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Adam Horovitz teams with Rival Schools

According to Rock Sound magazine, Adam Horovitz has been working on a song mix for New York post-hardcore band Rival Schools. The song, titled "69 Guns," will be a single on Rival Schools' next album, which is expected to be released this summer.

Beastie Boys album to be released in fall 2010

According to a source at EMI/Capitol Records, the release date for the Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1 has been pushed back further. The label is now projecting a September 2010 release date.

Label reps recently met with John Silva, the Beastie Boys' manager, to discuss the band's status. Silva told the label that he "didn't see the album coming out anytime soon because of Adam." Apparently, Adam Yauch needs more time for recovery. Whether that means Yauch is not doing well or he simply wants more time off for personal reasons is unknown. Let's hope that it's the latter.

Beastie Boys on New York hardcore compilation re-release

New York City-based record label ROIR has re-released a 1982 cassette-only hardcore compilation titled New York Thrash on vinyl and CD. The cassette was originally curated by Dave Hahn, Bad Brains' manager, and served to showcase the hottest bands in the New York thrash scene. The cassette included two Beastie Boys' songs.

In a 1983 interview with Flipside Magazine, Adam Yauch, Kate Shellenbach, and Michael Diamond expressed disappointment with the New York Thrash cassette:
Adam [Yauch]: I would like to clear something else up...we got really screwed over on that "N.Y. Thrash" tape. Tim Sommers wrote cold things about us because we didn't thank him on the record, Dave Hahn didn't pay us because he doesn't like us that much, they fucked up our sound, they wrote the name of our song wrong, it's not "Beastie" it's "Beastie Boys".

Kate [Shellenbach]: And they didn't give us any liner notes.

Michael [Diamond]: I think the entire "N.Y. Thrash" compilation was a complete ripoff, a complete scam put together by Tim Sommers, who generally masturbates with Dave Hahn....and by ROIR Cassettes.
How the Beastie Boys feel about the compilation today is something only they know. The re-release of New York Thrash is available to purchase at ROIR's web site, CD Baby, Amazon, eMusic, and iTunes.

Undead - Nightmare / Social Reason
Bad Brains - Regulator / Big Take Over
Beastie Boys - Beastie [Boys] / Riot Fight
Heart Attack - God Is Dead / Shotgun
Even Worse - Emptying the Mad House / Illusion Won Again
Adrenalin O.D. - Paul's Not Home / New Years' Eve
Kraut - Last Chance / Getaway
The Mad - I Hate Music / The Hell
The Fiends - Asian White / Cry Now
False Prophets - Taxidermist / Scorched Earth
The Nihilistics - Love and Kisses / Here and Now

Bonus Tracks
The Stimulators - Loud, Fast Rules!
The Stimulators - M.A.C.H.I.N.E.

Mix Master Mike in sampling documentary

Mix Master Mike appears in a new documentary about musical sampling, titled Copyright Criminals. The film examines sampling's artistic value and presents the debate on copyright infringement and sound ownership. The film originally aired on PBS in January and is now available to download at iTunes and Amazon. The film includes interviews with Chuck D, De La Soul, and Pete Rock, among other hip-hop artists.