Mix Master Mike at the ESPYS

Atlanta Falcons fullback and Yardbarker correspondent Ovie Mughelli interviews Mix Master Mike on the red carpet at the ESPY Award Show.

Beastie Boys take the summer off

I've been slacking a bit at Mic to Mic. Sorry. Here's a round-up post to make up for my lack of updates lately.

Brooklyn-born artist Santogold revealed to NME that she is working on a track with the Beastie Boys for their record. To which I say, "Woo-hoo!" -- not only because I like Santogold and her 2008 self-titled release, but also because I like the idea of the Beastie Boys working with a female artist. Beastie Boys have not collaborated with a female artist since the 90s when they worked with Miho Hatori. (Hatori contributed to the Beastie Boys' songs "Twenty Questions," "I Don't Know," "Hail Sagan," "Start," and their cover of "Light My Fire.")

Speaking of the Beastie Boys new album...No work is currently being done on the album. The band are taking the summer off from making music. (Hear it from Yauch's mouth in a new interview with Radio 1045. He says the new album is "half-way done.")

Mike Diamond is spending his summer in Malibu with his family. There have been confirmed sightings of Mike and family frolicking on the beach. Adam Yauch is busy with the business of film making. He has turned his focus to Oscilloscope Pictures, promoting Gunnin' for That #1 Spot and the two films Oscilloscope Pictures has chosen to distribute, FLOW and Frontrunners. Money Mark is in California, just back from the Jack Johnson tour, buying equipment and recording his own new album (see a new article about Mark at Giant Robot's blog). Mix Master Mike has been doing private shows in the United States and signed on to appear at some European festivals later this summer, the newest one being in Geneva, Switzerland. I don't know what Adam Horovitz is doing with his summer -- probably playing softball.

Other Beastie Boys-related news...Former Beastie Boys percussionist Eric Bobo will be releasing a solo album later this year, either in August or October. Beastiemania.com will have the details in the near future.

Did you know Mike D is lactose-intolerant? I didn't before I watched Tamra Davis' newest cooking video, which shows the Diamond family enjoying a Tamra-prepared meal in Hawaii with Beastie Boys uberfan Ben Stiller and his wife, actress Christine Taylor. Check out the video and recipes at Tamra Davis' Cooking Show blog.

Finally, I wanted to share that I had the opportunity to see Yauch's documentary Gunnin' for That #1 Spot when I was in New York earlier this month. I intended to write a detailed review for Beastie Boys fans who were curious about the film, but after seeing it, I decided that I'm not qualified to write about a basketball documentary. I like basketball, and I like documentaries, but I'm no movie critic. I am, however, a music fan and can tell you about the four new Beastie Boys songs that are in the film.

The titles of the new Beastie Boys songs in the film are "LTD," "Beasley Is a Beast," "The Panda Rat," and "Politickin'" (all written by Horovitz, Yauch, Diamond, and Nishita/Brooklyn Dust Music). Another song, titled "Bass Line Is Nice," appeared in the first edit of the film, which was shown at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, but removed for the theatrical version.

Three of the four new songs sound like outtakes from The Mix-Up, and one song is more electronic/BS 2000-y -- kind of like "And Then I" but without vocals/rhymes. I believe the electronic song is titled "LTD," but I can't say for sure because the song credits were not listed in as-heard order. Only one of the new songs is heard at length in the film. It accompanies Lance Stephensen's profile. It's a jam piece, centered around Money Mark's organ.

Mix Master Mike to perform at Astropolis Music Festival

You can't keep a good man down nor a good artist from touring. Mix Master Mike, who recently wrapped up a world tour, has added a summer performance date. He will be performing at Astropolis, an electronic music festival in Brest, France, on August 16, 2008.

To purchase tickets, go to Astropolis.org.

Money Mark helps to raise money for Rational Animal

Money Mark has teamed up with Elwood Clothing to raise money for Rational Animal, an organization that works to help homeless animals in New York City. For the month of July, if you make a purchase at Elwoodclothing.com, you will receive a 20% discount and Elwood Clothing will donate 10% of all profits to Rational Animal. To receive the online discount, enter the code EW17501214417194 at checkout.

We at Mic to Mic don't know anything about Elwood Clothing; however, if Money Mark wears it and is willing to promote it, we can bet it's not crap. Also, any clothing company that wants to help the fluffy and furry is A-OK in our rhyme book.

You may recall that Money Mark was scheduled to perform at a 2007 benefit show for Rational Animal. (Beastie Boys performed at Rational Animal's 2006 benefit show.) Unfortunately, Rational Animal postponed and then canceled its 2007 benefit show because of planning obstacles. Rational Animal is currently organizing a benefit show for fall 2008 and tells us that it intends to invite both Money Mark and the Beastie Boys to participate.

Learn from the Master, Grasshopper

Imagine learning how to use professional music-making software from the master himself: Mix Master Mike. If you're located in the greater Los Angeles area, you will have such an opportunity.

Mix Master Mike is participating in a free seminar at the Northridge Guitar Center on Thursday, July 24, beginning at 7 p.m. Mix Master Mike will show how he uses Propellerhead Reason in his work; reveal top-secret, mix-master tricks; and demonstrate how to use Reason with other software and musical gadgets and gizmos (specifically, Line 6’s TonePort hardware and Gearbox software).

Although the event is free, capacity is limited. Show up early to ensure entry. Phone the Northridge Guitar Center at 818-993-0286 for more information.

Similar seminars (but without Mix Master Mike) are scheduled in other cities in the United States.

Free Money Mark show in L.A.

On Friday, July 11, Money Mark will be performing a free show in Los Angeles as part of the Grand Performances art series. The show, titled "Money Mark's Mystery Mix Tape," will take place at California Plaza (350 South Grand Avenue) from noon to 2 p.m.

It's Money Mark! It's music! It's free! Pack your picnic basket and go!