New Money Mark single

"Pick Up the Pieces" will be the first single from Money Mark's new album, titled Brand New by Tomorrow, which is set to be released on February 27 on Brushfire Records.
Pick Up the Pieces [mp3]
If you like it, buy it!

Mike's portrait is XLARGE

For its fifteenth anniversary, XLARGE Japan has published a special collector magazine celebrating fashion and culture. Among the features and photos in the magazine is a portrait of Mike D, who is one of the original investors and current stockholder in the clothing store. XLARGE Magazine is edited by former editors of Grand Royal Magazine and Warp.

Outside of Japan, the magazine can be pretty hard to find. Check eBay if you really want it.

Note that the Japanese trailer of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!" may be viewed at XLARGE Japan site.

Going straight for the knees

Adam Horovitz is interviewed in today's Sunday Mail. Among the things revealed in the interview is the Beastie Boys will be performing a concert in Singapore.
December 10, 2006
Perfectly Beastie

The Beastie Boys, pioneers of white rap, are spreading the Good Vibrations. RITCHIE YORKE reports

IN the other hemisphere, the rain is turning to sleet and then snow and chill winds rip leaves from the trees as winter descends. The average North American's thoughts turn to heading south to warmer climes.

Beastie Boy Ad-Rock (Adam Horowitz) joins the yearning throng as he contemplates the prospects of an Australian outdoor summer show early next year.

The Beasties are headlining the Good Vibrations line-up along with Jurassic 5, Timo Maas, Cassius, Nightmares on Wax and a host of others at Doug Jennings Park on the Gold Coast on February 11. There's a total of four Australian shows and a Singapore date.

"I'm more excited than you know about playing this show. We're pumped. These shows are just perfect for us," said the almost 40-year-old Ad-Rock from New York, whose last local appearance was the Big Day Out two years ago.

"The idea of the Good Vibrations series of shows is to basically hit the audiences hard. We're going to go straight for the knees. That may sound like a negative thing -- but we're actually going to turn that into a positive thing.

"We're just going to play the classics. Go with what you know. It's pretty much a case of, 'We've come to rock your socks off'.

"That's what we're getting paid for, and that's what we're going to do."

Since hitting the top of the charts in 1981 as early white exponents of the emerging rap culture, the Beasties have established themselves as one of the leading touring acts in the game.

Ad-Rock, who wasn't a founding member, says the band are amazed at the extraordinary inroads rap has made internationally.

"We're all pretty amazed about what's happened to that form of music. Finally, in the past couple of years, people have stopped asking when the rap fad will die out. This stuff obviously ain't dying out."

He agrees that it might be an appropriate time for rap and hip-hop to be considered a separate form of music from conventional rock 'n' roll.

"You wouldn't say that reggae and rock 'n' roll are the same. You wouldn't say that jazz and rock 'n' roll are the same. There's a lot more than just one style out there.

"It makes me feel good to see where rap is going man. It's very interesting. A lot of people are making a lot of money that wouldn't necessarily be making a lot of money. It's definitely a way for some people to make some money.

"But the influence of rap producers is making it the biggest form of music around right now. And so the biggest artists in the pop world -- artists like Gwen Stefani -- are now getting the leading rap producers to make their records.''

He doesn't really have an answer to questions about what music has impressed him lately.

"But I'm also like a real weirdo in that I listen to a lot of older music. Not old, but older."

O Watch

Several friends have written to inform me of a web camera at Oscilloscope, the Beastie Boys New York studio. I'm on the opposite side of the world right now, so nothing is going on in the studio when I view the camera feed. I assume that many fans who are located outside America are missing out on the studio action. If you are able to view the Beastie Boys in real-time and can take a screen capture of the camera feed (PC: Alt + Print Screen; Macintosh: Apple + shift + control + 3), email the images to us at to post here and in our Flickr pool. Don't mess with sizing or cropping the images; Midzi and I will take care of that. Please indicate the date and time you captured the image and your name so we can credit your submission.

O Watch screen caps will be located here. Click on O Watch in the Links section (see column to the right) for easy access.

A Brand New Tomorrow

Money Mark will release his new album entitled Brand New by Tomorrow on February 20th, 2007. The album will be released via Brushfire Records. Tracks on the album contain titles such as "Color of Your Blue," "Eyes That Ring," "Pick Up The Pieces," (the album's first single), "Black Butterfly," "My Loss," and "Summer Blue".

"This isn't your typical jump up and down and have fun record like I usually make," says Mark of the 11-song project.

"I was really vulnerable at the time I was making the album," Mark continues. "I was writing for therapy, just to get through my day. These songs didn't come easy. Maybe I wrote a couple in one sitting, but that sitting was a long dark night." (from

New remix by Adrock for Christmas

Matisyahu's new concert CD/DVD package, titled No Place To Be, is to be released on December 26. The new CD will feature 7 new songs and several remixes, including Adrock's remix of "Youth."

Seen and (to be) heard

The pickings are mighty slim on Beastie Boys news right now.

Adam Yauch was sighted at a showing of Borat at a Battery Park theater last week. Perhaps he was looking to get ideas for the next Beastie Boys video/film project from the goofball film?

Mix Master Mike has added a few performances to his schedule. He will be performing at the Montbleu Theatre in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, on December 2 (ticket information) and at the Lush New Year's Ball at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, California, on December 31 (ticket information).

Audio Share: FM Broadcast - Beastie Boys Live at the Bue Festival

Photo by Beto Landoni / FM Kabul

A Beastie Boys show is just not a Beastie Boys show without the banter and a performance of "Sabotage." In its webcast of the Bue Festival, Kabul Radio edited the Beastie Boys performance to exclude their goofy chattering among themselves, their addresses to the audience, and the performance of the band's closing song. Fucked up, right? Well, it turns out that Kabul Radio did do Beastie Boys fan right. The festival was aired on Argentine radio in its entirety LIVE on November 3. An mp3 recording of that FM broadcast is what I have to share today. Listen to Mike D ask for a massage, Adrock whistle, and the band discuss Biz Markie's big head. There are songs in there too.

FM Broadcast - Beastie Boys Live at the Bue Festival (Time: 1:13 / Size: 61 MB) **LINK UPDATED**
Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 3, 2006

The recording includes audio commentary by two radio DJs; however, it's less annoying than the commentary on the webstream recording.

Mucho gracias to Gonzalo for providing the fan community with this recording.

DO NOT POST THE AUDIO LINK ON BEASTIEBOYS.COM. Please link only to this site.

Hungry for The Clash

"Growing up, The Clash were probably the first group that I lived and breathed for, and actually passed on eating so I could save money to buy their 7" singles. The first group that was mine, not my friend's, not my older brother's, just mine. I studied it all: the music, as I sang along and danced in the room, but also the sleeve artwork, and everything they wore."
- Mike D
Mike Diamond has written an introduction to a CD retrospective of The Clash. The Clash -- The Singles includes 19 of the legendary punk band's UK singles, packaged in replica sleeves of the original work, with a 44-page booklet containing rare photos of the band and essays by some of the band's musical fans, including Pete Townshend, Damon Albarn, and The Edge.

Adam Horovitz on Sept 11, South America, and the new album

Before departing for a tour of festival dates in South America, Adam Horovitz conducted a phone interview with from New York. Following is a translation of the interview, courtesy of my friend Celeste.

Beastie Boys fans who have been waiting for news on the band's next album should take note of what Horovitz says about the album's status.

Beastie Boys Word

Adam Horovitz, a member of the legendary American hip hop band the Beastie Boys, who will close Friday's Bue Festival, says that he is honored to perform with the godmother of punk, Patti Smith.

The Beastie Boys, also formed by Adam Yauch and Mike Diamond, will soon make their second visit to Argentina. The band were at the pampas for the first time in April 1995 to promote their successful record
Ill Communication.

From the Big Apple, Horovitz spoke about the situation of New Yorkers after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Five years have passed since the attacks. What do you think after all this time?
It's very sad. I don't know what you can say about it because it's so sad. We were right there when it happened. The political consequences were very sad. It makes you so angry. Too many people died.

What is New York's mood now? Has it gotten any better? Or is it worst than after September 11?
Every day it's getting better in New York.

Are New Yorkers paranoid? Are they living in fear?
I wouldn't say paranoid, but they're nervous with a government that announces another attack will happen any minute. George W. Bush and the Republicans make us believe that this thing can happen in our very basements. And they believe that there aren't good enough reasons for these people [the terrorists] to hate us.

Are you working on a new record?
Yes. If we released it now, it would sound horrible because all we have right now is just music. We are only at an instrumental level. We are nowhere near a final product yet.

How much influence do you think your band has had over bands that came after you?
I don't know. Some people say that we influenced many bands but I've never heard any band that sound like us. I really don't know. I've heard people say we influenced other bands, but I really can't tell.

Do you think hip hop music is strong right now or is its popularity in decline?
Hip hop is the most popular genre in the world. And the good thing is that every six months it changes. Hip hop will always be alright because it's constantly changing. Something new is always emerging.

Do you have any memories from your last visit to South America?
We had a very good time in Buenos Aires in 1995. It's a beautiful city. We met nice people. I loved it. We played soccer and went skating with people we met down there.

Can you tell me what your show in Argentina will be like?
It is going to be fantastic -- one of the best shows anyone has ever seen there.

At the same festival, you will perform with Patti Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Daft Punk. What will it be like to share the same stage with Patti Smith?
It is such a privilege and a great honor. I never imagined that something like that could happen to us. For people like us, who grew up in New York listening to punk rock, being able to see Patti Smith and share a big stage with her is something great.

Beastie Boys live at the Bue Festival

A rip of Kabul Radio's broadcast of the Beastie Boys performance at the Bue Festival in Buenos Aires may be downloaded here.

Props to TAL and DeeJayZap!

Roasted, Battered & Fried

Photo by Hardcore Shutterbug

On November 7, Mike D attended "Roasted, Battered & Fried," a comedic roast of chef Mario Batali, at Capitale in New York. All proceeds from the event benefited the Food Bank for New York City, the city's primary supplier of food for the hungry.

Empanada champs

I would like to thank Midzi for updating the site while I was in Argentina on holiday. Midzi did such a wonderful job that I've asked her to continue contributing to the site.

Apparently, I wasn't the only American who enjoyed what the great city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has to offer last week. According to Pagina 12, the Beastie Boys, who were in the Argentine capital to perform at the Bue Festival, roamed the city, sampled its fare, and went shopping and clubbing while they were there.

Below is an English translation of the Pagina 12 article, courtesy of my friend Celeste.
Beastie Boys, The Passion of the Empanada

They bring hip hop, rap, and funk to the white world. And when they came here, the Beastie Boys took in all the "vintage" stuff they could catch in Buenos Aires. They ate and drank everything, but asked for silence from the members of Elefant backstage at the festival (see article 'nos pidieron silencio').* Beastie Boys tasted asado, some vegetarian food, and became big fans of empanadas. Some members went clubbing to Barhein and La Cigale, where a happy MC Rey Gabriel gave them some vinyls as a gift. On Tuesday, the band walked by Recoleta, Palermo and San Telmo, where their relationship with the empanadas began -- a love that grew stronger in the following days. Even Mike D. visited La Esquina de las Flores looking for vegetarian empanadas. On Friday they threw an empanada party in their hotel rooms. They remembered their last visit to the city ten years ago and even went looking for a street basquet club in Palermo where they played on their last visit. Unfortunately, they couldn't find it. They also went shopping for suits to use in their concerts, but didn't find what they wanted. The band Yeah Yeah Yeahs followed them closely. Mix Master Mike, who came with his wife, didn't join the band and instead walked in the city with his wife and ate all the meat he could find.
*Another article published in Pagina 12 describes how the Beastie Boys dressing room was next to Elefant's and how the Beastie Boys had to ask the band to quiet down.

Kabul Radio will broadcast the Beastie Boys performance at the Bue Festival this Saturday (November 11), beginning at 1:00 pm (ARG time). The radio station will be airing the full festival, so the Beastie Boys performance will be a couple hours into the broadcast.

Additionally, I will be posting an audience recording of the show in the coming weeks.


Beastie Boys announce Australian festival dates

Surprise, surprise! Beastie Boys will play four concerts in Australia in February. The news appeared on the official site.

Tickets for all shows go on sale this Monday, November 6th at 9am local venue time.


Sat Feb 10, 2007 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
Sun Feb 11, 2007 - Doug Jennings Park, Gold Coast
Sat Feb 17, 2007 - Centennial Park, Sydney
Sun Feb 18, 2007 - Belvoir Ampitheatre, Perth


There is also a PRESALE through TICKETMASTER, the password is:LINEUP. (props to Dunny)

Happy Birthday show in Curitiba

On Tuesday Beastie Boys played their second show in South America. The show in Curitiba coincided with Adam Horovitz's 40th birthday so fans had an opportunity to celebrate this special occasion with him.

Adrock's Happy Birthday moment

Below you can find other videos from the show.

Entrance and Intro [video]
Intro & triple Trouble [video]
3 MC's & 1 DJ [video]
Gratitude [video]
Sure Shot [video]
Body Movin [video]
Alright Hear This & No Sleep Till Brooklyn [video]
Intergalactic [video]
Time To Get Ill [video]
Root Down [video]
Sabotage [video1] // [video2]

video credits: Junker, Chacal, commontrance


photo credits:carolinebittencourt, DrIcA NeVeS YYY

Beastie Boys live at Tim Festival in Rio de Janeiro

On October 29 Beastie Boys played at Tim Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Below you can find photos and videos from the show.

Root Down (full) from tv terra site

Youtube Videos
Sure Shot [video1] // [video2]
Time To Get Ill [video]
Root Down [video]
Body Movin [video]
No Sleep Till Brooklyn [video1] // [video2]
Brass Monkey [video]
So watcha Want [video1] // [video2]
Gratitude [video1] // [video2]
Sabotage [video1] // [video2]

Photosets :

photo credits: rodolfo,littlesparkie, DaigoOliva

Mix Master Mike to do free show

Mix Master Mike will be performing at a free concert and street party in Vail, Colorado, on December 16 as part of Snow Daze, an annual skiing event and "mountain bash."

Review: Beastie Boys Live in Las Vegas

The Beastie Boys short tour of the west coast did not yield a lot of press for the band because the shows were not intended to promote anything. The Las Vegas Review-Journal was one of a few publications to report on the band's performance.
Las Vegas Review-Journal
October 25, 2006

Photo by Craig L. Moran

Beasties find time to get ill
by Jason Bracelin

Clad in shiny suits, dancing with fists clenched, elbows high in the air, they looked like a group of insurance salesmen who stumbled into karaoke night at the local discotheque.

And they sounded like a bunch of pencil pushers, too, dropping rhymes with more arcane references than a Dennis Miller monologue.

A half-an-hour into their jam-packed show at The Joint on Monday night, the Beastie Boys had already name checked forgotten '70s soul acts (Rose Royce), Dutch pancakes (pannenkoeken) old-school sitcom janitors (Schneider from "One Day At a Time") and, uh, Kenny Rogers, who's not very obscure, though one could hope.

It's this kitchen-sink approach to hip-hop that's long defined the Beasties, who've made a career out of finding the shared traits in seemingly disparate sounds. The group's skilled at making a two-minute, curled-lip punk tantrum sound right at home next to a cowbell-driven funk work-out or a old fashioned battle rap.

Live, the group is even more scattershot, with its DJ, Mixmaster Mike, keeping the Beasties on their toes by remixing some of their tunes on the spot as the group races through them.

At The Joint, Mixmaster Mike fused the Beasties' "Sure Shot" with the roaring horns from Kool and the Gang's "Hollywood Swinging," resulting in an even more breathless jam, and he frequently pulled the beat back, letting the group rhyme a capella before jumping back into the song.

It all highlighted the Beasties' manic, off-the-cuff appeal, which manifests itself in lots of clipped rhymes, instrumental tangents and seemingly incongruous mish-mashes that somehow work together.

On "Pass the Mic," the Beasties rapped over a sprightly flute loop paired with crunchy metal riffs; before tearing into the fuzzed-out snarl of "Gratitude," MC/bassist MCA riffed on Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water."

On this night, the band had no new album or material to promote - the show was a warm-up gig for a short run of South American dates - and so they tinkered with their catalog until it sounded a bit more fresh, sitting on stools at the lip of the stage and letting the crowd carry "Paul Revere" and stripping "Time to Get Ill" down until it was all muscle and sinew.

The Beasties did it all with the ceaseless energy of kids at recess, bounding about the stage, running laps around each other, wearing bright smiles beneath their dark shades.

The crowd responded in kind, as this night was an exercise in dancing in confined spaces - can't remember the last time we saw so many white dudes doing the robot - and practically everyone in the house wore at least some of their neighbor's beer, which was spilled liberally.

It all ended in a fittingly raucous climax, with the Beasties strapping on their instruments for a pair of tunes, culminating with one of the band's biggest - and most unlikely - hits, the yowling "Sabotage," where MC/guitarist Ad Rock leaned into his instrument hard and wailed like he was back at a CBGB's hard-core matinee show.

"The original nasal kid is doing damage," Ad Rock had rhymed earlier on "Root Down," and this was him fulfilling his promise.

Beastie Boys perform four shows on west coast

Three Beastie Boys shows in four days is exhausting work! I'm not complaining though. I wish I had gone to all four shows. Following are photos and videos from the Beastie Boys' four west coast shows last week.


Do It [video]
Right Right Now Now [video]
Super Disco Breakin' [video]
Time to Get Ill [video]
Sure Shot [video 1] // [video 2]
Posse in Effect [video]
Root Down [video]
Brass Monkey [video]
Intergalactic [video 1] // [video 2]
Gratitude [video 1] // [video 2]
Sabotage [video]


MMM Intro & Triple Trouble [video]
Paul Revere [video]
Brass Monkey [video]
3 MC's and 1 DJ [video1]
So What'cha Want [video]
Intergalactic [video]
Gratitude [video]
Sabotage [video]



Do It [video]
Skills to Pay the Bills [video]
Posse in Effect [video]
Time to Get Ill [video]
Body Movin' [video]
Paul Revere [video]
Gratitude [video]
Sabotage [video 1] // [video 2]




Photos credits: soupenvy, razmatazern, zentilfamilia, electroweekend, Paulb, iancr, Jennygirl, me

Video credits: razmatazern, Jobb3r, riei, Onebigjew, adamspiegel, gmanako, majisher, adrock1988

Thanks to Midzi for compiling the video links.

My trek following the Beastie Boys was so exhausting that I need to take a vacation. I'm going somewhere warm...somewhere south...way south. I have invited a guest editor to update the site in my absence. Midzi is well-known in the fan community. She is the administrator of the Beastie Boys YouTube group and a frequent contributor to the Beastie Boys Message Board.

Connecting with Yauch

Adam Yauch is interviewed in the current issue of Hip Hop Connection, a UK music magazine. Yauch talks about creating the Paul's Boutique cover and making Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!

Click on the photos below to read the interview.


(Shout-out to PaddyBoy)

Alfredo Ortiz is loved

Click on the above photo to see the article as it appears in print.

Tu Ciudad, a Latino magazine based in Los Angeles, has singled out Alfredo Ortiz in a feature titled "25 Angelenos We Love" in its October/November 2006 issue. According to the article, the Morningwood drummer and Beastie Boys percussionist will be playing on the Beastie Boys' next studio album. Ortiz' involvement on the album seems to indicate that the Beastie Boys do not intend to produce an all-rap album like To the Five Boroughs.

(Thanky Pooty)

Amore for Signore Yauch

Sometimes you find things on YouTube that make you scratch your head and say "Huh?!"

An Italian fan who met Signore Yauch after the screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! at the Rome Film Fest created this unusual video.

Gimme Shelter performance on dvd

A dvd recording of the Beastie Boys performance at the Gimme Shelter: Rock & Rescue NYC show is currently available to download as a torrent at DIME. (You must be registered to access this file.)

Beastie Boys to play Santa Cruz

The Beastie Boys have announced a last-minute show at Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California, on Friday, October 20. Tickets are on sale now at the venue's web site.

Update: Tickets are gone. The show sold out very quickly.

So what'cha want? You want video

Click on the above photo to see video (WMV format) of the Beastie Boys performance of "So What'cha Want/The New Style" at the third annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors.

This video has been sanitized for your protection.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors premieres tonight

The third annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors premieres tonight (October 17) at 9 pm ET/PT. Don't forget to watch it.

For repeat times, check

Yauch makes appearance at Italian screening of Beastie Boys film

Italian fan Irene reports on the Rome Film Fest.

On October 15, 2006, Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! was officially screened for the first time in Italy at the Rome Film Fest in a new film category called "Extra."

Around 11 p.m., Adam Yauch arrived at the event with Lorenzo Cherubini, an Italian rapper who was popular in the 80s and early 90s (he still performs today, but not rap). Yauch was interviewed on the red carpet over the cheers of the Italian crowd, who were screaming and shouting for Cherubini's attention.

Inside the cinema hall, a festival organizer introduced Cherubini to the audience and provided some instructions for watching the movie. "This is not the usual concert movie, so we don't expect that you will keep silent during the screening," said the organizer. "You can do whatever you like -- sing, jump, dance. It would be better if you dance and sing!" He explained what the movie was about and how it had been produced.

Cherubini was on hand to introduce Yauch. "Well, I think it's useless to introduce the Beastie Boys because I guess you all know them if you are here! So let's welcome Adam Yauch!" said Cherubini.

Yauch entered the hall to great applause and said hello in Italian with excellent pronunciation. He talked about the film, joked about Nathaniel Hornblower, thanked the audience for being there, and then took a seat in the pit to watch the movie.

When the screening started, most of the audience did not make very much noise. They just clapped their hands a few times between songs. At one point during the screening, Yauch, not satisfied with the sound, got out of his seat and turned up the volume. After that, the audience started jumping in their seats. The seats were shaking from the bass. It was difficult to discern audience noises in the hall from audience noises in the movie because the volume was so loud.

When the film ended, Yauch thanked the audience again for coming. He began to leave but was stopped by a fan who asked for an autograph and photo with him. Yauch obliged the fan, which lead to the same request from other fans. After a 30-minute autograph and photo session, Yauch left the hall with the fans instead of with security or festival staff.

Click on the above image to see Irene's photoset.

Yauch attends Rome Film Fest

Adam Yauch was in Rome yesterday (October 15) to make an appearance at a screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! at the Rome Film Fest.

I hope to have a report and photos from a fan in Italy who attended the screening soon.

Audio Share: Beastie Boys Live X CD

On October 15, 2004, the Beastie Boys performed a private show in Atlanta, Georgia, for winners of a contest sponsored by 99X radio. To win, listeners had to call in and provide answers to Beastie Boys-related questions (for example, what are the ingredients of a brass monkey?). Fifty winners and their one guest were treated to a three-song performance and an interview with the band.

99X recorded the session and made it available on a limited edition CD to the 50 winners.
  1. Right Right Now Now (3.4 MB)
  2. Ch-Check It Out (3.9 MB)
  3. So What'cha Want (3.8 MB)
  4. Interview (19.8 MB)
Note: The mp3 downloads will be available for one week.

Adrock featured in LL Cool J special

As part of its Hip Hop Honors offerings this week, VH1 is airing an episode of the show Driven about LL Cool J, featuring both Adam Horovitz and Cey Adams. If you are unfamiliar with the story about how Horovitz helped LL Cool J's career, you can hear it straight from Horovitz' mouth in this show. Horovitz also describes his contribution to LL Cool J's song "I Need a Beat," as well as talks about the Beastie Boys' experience touring with the rapper whom ladies love. Cey Adams shares his personal memories of meeting a young LL Cool J and talks about how it was obvious from the start that Cool J's talents were special.

The show airs tonight (Oct. 14) at 9 pm on VH1 and will be repeated throughout the week. Check for additional times.

Beastie Boys recognized at VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Photo by RB/Mic to Mic

On October 7, the Beastie Boys were recognized for their contributions to hip hop music at the third annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors. The event pays tribute to the hip hop pioneers who transformed the genre into a cultural phenomenon. Also honored at this year's ceremony were Ice Cube, Wu-Tang Clan, Afrika Bambaataa, Russell Simmons, MC Lyte, Rakim, and Eazy E.

Upon arrival at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, the Beastie Boys participated in the Hip Hop Honors red carpet hoopla, posing for photographers and talking with media. My colleague and I both worked the red carpet. Click on the images below to see our photosets of the Beastie Boys on the red carpet.

Inside the Hammerstein Ballroom, the Beastie Boys were honored in the form of a tribute performance by Q-tip, Fabolous, and Diddy with Mix Master Mike. The three MCs and one DJ performed abbreviated versions of "Paul Revere" and "Hold It Now Hit It" for the Beastie Boys, who watched the performance from box seats on the side of the stage.

Q-tip, Fabolous, and Diddy perform a tribute to the Beastie Boys

Following the tribute performance, the Beastie Boys took to the stage to perform "So What'cha Want" and "The New Style," only to be stopped in mid-performance by VH1 production crew because their microphones were cutting out. Amid yelling and booing from the audience was a call by VH1 for the band to repeat the performance. The audience responded with delight.

Technical errors interrupt the Beastie Boys performance at the Hip Hop Honors

The second performance was a success and, at its conclusion, Q-tip, Diddy, Fabolous, and Tracy Morgan joined the Beastie Boys on stage to congratulate them.

Beastie Boys perform "So What'cha Want/The New Style" at the Hip Hop Honors

The Hip Hop Honors will premiere on VH1 on Tuesday, October 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

New dvd release of Roadside Prophets

This week Roadside Prophets, a film starring John Doe and Adam Horovitz, was released in widescreen region 1 dvd format. It's available to order at

Yauch catches Bad Brains gig

Photo of Daryl Jenifer of Bad Brains by Alex Countey

Billboard reports that Adam Yauch attended the Bad Brains show at CBGB's last Sunday. The legendary hardcore band played three shows this week at the club, which will be closing for good at the end of the month.

In 2004, Bad Brains went in the studio with Yauch producing the sessions. The last update on the album was in April 2004, when it was said to be in the mixing stage. Two years later, the album has still not been released.

Ballroom blitz

Photo by RB/Mic to Mic

For their third concert in 2006, the Beastie Boys performed for an audience of devoted fans at the Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel in New York on October 4. The concert, titled Gimme Shelter: Rock & Rescue NYC, was a benefit to support animal rescue and no-kill city shelters. Organized by the ASPCA and Rational Animal, the concert featured an eclectic mix of performers, ranging from Nellie McKay to punk band the Sick Fucks.

The Beastie Boys delivered a 14-song, high energy set, kicking off with crowd pleaser "Slow and Low." During their 50-minute set, the band stopped to thank fans for supporting the cause. As big animal lovers, the Beastie Boys have given their time and money to many organizations working to help animals over the years. Fans may recall that the band donated a portion of their ticket sales to local animal shelters during the Pageant tour.

The Set
Slow and Low [video 1] // [video 2 - part 1] [video 2 - part 2] // [video 3]
Body Movin' [video 1 - part 1] [video 1 - part 2] // [video 2]
Sure Shot [video 1] // [video 2]
Triple Trouble [video 1 - part 1] [video 1 - part 2] // [video 2 - part 1] [video 2 - part 2]
Shake Your Rump [video 1] // [video 2]
Pass the Mic [video 1] // [video 2]
Egg Man [video - part 1] [video - part 2]
Hello Brooklyn [video 1] // [video 2] // [video 3]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn
Root Down [video]
Ch-Check It Out
3 MC's and 1 DJ
Intergalactic [video 1] // [video 2] // [video 3] // [video 4 - part 1] [video 4 - part 2]
So What'cha Want [video - part 1] [video - part 2]

Video credits: DandyFop, Bionic, YoungRemy, maestro118, BGirl, lyneday, Me

Photo Sets:

By DandyFop, Sachyn, shullovox

By marikosuave, eatsdirt, lonnehendrix