A look at the new Beastie Boys t-shirts

I picked up three of the four new Beastie Boys t-shirts that were sold at the Crocodile Cafe show and Sasquatch Festival. Below are photos for your review and future purchasing consideration.

Click on any of the photos to see enlargements.

The green shirt is a unisex fit. Note Yauch's hand in the photo.

The pink shirt is a girl's fit (i.e., hour-glassed).

The yellow shirt is a men's fit. It features a design on both the front and back. Most women will probably want to purchase a size small, as this shirt is generously wide in the shoulders and torso.

The fourth shirt -- the one I didn't get -- is a navy blue shirt in a men's fit. I believe it is the same shirt currently available to purchase at the official store.

All shirts have the same detail: (1) a printed label (instead of a fabric one) of the new Beastie Boys wordmark and "the gentleman" graphic and (2) a fabric tag sewn to the bottom of the shirt that has "the gentleman" on the front and the wordmark on the back.

The shirts are 100% cotton, made in Mexico.


2:35 AM razmatazern said...

those shirts look awesome! i think i'm going to have to buy all of them.

2:57 AM Rhymes with G-Baby said...

What's Yauch holding? A camera?

9:33 AM Hot Sauce said...

Yauch is holding a hi-8 camera. :D

I would like to add that all of the shirts are extra long and have an almost sheer quality when worn.

11:31 AM Danielle said...

I'm going to need all three shirts too.

3:28 PM Klepto said...

freaky hijiki! i gotta have those!!! all of them!!! gimme them beautiful shirts!! :D

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