The Gala Event delights Portuguese fans

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Live at PJ's
B for My Name [video]
Futterman's Rule
14th St. Break
Remote Control
Egg Raid on Mojo [video]
Suco de Tangerina
Son of Neckbone
Ricky's Theme
Jimmy James/Happy Birthday
Mark on the Bus
Lighten Up
In 3's
Root Down
Groove Holmes
The Maestro [video]
Heart Attack Man
Do It
Sure Shot [video]
So What'cha Want
3 MCs and 1 DJ
Sabotage [video]

A report by said Adam Horovitz introduced "Ricky's Theme" as "a song about a friend, Ricky Powell, who likes to watch TV while listening to jazz and smoking a lot of herb." Throughtout the show, fans yelled song requests, to which Adam Yauch eventually replied that they needed to get paid more to do that. The report summed up the show as "delighting the Portuguese fans."

According to one Portuguese fan whom we heard from, "The concert was very good. We stood for the show despite having seats. The band invited us to stand and dance, and after that no one sat down again."



9:34 AM Hot Sauce said...

Fuckin' seats! WOW!!

10:09 AM cecilia c. said...

You're right, we did say that too! But we didn’t stay sited, after 5 minutes all the room was moving except the VIP area at the front which was too large (they referred that at the beginning of the show). This situation made MCA left the stage and sit next to those guys at the front sits just to see how's the feeling to watch the show sited, "so (he said), this is what is like...” we laugh like hell and those VIP'S get up right after he did till the end of the show.

That show was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, memorable, dynamic and incredibly funny. I think it was a delight for both, bboys and audience.

11:04 AM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks for the info on the Gala Event, Cecilia! It's really nice to hear about the show from a fan instead of the press.

Yauch sittin' with the VIPs...he is a goof! :D

1:47 PM dave (facedownfall) said...

Nice to see "Futterman's Rule" get some play...I wonder how fast the transition was from "Gratitude" to "3 MCs" and then to "Sabotage"..I don't think I've seen them drop their instruments for only one hip-hop song and then pick them again for the next song..we will have to review the tapes to see if they were safe at the plate instead of out like the umpire called.

3:51 PM TattooAce said...

Yo People...I was there yeasterday in the VIP area in the Aula Magna auditorium in Lisbon, it was a great gig!!!! Everyone love it!!! I waited almost 20 years to see these guys(first time in Portugal and the 600 km I ad to do where nothing) and if I was a I'm a bigger fan!!! Best regards to ya all!!! Best wishes to tha band! Really great gig...make our living a joy!!!

5:12 PM pshabi said...

That sitting down shit is kinda spooky. It'd be cool to be able to sit down til they started, I guess. After that, get up off yo ass like ya seat's hot!!!

6:47 AM myshinki said...

In fact and sorry to correct you cecilia, it wasnt Yauch, it was adrock who came down to the seats sat in a free chair, started to lean back and pretended to be fallen asleep. Even covered up his face with his cute hat, and did a gesture with his hand, to the beasties to keep on playing.

7:11 AM inĂªs said...

Cecila i have to correct you actually it wasnt Yauch who come down to seats, it was adrock.
He sat in a free chair, leaned back and pretended to be fallen asleep, even put his cute hat over his face, and did a gesture with his hand to the boys, like "keep on playing"...

And the transition from "Gratitude" to "3 MCs" was that after Gratitude they said that it was the last song they would play, and we showed for quite a bit our disagreement with that, they asked what we wanted to hear, and everybody would shout name´s of the songs and they couldnt understand because there were so many people talking at the same time, and someone said "sabotage" adrock said: We cannot play that one cos we close the show with that, that would mean it would be the last song." Then someone said "3 Mc´s" and they were like: Wow, that song. (faces like they havent played for a while, they said something to each other, glipsed at Mix master) got in position and the turntable started to sound...
that´s how come a about mcing between the two songs!

oh memories....
Did i mention they did not even did an encore and prefered to stay and play.

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