Reviewing the Barcelona Gala Event: Part 2

Click on the photo to see a slideshow of photos from the show (Flash required). Alternatively, view the photoset at Flickr.

Hot Sauce: So, do you want to pick up from where we left off about the Barcelona Gala Event?

Midzi: I'm not sure if I remember much more.

Hot Sauce: What was the deal with Mike and the apparitions? The ghosts? He and Yauch were talking about being told a story about ghosts on a yacht. They seemed to have spent their day off on a boat...with ghosts!

Midzi: I don't remember all of that -- but Yauch brought up the ghost again at the show yesterday.

Hot Sauce: I like ghost stories.

Midzi: I'm going for a smoke.

Hot Sauce: Yauch was hilarious on the instrumental reworking of "So What'cha Want." He couldn't keep his hands down. He was supposed to be playing his instrument, but he's so used to rapping the song, his hands kept coming off the bass.

Midzi: It was nice to see the song done differently. Let's take you to the hospital. We can think about last night's show while we wait to see the doctor.


12:03 PM jenny said...

More hospital visits after bboy shows? *gasp* !!! What the heck? I say we all register for handicapped placards and enjoy our boys from the wheelchair section from now on. :( Geez, hope you're a'ight.

How's Midzi after seeing Horovitz in the flesh for the first time? Did any fainting occur? It is quite like girls seeing Elvis or the Beetles back in the day, there are tears involved and fainting, yes fainting.

I'm back home now... next stop... Europe in a few days! *squeal*

Good job on the reporting gals. My favorite thing I've seen thus far is "Captian Mike"! I swear to god, Mike's on fire these days.

5:21 PM Danielle said...

Thanks for the photo show! I almost feel like I saw the show.

I hope you mend soon. Please take care!

5:50 PM the said...

I like ghost stories too. I would like to see the Beasties collaborate with ghosts.

6:01 PM Hot Sauce said...

Jenny, you will be very surprised to hear that Midzi is all about Mr. Michael Diamond after seeing both Barcelona shows. That captain's outfit and his constant goofy-talk won her heart. She described Mike as "the soul of the Beastie Boys."

6:44 PM Saber said...

great photos!

thanks for sharing

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