Beastie Boys discuss how to make hip hop family friendly

While in Norway, Beastie Boys took time to speak with Norwegian television NRK P3TV. In the interview, Beastie Boys talk about humanizing hip hop through three-legged races, potato sack races, egg tosses, the Easter Bunny, and albums about painting eggs. In other words, it's a typical Beastie Boys interview.


4:18 PM Klepto said...

i'm totally gonna buy all of my chocolate yauch bunny's albums!! <3

grrrreat interview! they're so cute! :D

5:29 PM pshabi said...

I don't see the 3-legged race working. Too hard to insure.

6:15 PM Hot Sauce said...

The best thing about this video is Horovitz' reactions to Mike's and Yauch's suggestions. He nods and makes faces that show he thinks their ideas are good!

More rap songs about the Easter Bunny? Yauch is so silly! :D

6:30 AM jenny said...

I watched this over and over and laughed every single time. OH MY GOD I love these men."I'd like to apologize for that last thing Mike said... the Chocolate Easter Bunny is GOOD." -Yauch

11:51 AM Brody said...

Hilarious! I love the Beastie Boys!

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