Interview with Adam Horovitz at Rock Werchter

Thank you, Martijn!


12:50 AM Cheeky1025 said...

I luv, luv, luv Adam H! He is charming, hot and has a way with words. He is all over the place when he talks. A true scorpio.

Gawd, I just luv that guy. hmm hmm hmm

7:53 AM Woortmann said...

there's an expression were i come from, a phrasal verb, "vergonha alheia". it's when you feel truly embarassed for somebody or something else, and when you can't voice that state of embarrassment you throw a sign at those around you - a v and and a with both hands - just to let that tension go you know. so as much as all interviewers around the world should know how to communicate to their subjects you feel for their nervousness and inability to come across properly. i dig this guy, he never gave up.

8:28 AM ***** vixen27 said...

I have been in love with adam since I was a lil girl. he is everything I have ever wanted in a future husband, great sense of humor and a jewey soul!!!

10:38 PM jenny said...

sigh... there are simply no words for this man that can do him justice, maybe one... perfect

11:22 AM Hot Sauce said...

"Beastie Boying. That's all I do."


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