The Mix-Up: What fans are saying

When The Mix-Up leaked, Klepto asked if I thought the band would be upset about fans downloading the album. I told her that I don't know how they feel about it, but that if it were my album, I would want the people who downloaded it to at least give me some feedback on it.

With that thought in mind, I put Klepto to the task of searching the internets for interesting, stupid, funny, and insightful reviews and comments on the album by fans. We have attempted to present both positive and negative criticism. Honestly, though, it was difficult to find much negative criticism. -Hot Sauce
"This album is bangin' man! 'The Gala Event' is fuckin' dopeness. Beastie Boys do not drop weak or rushed projects. True legends." -Hippo

"It's like the Beastie Boys are still trying to fight for their right to party, only this time it's more like a dinner party." -Tim

"This is a seriously funky jam album, full of tasty beats, some wacky organ sounds, and sooooo much brown corduroy you would think they had invented the musical equivalent of a worm hole directly connecting them to 1971." -Andy

"The Beasties always had a thing for instrumentals, with good results." -Wambam

"It's like a soundtrack to summer!" -Marie

"Amazing album! I love every track. Yauch's bass is so fucking perfect. Best album of the year!! Nothing else will top it." -Machiventa

"The Mix-Up is a very good chillout album. There's nothing bad on it at all, but a chillout album is a chillout album. While it's not exactly riveting or entirely memorable, The Mix-Up is a great effort put toward something new and a simply good effort as an album." -Gamer

"The Mix-Up is unbelieveable. One of their best." -Plan B

"I really like it. The beats are extremely funky and well-produced. It reminds me of DJ Shadow at times. Seriously, I dig this. I wasn't really anticipating this release since their last record was a huge disappointment. Man, was I wrong!" -Buh

"All of the songs sound like themes to 70's cop shows. It's very mellow and cool." -Gluehead

"I was pleasantly surprised. I definitely wasn't expecting anything remotely like this from the Beastie Boys." -Acolyte

"It's unbelievable. Possibly the best release so far this year." -Capnhook

"The Boys drop some mean grooves on this funky jazz album. It's definitely not the Licensed to Ill classic sound, but it's exactly the type of instrumental album I expect from the salt & peppered grandfathers of hip-hop. They once again show that they are multi-talented musicians." -Seabass

"It's refreshing. All the tunes sound like either Beck songs or 70's pimp songs." -Converse

"It's funky without treading on the toes of real funk. It's jazzy without sounding like a hotel lobby at dusk. This album covers a lot of instrumental styles, which will hopefully ensure its success with people who aren't into instrumental music." -Nic

"If you're the type that gets beyond uncomfortable when you realize you're listening to something without vocals, you may want to steer clear; otherwise, this is as good as any other Beastie release." -Ziti

"Hot damn hoe, does it sound nice! It's some dope-ass jazz/funk that will blow your fucking mind!" -Casio

"This is a fun cd that grooves like the best instrumentals on the Beasties' albums. It is fresh and new with funky percussion and bass lines. I can envision the guys sitting around a studio and jamming." -Scotty

"I have mixed feelings on it. On the bright side, I love the Beastie Boys and the songs are really cool. I mean it. On the other side, it is quite boring without vocals." -Princess

"Breathtaking. I actually get the chills listening to it. It's that good." -Hex

"The Mix-Up is good and all, but it sounds kind of old and recycled. This music would be fun to listen to while exercizing, or for shoppers in the background of a store. As much as I like the Beastie Boys, I have to be honest and say that their new disc didn't thrill me. I give it a 5/10." -Art

"It is just a rare treat for my ears! Beastie Boys = 5/5 'Nuff said!" -Darkives

"The Beastie Boys have not disappointed me yet. And this album is no exception." -Mick

"To me, it just doesn't sound like the Beastie Boys I have come to know and love." -Stu

"The Mix-Up has sex jam flava. It's a summer record I can see myself bumping all the time." -Jess

"Seriously, listen to it. If you didn't like the Beasties before, you will love this. If you like instrumental jams, you'll love this." -Ron

"There's a definite theme going on. The tracks flow seamlessly and the tempo shifts nicely. Being an instrumental, it gets a little repetitive over the course of the full album and could do with a voice here and there, but I suppose that'd be missing the point." -Croft

"I am not a fan of the trio, however, this album has won me over. It's progressively jazzy, improvisational, and dare I say, a little jammy. Think about all the great 70's porn music you've heard in the past and multiply it by 150. Yeah, that good!" -Julio

"I especially love how they mixed the drums; this is how drums should almost always sound. The songs are similar enough to sound cohesive but different enough to keep your interest. This record will see a lot of plays throughout the summer." -Clockwork

"This record is so tight, it's making me ill. I mean seriously, seriously sick." -Steve
We saved the best review for last. It's the best because the review is not by a person, but by a cat!
"When I'm playing The Mix-Up, there are sounds that make the cat freak out. He like perks up and looks at the speakers and jumps off the bed with his tail puffed. Mainly '14th St. Break.' Shit's hilarious."
There ya go. The Mix-Up is an album that makes your tail puff.


9:57 PM Klepto said...

one of my favorites has to be "the mix up has sex jam flava"!! haha! that's exactly what i think! ;D

reading what other people have to say about the album is fun. there are definitely some colorful reviews out there! :P

ps - aw yeah, yauch makes my tail puff sometimes, too.

11:43 PM Hot Sauce said...

I like the one about fighting for the right to dinner party.

12:17 AM Danielle said...

I am surprised at how well the instrumental album is being accepted by most fans.

It was interesting to read the quotes. Thanks for compiling them.

3:35 AM jenny said...

You can quote that cat, his name's "Cooter" and he was raised on Beastie Boys. His mommy's name is Jenny. :)

7:41 AM Hot Sauce said...

The people can trust Cooter's opinion. He listens to Beastie Boys a lot. :D

8:34 AM Jon said...

This is much better than reading reviews by music critics. They never get the Beastie Boys.

1:14 PM Brody P said...



2:48 PM Kevin said...

I don't understand some of the comments - how is it like Beck? how can it be cool but boring?

10:12 PM Caroline said...

The cat review is adorable!

11:10 PM congas said...

It's fun to read all the comments. The sex jam flava one is right on.

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