Beastie Boys perform in Istanbul

Photo by gotozgitogo

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to locate much information or media from the Beastie Boys performance at One Love Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. Hopefully, we'll hear from some fans soon.

Gratitude [video]
Tough Guy [video]
B for My Name
Live at PJ's
Root Down
Super Disco Breakin' [video]
Sure Shot
Remote Control [video]
Egg Raid on Mojo
The Gala Event
Flute Loop
Pass the Mic
Brass Monkey
Triple Trouble
Lighten Up
14th Street Break
Heart Attack Man
The Maestro
Body Movin' [video]
Check It Out
No Sleep Til Brooklyn
3 MC's and 1 DJ [video]
So What'cha Want [video]
MMM Interlude
Time for Livin'



4:14 PM MC Boulangerie said...

Bullshit §§ I want more (informations) !!

5:04 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'm looking for more reports. Give the Turkish fans a day or two to recover from the shows.

5:20 PM MC Boulangerie said...

I know :) it was just a reference to a girl in AIFST :D

5:22 PM stilla said...

Thank you for the reports from the European shows. You are the only site for information on the European tour.

7:59 AM waxwarrior said...

I was there, what a night we had! The place was packed, what we witnessed is not real, for sure. I was exhausted in the beginning because of my insomnia problems from a day ago, I found the cure after first ten minutes. Playlist was getting rough, when Root Down rocked the place from speakers, everybody got insane! I got surprised that they didn't play any song from Paul's Boutique, nonetheless they finalized the concert with Sabotage caused some serious pogo acts in front of the row. On 18th of June, I mean yesterday they did an exclusive instrumental show at Yeni Melek Beyo─člu where I had planned to wait their performance that they kept it as a secret. I thought it was nothing but yesterday a friend of ours told us that he got a special invitation to see them live again. I was out of luck, couldnt see them once again=(
here's the playlist of 17the of june efes pilsen one love festival concert:

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