Beastie Boys ask fans to recycle cell phones at concerts

Some small print on the Atlantic City promo poster (see previous post) caught my eye. For the U.S. shows, Beastie Boys are participating in a green project with Reverb, a non-profit organization that educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability. The specific project Beastie Boys are supporting is one in which fans are asked to bring their old cell phones, PDAs, and related gizmos to concerts to recycle. As an incentive -- as if you need something more than a desire to save the earth! -- fans who bring in items to recycle will receive a coupon for a free Beastie goodie that can be redeemed online.

Additionally, $1 from every Beastie Boys concert ticket sold goes to a Reverb ecofund, which supports the organization's educational efforts and funds local nonprofit organizations in the cities in which the Beastie Boys perform.

Fans who wish to volunteer to work a Reverb booth at a Beastie Boys show should review the information on the Volunteer page at Reverb's site and contact Reverb by email.


9:38 AM cell phone addict said...

what is the goodie?

9:50 AM Hot Sauce said...

I knew someone would ask that question. I have no idea what the goodie is. Probably a sticker. Does it really matter what it is?

10:41 AM Saber said...

i have a suitcase of phones i can bring

12:34 PM sophie said...

Beastie Boys think green. I like it!

1:52 PM Ellen said...

This is a very good idea. Kudos to Beastie Boys!

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