Portuguese critics don't feel the instrumentals

I've been reviewing more of the press from the Alive Festival, and I'm seeing the same criticism repeated in every review. The Portuguese press and fans (if you believe the press) were not feeling the Beastie Boys' instrumentals.

One review said, "It was a good concert that could have been fabulous [if it weren't for the instrumentals]."

Another review said, "It could have been a historical concert, but the transition from rapping to the instruments destroyed the rhythm of the concert."

Yet another review was even more upfront about not liking the instrumentals: "Beastie Boys are much more charming when they stick to hip-hop or punk-rock." The reviewer sums up the set by describing it as "satisfactory enough."

The same review describes the opening of the show:
"The band's entrance on stage was somewhat disastrous. After a short but impressive introduction [by Mix Master Mike], Mike D, Adrock and MCA walked on stage for "Body Movin'." It would have been a perfect opener if you could hear the three. Only one microphone looked to be connected."

With reviews like these, you have to remember that reviewers are paid to be critical. It's what the fans say that matters. So far, I've only heard from one fan who saw the Beastie Boys set. She was able to help me with the setlist (I believe we have all the songs performed listed now). She only had good things to say about the band's set at the Alive Festival.


11:42 PM doc said...

I really think that the Beasties should make it clear to fans what sort of show they're going to get ahead of time. Even the best pageant audiences got fidgety during the instrumentals, so that's no surprise. Some of these fans are getting their first look at the Beasties and they probably expect a more traditional rap set. I can't blame them.

3:43 AM martijn said...

Damn these reviewers don't know what they are talking about, the switch between hip hop and instruments is the thing that make the beastie so special. Those Portugese people should not write reviews...

9:27 AM Cecilia C. said...

Well, if you want a simple opinion from a portuguese fan who was in both concerts, Alive Festival and the Gala Event here it is. First of all we cannot forget that this was their first appearance in Portugal and we wait more than 20 years for their coming. Our expectations were so high and we respond so enthusiastically to their big hits at the opener (no, it wasn’t a disastrous it was quite the opposite, we scream so loud that we couldn’t ever noticed that micro fault) that after this, we felt kind of betrayed when they started to play the instrumental new stuff (it is very good stuff although). They notice the bad impact, impossible not to: the audience changed from “non-stop jumping” to “a good time for a smoke” I remember to start thinking, at that moment, how come, after all this years of waiting, that I will only have the chance to listen some new unknown tracks from a new album promotion instead of their greatest hits that I never saw them perform before? I felt really sad, I wasn’t prepared for that and I fear – like you Hot Sauce - for the Gala Event next day.

But the BBoys didn’t let me get into a deception, after 10 minutes of pure agony mike D hassled us: “- Are you reeeady to dance??” “YEEAAHH!” And we didn’t stop moving for almost two hours, we couldn’t and we didn’t.

The Gala Event was simply excellent. Contrary to the day before we were prepared for whatever they wanted to show us. We appreciated their effort to please us at the Alive Festival putting the instruments aside and we retrieved at the Gala Event that effort by receiving their new instrumental stuff with curiosity and no restrictions. They also played classics like sabotage, maestro, or sure shot, along with some pure comedy moments like the one when they ask to Mix Master Mike come to the front of the stage, braking the myth that he actually has legs and a but(!) besides the fact that in most concerts people doesn't have the chance to see it, MCA said that was a pity actually is a nice but………………big big laugh.

They are the greatest and this new wave of old mix-up sounds are the reflection of their all-time attitude, we accept that and we applaud them. I already miss them…

9:41 AM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks for your review, Cecilia! :-)

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