iTunes code: one last appeal

We are happy to report that we have successfully hooked some fans up to other fans to share the iTunes code and get Beastie Boys concert tickets. Unfortunately, we received more requests for iTunes codes than we received code donations. We're making a final appeal to fans who haven't yet used their code to buy Beastie Boys concert tickets to donate the code to fans in need.

Most people who have written us are looking for only one or two tickets to a single show. Everyone who has written is a genuine fan. (Geesh, you have to be a big fan if you're reading this goofy blog.)

So, pleeeaasse, if you have a code to spare, help your fellow Beastie Boys fan. Email us the code and the amount of tickets available with the code. We will distribute the codes to fans in order of request received.

A final note: The code is not related to an individual's iTunes identity or account. No personal information is revealed through sharing of the code.