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Download and/or listen to an interview with Adam Yauch on the Juan Epstein Show HERE [EXPIRED LINK]. Unlike a lot of the interviews Yauch has done recently, he talks mainly about the Beastie Boys history instead of his new film. Highly recommended.

Beastie Boys are 'trying to come up with some retarded shit'

Adam Yauch stopped by the K-Rock studios in New York on Wednesday (June 25) to talk to Nik Carter about his film Gunnin for That #1 Spot. In this segment of the interview, Yauch describes the Beastie Boys work on the new album.

Watch the full video interview here.

Yauch to be interviewed on CW11 Morning News

Adam Yauch is scheduled to appear on the CW11 Morning News program this Friday (June 27) to talk about his film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot. The program begins at 7 a.m. on WPIX/11 (New York). According to the channel's blog, Yauch's interview is scheduled at 7:40 a.m.

If you're not in the viewing area, check the channel's web site later in the day for video of the interview.

Update: Video of the interview is now available.

New instrumental title revealed

According to Spin magazine, the title of one of the new Beastie Boys instrumentals in Gunnin' for That #1 Spot is "Beasley Is a Beast."

So there you go. Now you know.

He shoots and does not score

Sometimes it's too easy to make fun of this guy.

Watch a new video interview with Adam Yauch at

Oscope Archive is where it's at!

With the opening date of Gunnin' for That #1 Spot soon upon us (June 27!), we'd like to remind readers to visit Oscope Archive for all movie-related news, reviews, and videos.

Click on the pic of the stubby-haired and stubby-faced fellow above to see a new interview with Spike TV.

Money Mark 'kids' around

At age 10, [Money Mark] Nishita moved with his family to Los Angeles County when his father, an electronics engineer in the aerospace industry, took a job with the Hughes Aerospace Group. Nishita remembers showing his father a photo of the Fender Rhodes keyboard he wanted, pictured on a Herbie Hancock album sleeve. "He bought it for me, but he said when I get it we're going to take it apart, figure it out, then we'll put it back together...That's what we did, so I got to learn how the inside of stuff worked, and that was very helpful, even to this day."

The Detroit News has published a feature article on Money Mark this week. The timing of the article's publication coincides with Mark's appearance in the Motor City with Jack Johnson's tour. Read the article here.

Money Mark is currently the most musically busy person on the Beastie Boys team. (Mix Master Mike recently wrapped up his world tour.) In addition to working on a new album of his own and contributing to the new Beastie Boys album, Mark is touring with Jack Johnson and is featured on the new Joseph D'Anvers album, titled Les Jours Sauvages, on the song "Kids." Mark also appears in the video for "Kids" (see below). D'Anvers' album, which was produced by Mario Caldato Jr., will be released by Atmosphériques on June 23. [Amazon link]

You may listen to "Kids," as well as remixes of the song and others from Les Jours Sauvages, at D'Anvers Myspace page.

The Adam club


Adam Yauch was in Los Angeles today to promote his film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot. He stopped by the 97.1 Free FM studio to talk to Adam Carolla on his show. When asked about the presidential race, Yauch said, "I'm SO supporting Obama."

You may listen to and/or download audio (mp3) of part of the interview at 97.1 Free FM's web site. Alternatively, you may download the audio file HERE [EXPIRED].

(Shout-out to Tod P)

Yauch crosses over

Esquire magazine has named Adam Yauch Genre Crosser of the Month in the "Best Performances" column in its July issue. And, no, that doesn't mean Yauch dresses like a woman. Well, he does sometimes, but nevermind that.

The men's magazine is acknowledging Yauch's success from musician to filmmaker with the release of his film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot at the end of this month.

Yauch shops for films in Sin City

Adam Yauch spent Father's Day weekend in Las Vegas, scoping out films as possible Oscilloscope Pictures projects at the CineVegas Film Festival.

"I like looking at films. I go to film festivals," Yauch told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Most of the filmmakers we're dealing with are indie filmmakers. And they really just care about filmmaking. They're more artistic people. So far, I think we've circumnavigated most of the Hollywood (B.S.)."

The Review-Journal reports that Yauch attended a screening afterparty and performance at the Palms pool for the film Dark Streets, starring Bijou Phillips.

Since the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his basketball documentary Gunnin' for That #1 Spot last month, Yauch has been working hard on a new edit of the film. Last week he finalized his edit with the help of his friend Adam Horovitz. Presumably, this new edit is the final print that will be shown in cinemas nationwide.

Yauch to attend west coast premiere of Gunnin'

From The Arts Blog:
On the subject of basketball, the West Coast premiere of “Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot,” a documentary directed and produced by Adam Yauch — one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys — is screening Monday (6/16) at the Regency Lido Theater in Newport Beach.

Yauch will attend the Lido screening and stick around for a Q&A.

The documentary is being presented at 7:30 p.m. by the Newport Beach Film Festival and its Orange County Film Society. Tickets are free for this screening — limit two.

Beastie Boys dine at film school benefit

Last night, Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz attended the 4th Annual Ghetto Film School Benefit Dinner at Bottino in New York. Ghetto Film School is a non-profit organization based in the South Bronx, to connect talented young people to artistic, educational and career opportunities in the world of film and video. Also pictured above is Rachel Horovitz, who is on the board of directors, and Joe Hall, founder and president of GFS.

Click on the photo to enlarge and check out more of them here!

Where's Yauch?!

You ask; Yauch answers

Current TV announced today that Adam Yauch is going to be appearing to talk about his new film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot AND he'll be answering questions posted on Current TV's web site!

To submit questions, first register for an account at Current TV. Then post any questions that you have for Yauch here! You have the option of submitting your questions by webcam/video.

The deadline for questions is Monday, June 16 at midnight.

Update: We contacted Current TV to clarify how the interview will be presented (broadcasted on television and/or online) for fans who do not get Current TV on their cable or who live outside the United States. Current TV replied that Yauch will be in their studio on June 16 to do the Current Questions and that the interview will be broadcast on their television network and then posted on their web site soon after. Current TV promises some online exclusives for fans. By visiting Current TV's web site, fans worldwide should be able to see basically everything Yauch is doing with Current TV.

Ricky Powell and his eccentric nuts

Spot the Beastie Boys photo. (Photo: Theme Magazine)

New Yorkers looking for something to do this weekend -- 'cause there's nothing to do in the city -- should check out Ricky Powell's exhibition at Milk Gallery (450 West 15th Street).

The exhibition, titled "Illy Funksters," is a collection of Powell's photos from the old school hip-hop scene and New York streets. Among the collection are several photos of the Beastie Boys from the last two decades.

The exhibition, which complements the publication of Powell's forthcoming book (also titled Illy Funksters), is showing at Milk Gallery through June 10.

In his column for The Citrus Report, Powell described the book and exhibition as "a collection of eccentric nuts." (Read Powell's most current column for The Citrus Report here.)

Powell also has a photo of Adam Horovitz (see right) currently on display in "The Hustle Exhibition" at powerHouse Arena (37 Main Street, Brooklyn). The exhibition showcases powerHouse's latest magazine, called The Hustle. The magazine with the photo of Horovitz may be purchased at powerHouse's web site.

"The Hustle Exhibition" is showing through July 13.

Mix Master Mike audio interview

Mix Master Mike performs at the Metro in Sydney. Photo:

After a tour of Europe, Mix Master Mike is now touring Australia. has a streaming audio interview with the mix master in which he discusses performing live, his DJ style, his inspirations, and his work and relationship with the Beastie Boys, among other topics. Listen to the interview here.

They're bananas and (coco)nuts!

Rapper puts mouth to other use

In the latest episode of the Tamra Davis Cooking Show, Tamra prepares banana nut bread with her kids in Hawaii. The episode includes guest appearances by Adam Horovitz and Kathleen Hanna.