Beastie Boys set at Ejekt Festival ends abruptly

Photo by infowonders1

Boy, are we glad that we did not go to Greece!

We have learned that the Ejekt Festival in Athens, Greece, was a disaster. Shortly after the Beastie Boys went on stage, there was a breach in security that allowed people without tickets to fill the festival grounds. Chaos erupted. Cars were set on fire. Smoke filled the festival grounds. What the hell?!

According to one fan in attendance, "Beastie Boys were on stage and they just stop performing, said goodnight and rushed off the stage."

It's not clear to us whether Beastie Boys walked off the stage on their own accord or festival organizers made the decision to cancel the festival and asked them to end their set.

We are interested in hearing from fans who were there.

Remote Control [video]
This was opening song of their set.
Sure Shot [video]
Root Down and Super Disco Breakin'[video]
Triple Trouble [video]
Pass the Mic [video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Body Movin' [video]
Ch-Check It Out [video]
Mike is goofy about fresh bread. "We had lovely, fresh bread at lunch today," he tells the audience as he gets everyone to lift their fresh finger in the air.
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video]
This appears to have been their final song at the festival. In this video, you can hear Mike say, "We gotta make movement."

This alternate video of 3 MCs and 1 DJ captures Mark telling Mike about what is happening and how they have to get off stage.



2:57 PM MC Boulangerie said...

I hope that Beastie Boys will make a better concert in Turkey! I lived 3/4 years in Istanbul, I'm disappointed to not be able to attend this concert ! :(

4:18 PM pSit said...

Hello from Athens. We were in the gig to enjoy Beasty Boys, Madness and Underworld, and as you said about 20 people came in without tickets, and started to make vandalisms near the VIP area. Then they burned out about 5 or 6 cars. It was really sad because we saw only half of the show. I believe that BB didn't see the troublemakers. I strongly believe that they were informed about the whole situation from the festival organisers. :-(

5:09 PM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, psit.

I am very sorry that you did not get to see a full Beastie Boys concert. I hope that Beastie Boys can return to Greece soon and allow you to see them perform a full concert.

6:19 PM Danielle said...

I'm so sad for psit and the other fans who attended the festival.

It is very frightening to read about all the problems at these European festivals.

7:08 PM Saber said...

crazy shit every show!

what the fuck is going on?!

8:56 PM Lee Greenwood said...

Wow, just wow. Beastie Boys, come back home, please.

10:37 PM Cheeky1025 said...

That is some crazy shit! I think it's time to have a postmortem with security to see what the fuck is going on!

Try to have fun in Turkey. It should be pretty cool.

3:30 AM Marc said...

Hey Hot Sauce,

are u going to the shows in germany?

5:04 AM Hot Sauce said...

Marc - Yes, we plan to enjoy some wienerschnitzel, mustard, and beer from large steins.

7:32 AM Marc said...

Wienerschnitzel is from austria, this another country in Europe. ;-)

See you in Berlin and at Hurricane!

8:25 AM KamikaZZZi said...

After work i will translate the post about ejekt. Crazy shit indeed!

(the other member of psit team)

12:24 PM Hot Sauce said...

Marc, I know where weinerschitzel is from. LOL. I'm Austrian -- and also a vegetarian. I don't eat it.

1:51 PM KamikaZZZi said...


2:09 PM Hot Sauce said...

Translated what?


2:52 PM Hot Sauce said...

Klepto pointed out to me the translation. It's here:

Man! That's some super fucked up shit.

3:23 PM Parkey said...

It made Pitchfork;

3:32 PM Marc said...

hot sauce ein ösi und vegetarier? then enjoy the german beer. ;-)

mittwoch geht es nach berlin!

11:33 PM doc said...

Thanks psit for the translation. Wow. I don't know what to say.

2:43 PM fan said...

even before the beasties went on stage there was no security at the gate, i got there after madness and no one even checked my ticket, i have never been to a concert where there were no police or security...greece is not a nice place for is too bad but at least i will see them in august in berkely

2:43 PM backstage said...

I was there by the backstage area when it all kicked off and it was very scary. There were at least 30 people (men and women) who were wearing balaclavas and motorcycle helmets and holding large knives, iron bars and battons.

They began to petrol bomb by the backstage area and looting the bar area. The security for the whole event was terrible and I saw many of the security men just run away. It also took at least 15 minutes for the police to arrive.

2:06 PM pSit said...

Here are some more pictures:

7:08 PM was there said...

Actually the security were some well known facists, so the people with the helmets kick their ass... Anyway i think that the undeworld member never got hurt, it was just an excuse for the company to end a financial disastrous festival.

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