Barcelona Gala Event

Photo from La Vanguardia (more photos)

B for My Name
Live at PJ's
Futterman's Rule
Do It
Remote Control
Time for Livin'
Suco de Tangerina
Something's Got to Give
Mark on the Bus
Son of Neckbone
Jimmy James - Happy Birthday
Egg Raid on Mojo
Tough Guy
Off the Grid
Root Down and Get It

Sure Shot
Heart Attack Man
3 MC's and 1 DJ
So What'cha Want

I'm very sorry that I drained my camera battery and can't upload all the photos and video I took at the concert until the battery recharges. Check back tomorrow.

We're too tired to put together a proper review. I can tell you now that my friend and blog partner Midzi enjoyed her first Beastie Boys show very much despite being extremely tired. When it was over, she told me that it went by so quickly that she felt the entire show lasted only five minutes.

The setlist construction was outstanding. The show had a really good flow. I've heard the band play more tightly than they did tonight, but the positive feel/attitude and the song flow made the show superior to many of the shows I've seen.

The Spanish audience was super cool. Everyone was completely chill -- and it was due to the music, not alcohol and drugs. "So What'cha Want" was an instrumental (with rapping). It was very unusual. I like that they are experimenting.

Michael Diamond. What a cut-up! He wore a captain's outfit and talked about yachting all evening. One of the best moments of the show happened when Mike snuck up behind Yauch and gave him a hug. Yauch didn't expect it and jumped a foot.

Adam Yauch. I don't believe I've ever seen him dance on stage before. Wow.

Adam Horovitz. Sweetie has a cold, but we wouldn't have known if someone hadn't told us. When his guitar became inoperative, he danced his part instead of playing a musical instrument. (I have video of this!)

More details tomorrow. Must sleep now.


10:09 PM Klepto said...


awwwww mikey hugged yauchykins! <3

and awwwww some more, poor baby adam. i hope he feels better. :(

lookin' foward very much to details and photos and video and everything, and glad you two had an amazing time!

10:19 PM paulbonardelli said...

i like that setlist. What was 3MCs and 1 DJ like, regular or something new? Cant wait to hear more from you.

11:18 PM Matt said...

I am very intriguied by so watcha want instrumental. I can't wait to hear it. Interesting that Sabotage is not apart of the show, its been a while since that was the case. And on a personal note I am super psyched that Son of Neckbone is becoming a staple of these shows- I can't hear that enough. Thanks for the update.

4:44 AM Laver said...

Captain's outfit! I like that idea.

5:32 AM brother mcduff said...

I like how you started the last three paragraphs with: Michael Diamond., Adam Yauch., Adam Horovitz.

sounds like they're having a blast. lets hope they're not tired or lost their emphasis by the time of the US shows.

BTW, how is Yauch's dancing? im strangely intrigued by this.

7:54 AM Arnaud said...

it was an excellent concert, good fun! Looking forward to tonight's!

I have a pics here:

9:14 AM fonky said...

wow! great set list!
Instrumental versions of their hip hop songs..:I can't wait to hear that!

1:54 PM Anonymous said...

I wish I was there...I'm living vicariously through you two. Great job on capturing the evening events! Sniff, sniff (me crying) I wish I were there!

9:09 PM Laver said...

I wanna hear the So Watcha Want instrumental/experimental version...

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