"You're not going to JFK by chance?"

After enjoying a brief break from their tour schedule, Beastie Boys packed up and left New York City again today to return to touring. They will be appearing at the Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, Japan, this Saturday (July 28).

It seems that Adam Horovitz had a little problem leaving the city this morning, according to a New York blogger who recognized Horovitz standing on the street and wrote about the encounter:
We were loading up the truck this morning for a return to Home Depot when our event producer, Jonny Santos notices something familiar about the guy leaning next to our front door with a red suitcase sipping an iced coffee.

"That's totally Adrock," says Jonny.

He was right. Turns out the towncar broken down on Spring Street was the reason he was standing in front of our door.

"You're not going to JFK by chance?" he says.

"We'll take you," says Jonny, and runs upstairs to print out some directions from our office.

Adrock tells the driver he's going with us, but before Jonny can get back downstairs with the directions an auxiliary towncar rolls up.

So it goes. He was very calm and cool, even when it looked like he'd miss his flight. He told Jonny he'd see him next week when the Beastie Boys perform at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore. Really nice guy.


9:13 PM Saber said...


i would take him to the airport

9:32 PM Danielle said...

That's a cute story, but couldn't he have taken a taxi to the airport?

9:49 PM Hot Sauce said...

I enjoy recognizing the clues in encounter stories that tell you that they're true, not fiction. The clues in this one are the address and the "sipping an iced coffee" comment. :D

9:53 PM Hornblower said...

How do I get the job of driving the Beasties around?

11:23 PM Kevin said...

The only places you would drive to would be Starbucks, the yoga center and health food stores.

11:26 PM Hot Sauce said...

^It's funny 'cause it's true!

4:11 AM delight intl. said...

I don't get it. I go to the office, fire up the machine, and first thing check what is new out there in the beastalaxy - and there come the good vibes... That's truly nice. Thanks.

12:06 PM friis said...

sure I would. If I had a car. Uh and a drivers license wouldn't harm either :p

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