Beastie Boys Radio is returning!

From Little Radio's Myspace page:
Beastie Boys return to Little Radio

Spread the word. Yauch, Mike and Adam are back!

Tuesday, Dec 1, from 4pm-6pm the Beastie Boys return Live on LITTLE RADIO for BBoys Radio on Little Radio. If you've heard their shows before, you know it's much foolery and a schooling in the best music.

Friday, Nov 30 from 8am-12pm we'll be rebroadcasting 2 of their shows. One from 2005 and the other from 2006. So TUNE IN

Following the rebroadcast, check Little Radio, because we'll be posting 5 podcasts of Beastie's Radio Shows from 2005 and 2006. Listen, Download, Enjoy.

We're fairly certain they mean for listeners to tune in on Tuesday, December 4 (not December 1).

Thanks to Xavier!

B-ball Bboys

What are the Beastie Boys doing during this down time? Apparently, they are enjoying Knicks season tickets -- in courtside seats, no less. First, Adam Horovitz was spotted at the Knicks vs. Nuggets game on November 6, and then Mike Diamond was seen at the Knicks vs. Bulls game on November 24.

Perhaps it's Adam Yauch's turn to use the courtside tickets they presumably share for tonight's game against the Bucks?

Happy to help

In a recent interview with the Connecticut Post, Sharon Hagopian (aka Cannonball Jane) shares more about Adam Horovitz remixing a song [see previous story] on her new EP titled Knees Up!:
For Knees Up!, Hagopian called on a friend to do a remix of the song "Take it to Fantastic." That her friend was Adam Horovitz, aka Adrock of The Beastie Boys, should help bring extra attention to the EP.

"My business sense did kick in," she said with a chuckle when asked about having Horovitz's name attached to her Cannonball Jane project. "But he was more than happy to do it.

"He has helped a lot of other bands by helping produce and doing remixes and so I simply asked him if he'd like to do a remix for me. And he really liked the song 'Take it to Fantastic,' so I thought that would be a good match."

Rock for Kids auction

Rock for Kids is a Chicago-based organization that provides free music lessons for underprivileged children in the area. The 19th Annual Rock for Kids Charity Auction will take place tomorrow (Friday, November 30) at Chicago's Park West venue. This is a live and silent auction featuring loads of autographed memorabilia from your favorite bands and artists! Included is a signed microphone from the Beastie Boys, very nicely framed! Check out photos of some of the other items for the auction here.

Go to their website to purchase tickets, or if you are unable to attend tomorrow's event, you can register online now (before 6:00pm CST) in order to bid by proxy. And feel free to make a donation, too!

Live Earth CD/DVD release date changed

The release date for the Live Earth CD/DVD set, which includes the Beastie Boys performance of "Intergalactic," has been pushed back to December 4. A digital album is currently available to download at iTunes. The download is by album only, which means you can't download just "Intergalactic." You must buy the entire album.

Mikey likey

Reggie Youngblood of Black Kids (photo:

Earlier this month, we posted a story about Mike Diamond checking out the Black Kids' set at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Today, music site published an interview with Black Kids' vocalist/guitarist Reggie Youngblood in which they ask him about having a Beastie Boy as a fan.
Grooveshark: I've read that Mike D from Beastie Boys is a big fan of yours. Do you have any idea how that developed?

Reggie: We don't actually know if he's a fan or not. He came to one of our shows, but I don't know. He traveled to come check us out, he was there–that's a mindfuck, that he came to see us play.

Mike is not alone in his fandom of the Black Kids. The band from Jacksonville, Florida, has been receiving immense attention and accolades from the music media and indie music fan scene. You can download the Black Kids' free EP, titled Wizard of Ahhhs, at their official web site.

Instrumental chaos

Howl - Cover Howl - TOC Howl - page 1 Howl - page 2

Howl - page 3 Howl - page 4 Howl - page 5

The images above are scans from the June 2007 issue of Howl, a French music magazine. This magazine was distributed for free outside Le Bataclan in Paris the day of the Beastie Boys Gala Event there.

The magazine contains an interview with Adam Yauch, conducted just before the release of The Mix-Up. In the interview, Yauch describes how the band wanted to make an "organic" album with instruments after making To the Five Boroughs with computers. When asked if he thinks fans expect something other than instrumental songs from the Beastie Boys, Yauch replies that he believes fans expect them to make music that interests the band. (Tis true.) Yauch also jokes that he believes most fans respond to the news of the band working on new music by thinking, "What are those fools screwing with now?"

One of the most interesting questions Yauch is asked is about the band's placing political statements in their songs. Yauch says that he likes seeing fans react to the political and social comments in the songs. He believes it is important to get people thinking and discussing the topics even if their opinions are contrary to the band's opinions. (Very noice!)

Yauch also talks about the meaning of the title of The Mix-Up, what influences their work, and what they learned from running Grand Royal.

(A big shout-out to B-grrrlie, who spied the magazine outside the venue and picked up a copy for me!)

Mixing with Adrock

Cannonball Jane (photo by Cryptdang)

The Hartford Courant has published an interview with Sharon Hagopian, aka Cannonball Jane, in which she comments on how she enlisted Adam Horovitz to remix a song on her new EP.

Hagopian tells the Courant:
"I was at his place, and he's always producing and remixing. So he was playing a remix he did for another one of our friends who was in a band called Measles Mumps Rubella and I was like, 'Hey, why don't you do a mix for me?' He's always been really supportive."

"Take It To Fantastic (Smallstars Remix by Adrock)" appears on Cannonball Jane's seven-track EP titled Knees Up! (Gaddycat Records), which is available to purchase at her Myspace page.

A side story...Measles Mumps Rubella, the band Hagopian mentions in the Courant interview, broke up before the EP on which Horovitz' remix was to appear was released; however, members of the band are still marketing their material. Earlier this week, one of the band announced on the band's Myspace page that the Dynamic Disasters EP with Horovitz' remix on it will be available on iTunes in the future.

Playing with sound

Adam Horovitz has contributed to the December issue of Visionaire, a conceptual art publication. Visionaire Issue 53, titled "SOUND," is comprised of five 12-inch vinyl picture discs containing unreleased songs, audio experiments, samples, spoken word, and other material by a number of contributing artists.

The records come packaged in a curved case with a "Vinyl Killer," a miniature battery-operated toy car equipped with a needle and loudspeakers. The case and car act as a portable record player. Also included with the collection are two CDs that contain all the content found on the five records and a booklet with credits and instructions on how to use the portable record player.

The collection is limited to 4,000 numbered copies and costs $250.

Other contributors to "SOUND" include David Byrne, U2, Fergie, Michael Stipe, Courtney Love, Laurie Anderson, Cat Power, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Antony & the Johnsons, Malcolm McLaren, Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Andrew WK, Danger Mouse, Nigo and Teriyaki Boyz, Lou Doillon, Liza Minelli, Mario Testino, Yoko Ono, Cerith Wyn Evans, Christian Marclay, Doug Aitken, Robert Wilson, Gary Hill, Sylvie Fleury, Vito Acconci, Mariko Mori, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Milla Jovovich, Linda Evangelista, The Knife, Littl'ans, Unkle, Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance, DJ Spooky, Miss Kittin, Trevor Jackson, Towa Tei, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, and Helmut Lang, among others.

Visionaire is currently not revealing the record tracklists; however, it's safe to assume that Horovitz has contributed a song.

Visionaire Issue 53 is available for pre-order at and a number of art web sites. It may be ordered directly from Visionaire's web site beginning in December.

Backstage at the Budokan

This unusual video was filmed backstage at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, on January 14, 2005, during the Pageant tour. I have no information on the original source of the video. It came to me in the form of an extra on a bootleg dvd of the Budokan show.

The video offers a peek at the Beastie Boys before the show. The 10-minute video shows tour manager Jerome Crooks fighting with Alfredo Ortiz (and going a little too far), cameraman Jamie Billet filming the video introduction of the show in which Mix Master Mike "scratches" dishes in the kitchen with Money Mark and Ortiz, and the band in the moments before going on stage.

Money Mark on new live compilation CD

A live performance of "Color of Your Blue" by Money Mark is among the songs on a new compilation CD titled Thank You, Goodnight: Live Tracks from Bonnaroo and Vegoose. The CD is comprised of memorable live performances from the two music festivals from 2005-2006 by artists signed to Brushfire Records, the label created by Jack Johnson.

The CD, which was released last week, is available to purchase at independent music stores in the United States, at both the Bonnaroo and Vegoose music festivals web sites, and the participating artists' web sites.


1. Take You There - G. Love and Special Sauce (Live from Bonnaroo 2006)
2. Wasting Time - ALO (Live from Bonnaroo 2005)
3. Staple It Together - Jack Johnson (Live from Bonnaroo 2005)
4. Songs We Sing - Matt Costa (Live from Vegoose 2006)
5. Color of Your Blue - Money Mark (Live from Vegoose 2006)
6. Constellations - Jack Johnson featuring Dan Lebowitz (Live from Vegoose 2006)
7. Hot Cookin' - G. Love and Special Sauce (Live from Bonnaroo 2006)
8. Barbeque - ALO (Live from Vegoose 2006)
9. These Arms - Matt Costa (Live from Vegoose 2006)
10. Island Style - John Cruz featuring Jack Johnson (Live from Bonnaroo 2005)

Cey Adams to launch book in Fall 2008

We have an update to a previous post. Cey Adam's book, titled Definition: The Art and Design of Hip Hop, will be published by Collins Design (an imprint of HarperCollins) in Fall 2008.

Guess who?!

Photo: NBA photo gallery

Adam Horovitz at the Knicks vs. Denver game last Tuesday (Nov. 6)

Another day at the office

Goofball promo and "Sabotage" at Bestival 2007

"Sure Shot" at Bestival 2007

Watch the Beastie Boys perform "Sabotage" and "Sure Shot" at Bestival 2007 as broadcast on British television. You may download high-quality divx of the above videos at (Note that there is a password associated with the download.)

Public Enemy documentary premieres at AFI Fest

Welcome to the Terrordome trailer

Welcome to the Terrordome, a documentary about hip-hop legends Public Enemy, premiered last week at the 2007 AFI Fest in Los Angeles. The film, by Robert Patton-Spruill, features interviews with the Beastie Boys, Henry Rollins, Talib Kweli and Tom Morello, among others. Plans for a general release of the film are unknown at this time.

Money Mark makes beautiful music

From the film Beautiful Losers

Money Mark has been getting rave reviews for his work on the soundtrack for Beautiful Losers, a documentary about underground artists. The film has been shown at several film festivals and in theaters in the United States in limited release this year.

Not a lot of information is available on the film; however, from what we understand, Mark actually scored the film. Unfortunately, there seems to be no plans to release the soundtrack on CD.

View the trailer for Beautiful Losers at Youtube.

Beastie Boys headlining Langerado 2008

New tour date!! Beastie Boys are scheduled to perform on Friday night (March 7) at the Langerado Music Festival in South Florida. View the full line-up here.

Tickets will be on sale this Friday (Nov. 16).

Beastie Boys do lunch(box)

The Beastie Boys have contributed to the Food Bank of New York City's annual "Lunchbox Auction," in which celebrities design lunchboxes to auction for hunger relief. The auction begins on December 7 at and ends December 21. Read the organization's press release about the auction here.

In 2005, Mike Diamond designed a lunchbox with his son Davis for the auction. Diamond and his wife, Tamra Davis, are big supporters of the Food Bank of NYC, often attending the organization's fundraising events.

Jay-Z samples Beastie Boys

Jay-Z samples the Beastie Boys' "Hello Brooklyn" on a song on his new album, American Gangster, which was released this week. The song, appropriately titled "Hello Brooklyn 2.0," features guest vocals by Lil' Wayne. We're not an mp3 blog, so we don't have the song to offer -- but this guy does.

Gimme Shelter benefit concert postponed

The Gimme Shelter benefit concert at which Money Mark was to perform and Adam Horovitz was to serve as host on November 13 has been rescheduled for Spring 2008. Specific details will be announced at a later date. You can sign up to receive an alert about the postponed event at the concert web site.

Beastie Boys in "Tougher Than Leather"

It seems as soon as the O-scope Cam turned on, it turned off again. Beastie Boys fans will have to find visual entertainment from another source. I think we might be able to help.

Recently a M2M reader inquired about Krush Groove, a 1985 film featuring the Beastie Boys. I was surprised to find no video clips of the Beastie Boys in the film posted at Youtube or other video sites. I had the idea of posting some clips from the film, but was unable to locate the film in my messy collection. I did, however, find Tougher Than Leather, the 1988 film written and directed by Rick Rubin and starring Run-DMC. Beastie Boys appear as themselves in several scenes in the film. I have posted all the scenes from Tougher Than Leather featuring the Beastie Boys to our DailyMotion account for fans to enjoy.

The scene most worth watching is one in which the Beastie Boys perform "Desperado," a song that they never officially released. Note that Hurricane does not appear as their DJ in the scene; the DJ role is played by producer Sam Sever.

Beastie Boys perform "Desperado" in Tougher Than Leather

Other scenes (in film order) featuring the Beastie Boys:

Adrock hits on the record company receptionist

The receptionist digs Run, not Adrock

Beastie Boys have no table manners

Jam Master Jay is not an Hasidic jew (scene features Horovitz and Yauch as Hasidic jews)

Return of O-scope Cam

Guess what's on again?

From the gang called Beastie Boys

Photo by

On October 27, Mix Master Mike served as the house DJ for the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Halloween party in Los Angeles. Below are some photos of him at the party by

Photo 1 // Photo 2 // Photo 3 // Photo 4 // Photo 5 // Photo 6

The photos show him dressed as a gangsta "straight outta Compton."

A few days later, he donned the same outfit for another Halloween party at which he DJ'ed (and we didn't learn about until after-the-fact). On October 30, Mix Master Mike provided the entertainment at the Moon Nightclub's Sabotage Costume Party at the Palms in Las Vegas. Below are several photos of him at the party by

Photo 1 // Photo 2 // Photo 3

Checkin' out the Black Kids

It seems M.I.A. wasn't the only artist who Mike Diamond checked out during the CMJ Music Marathon in New York last month. Idolator reports seeing Mike exiting after the much-hyped Black Kids' set. We would call Idolator's description of Mike cruel if it hadn't made us laugh.

Idolator writes:
Mike D from the Beastie Boys...[was] wide-eyed and wizened and looking like a wrinkly hobbit, lost and frightened in Mordor, trying to escape before any of the hipster orcs noticed who he was.

Cey Adams discusses his new book

Cey Adams (Photo ©2006 Mike Shreiber)
"[The book is] called Definition: the Art and Design of Hip Hop. The idea is that over the last 20-25 years, basically since the birth of hip-hop, there's amazing talent emerging and a lot of these are people of color. A lot of them are Asian, or middle eastern -- basically, not white. There's all these amazing talent that are coming up, and nobody is really giving their work a voice. Everybody talks about graffiti and everything that happened in the 80's, but in my opinion that story has already been told over and over again. Nobody is telling the story of the young kid that was inspired by Fear of a Black Planet (Public Enemy) or Licensed to Ill (Beastie Boys) and decided that they wanted to become a graphic designer. So my concept was to try to incorporate graffiti and the evolution of graffiti and street art and show that people like Shephard Fairey or the disciples of Keith Haring, just basically to show the thread."
--Cey Adams

Graphic designer, Beastie Boys buddy, and all-around good guy Cey Adams is interviewed on his current book project, titled Definition: The Art and Design of Hip Hop (Collins Design), in Issue #28 (Nov. 4, 2007) of Format magazine. Read the interview at Format's web site.

Note that Adams' book will include "interviews by the Beastie Boys."

The pioneers of rap

In the process of recycling the many, many magazines in my home, I've come across some press on the Beastie Boys, which I'm scanning and posting to my Flickr account. Yesterday, while paging through the April/May 2006 issue of Giant magazine -- which I purchased to read its article on Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! -- I discovered that I had overlooked a very interesting article about the pioneers of rap and Chung King Studios.

The article is a nostalgic look at the work of Run-DMC, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys from 1985 to 1987, with commentary from and information on the people who contributed to making these artists the rap pioneers they are considered to be today. Among the people featured in the article are Rick Rubin and John King (producers of Licensed to Ill), Steve Ettinger (engineer on Licensed to Ill), and Russell Simmons (Beastie Boys' former manager).

For me, the most interesting information in the article is photographer Sunny Bak's comments. It's unusual to find press in which she is interviewed about the Beastie Boys. (Bak is still hanging out with and photographing them today. I saw her last at the Beastie Boys concert in Santa Barbara in August.)

Today you won't read anything more interesting than this article.

The Originals - page 1 The Originals - page 2 The Originals - page 3

The Originals - page 4 The Originals - page 5 The Originals - page 6

(Note: At Flickr, please choose the "All Sizes" link to read the article at a legible size. Giant magazine uses a ridiculously small point size. I enlarged the print with my scans.)

M.I.A. confirms collaboration with Beastie Boys

We have our first word of confirmation from one of the artists asked to contribute to a vocal version of The Mix-Up that the Beastie Boys are proceeding to work on the project.

Beastie Boys fan Allan Baldwin spoke to Maya Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.) before her concert in Atlanta, Georgia, this week. He asked her about the reports the she will be collaborating with the Beastie Boys. Maya revealed that the Beastie Boys have asked her to adds vocals to "Freaky Hijiki," but that she likes "The Rat Cage" instead. She also shared that she does not know yet what she will be doing with the song--just laying down vocals and/or remixing the song too.