Release date for new Beastie Boys album not determined

Contrary to some reports, Hot Sauce Committee, Pt 2 does not yet have a set release date. A source at Capitol Records, the Beastie Boys record label, told me yesterday that the album is neither completed by the band nor has a definite release date.

Late last year, Beastie Boys management and Capitol reps discussed a possible March release date. When the deadline passed for the band to deliver the album in time for the label to coordinate a March release, the parties met again a few weeks ago to discuss a new release date. The meeting ended with no release date determined.

Please don't believe the reports by media who aren't checking their facts and are just regurgitating what some other media source is reporting. Believe me when I tell you that Beastie Boys will announce the album's release date to fans themselves through their own channel (i.e., official web site, official e-newsletter) when they're good and ready.

Mix Master Mike on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night Mix Master Mike performed with Travis Barker, Game, and Swizz Beatz on Jimmy Kimmel Live.