Win a pass to attend the Raindance Film Festival has a contest to win an all-access pass to the Raindance Film Festival in London, where Gunnin' for That #1 Spot will have its European debut. Adam Yauch will be attending the festival, which takes place October 1-12, as both a director and a jury member for the festival.

To win the all-access festival pass, you must email the answer to the following question to

What is the name of Adam Yauch's new documentary?

The contest deadline is Wednesday, October 1, at 11 a.m. GMT.

All-Horovitz Update

We received a request for an all-Adam Horovitz update, similar to our previously published all-Adam Yauch report. Because we're about making people happy, we'll oblige.

Soooo, what has Mr. Adam Horovitz been up to, you ask -- no! -- DEMAND to know? According to a source, Horovitz has been playing a lot of softball, like he does most summers. The same source tells us that Horovitz has recently suffered a leg injury, which has him hobbling around like his semi-crippled bandmate who plays the bass. We feel for them. (Really, we do.)

Hopefully, the Original Nasal Kid will make a full recovery before he hosts this year's Gimme Shelter Rock and Rescue concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on October 6. The concert is a fund-raising event for Rational Animal, an organization that works to help animals in New York City. Get your tickets for the concert here.

If you attend this year's Gimme Shelter Rock and Rescue concert, you will have an opportunity to bid on some collectibles donated by the Beastie Boys at the concert's accompanying silent auction.

Speaking of collectibles...our friend and colleague, 9th Beastie (aka Mark), added an interesting item to his Beastie Boys collection not too long ago. He kindly gave us permission to share and write about his find -- a New York punk fanzine from early 1983 -- here at Mic to Mic.

Killer - cover Killer - article

Killer - photo

[Click photos to go to enlargements.]

The 'zine, titled "Killer," contains a talk with a young, homework-doin' Mike Diamond, who reveals that the Beastie Boys have a new guitarist.

Michael said this...John Berry is not their guitarist anymore -- the new guy is ADAM from The Young and Useless. Now there's 2 Adams in the band.*

Beastie "heads" will recognize press acknowledging Horovitz as a new addition to the band as rare, mainly because Beastie Boys did not receive a lot of media attention until Licensed to Ill was released. The style and language used in the article makes it a unique, historical find and read.

Unfortunately, that's all the Horovitz info we can scrape up for now. Sorry. Look for our equally lackluster all-Michael Diamond update in the near future.

*Twenty-five years later, there are still two Adams in the band. Nice, huh?

Mix Master Mike's got tough love

Mix Master Mike has contributed to a new anti-smoking campaign created by, the people who get your attention about the hazards of smoking with their unusual television commercials.'s new campaign has world-renowned DJs, like Mix Master, Diplo, Pete Rock, and Z-trip, remixing the anti-smoking organization's theme music. Hear Mix Master Mike's remix, titled "Tough Love (Mix Master Mike's Ashtray Mix)," at and at

Not only did Mix Master Mike agree to remix a song for, he also agreed to be interviewed and talk about his experience as a former smoker. Watch his interview below and see Buford the pig and hear the master talk about his good buddies, the Beastie Boys.

Beastie Boys: Register to Vote!! / Vote Obama 2008

Adam Yauch has previously given his support for Barack Obama for president. Now on, Beastie Boys have shown a written support for the Democratic party’s candidate for president of the United States.

During the last election, the band just told people NOT to vote for George Bush, so it’s a change to see them name a candidate, even though we got the point then.

Here’s what the Beastie Boys say on their website:

Register to Vote!! / Vote Obama 2008 / Early Voting

Register to Vote

Vote Obama ’08 – See how YOU can make a change!

Early voting – that’s right – did you know that in 31 states you can vote BEFORE Nov 4th????

See if you live in one of those States and click the link for instructions:

More Current TV

Yauch shares advice in this new Current TV clip:

Mix Master Mike & Money Mark: The original musical mavericks

Photo: Top 10

Both Mix Master Mike and Money Mark will be guests separately on the live-action children's television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!" when it begins its second season on Nick Jr. later this month. Mix Master Mike will be on the show that airs on September 24. The date of Money Mark's appearance is currently unknown.

For a lil' something more mature, check out Mix Master Mike on tour again! Mix Master Mike will be performing at select cities on the Bacardi Live Tour, an "innovative performance of today's hottest DJs." According to Mix Master Mike's official site, he will be performing at the following cities on the tour:

Sept. 13 Lawrence, KS
Sept. 20 St. Cloud, MN
Sept. 27 West Lafayette, IN
Oct. 4 Champaign, IL
Oct. 11 Columbus, OH
Oct. 18 College Park, MD
Oct. 25 State College, PA
Nov. 1 Morgantown, WV
Nov. 8 Austin, TX
Nov. 15 Tallahassee, FL
Nov. 22 Gainesville, FL

Boss Yauch

Photo: Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

“I don’t know if I’ll always want to make records...I could see doing this [films] for a long time."
--Adam Yauch

Read a new interview with Adam Yauch at

All-Yauch Update

Adam Yauch continues to focus his attention on Oscilloscope Pictures. Yauch is now pimping his b-ball documentary across the pond. Gunnin for That #1 Spot will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival, which takes place in London from October 1-12. In addition to having his film screen at the festival, Yauch will sit on the filmmakers jury and determine the best films of the festival.

Earlier this summer, Yauch was nominated for the Gucci Group Award -- an award given to an artist who has made a significant contribution to a film in any capacity within the past 18 months, as a director, actor, screenwriter, set designer, or costume designer. Although the award was bestowed to another director (Steve McQueen for Hunger) during the Venice Film Festival, Yauch surely benefited from the nomination -- most likely receiving some sweet Gucci gear and the respect of fellow filmmakers.

On September 5, Yauch attended the premiere party for the Coen Brothers' new film Burn After Reading, starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, and Brad Pitt, at the Toronto Film Festival [see pic from below]. Presumably, Yauch attended the film festival to scope out possible films for Oscilloscope to distribute and to help promote Oscope Pics' Wendy and Lucy, which screened at the festival.

To celebrate the North American release of Gunnin' for That #1 Spot on dvd on October 21 [pre-order at Amazon], Yauch will participate in a Q&A at 92YTribeca, a new venue in Manhattan, on October 23. Tickets may be purchased at 92YTribeca's web site for $12.

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Yauch shares a lil rhyme by Mike D

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