Audio of Gdynia Gala Event

Thanks and praise to Michal at for sharing this audience recording of the Beastie Boys' Gala Event at the Heineken Open'er Festival in Gdynia, Poland, on July 1, 2007. Download a compressed folder [.rar] containing mp3s at or individual mp3s via below.

01 Live at PJ's
02 Futterman's Rule
03 Time for Living
04 Remote Control
05 B for My Name
06 In 3's
07 Song for the Man
08 Suco de Tangerina
09 Root Down and Get It
10 Pow
11 Lighten Up
12 Mark on the Bus
13 Transitions
14 Ricky's Theme
15 Do It
16 Something's Got to Give
17 The Gala Event
18 Gratitude
19 Heart Attack Man
20 Honky Rink
21 Jimmy James
22 So What'cha Want
23 Encore Break
24 MMM Interlude
25 Sure Shot
26 3 MC's & 1 DJ
27 Egg Raid on Mojo
28 The Maestro
29 Sabotage

Please note that Michal posted mp3s at his blog to download; however, they're stored on his server, so it costs him if you download from his blog.

If you download this recording, please thank Michal for sharing by posting in the comments here or on his blog. Tapers like to know that people appreciate what they do.


12:57 PM Klepto said...

sweeeet, i'm listening to the show riiiight noooow...thanks, both of y'all! :D

1:31 PM Saber said...

thanks for the recording!

2:26 PM Emily said...

I love the recording! It's funny when Mike talks about him and Adrock fighting.

2:48 PM stevie wonderful said...



10:10 PM Dodger said...

Thanks for the shows. I like this one and the Belgium show a lot.

10:27 PM Danielle said...

Thank you. I appreciate the work of the tapers and the bloggers. :)

10:37 PM Joan said...

The audio and video from the European shows are making me excited about the U.S. tour. The band sound great to me in these shows. See you at the shows!

11:06 PM Hairydog said...

Cool! Thanks a lot.

10:30 AM B.W.C. said...

Thanks :)

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