medley of “We are the World,” “Are They Aware It’s Christmas” and “No Nukes” - all those jams all together.

Sounds like a long set.
We might have to trim our medley accordingly.
Beastie Boys will be playing Live Earth at Wembley Arena on July 7, 2007.


6:03 PM pshabi said...

Nice. As I was reading through that, I was thinking, "wow, no jokes in this interview? No way."

But of course, Mike wouldn't disappoint! I'd substitute Hands Across America for the Christmas diddy, but that's just me.

6:50 PM friis said...

oh he surfs...

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