Beastie Boys at the Rock Werchter Festival

"Sure Shot" at Werchter Festival

I really wanted to go to the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium, but Midzi talked me out of it. I'm glad that she did. According to a fan who wrote us, the show was another audience-crushing event. Beastie Boys had to stop the show a few times because people were getting crushed at the front of the stage. The band asked everyone to take a step back and pick up the people who had fallen on the ground.

Gratitude [video]
Time for Living
Egg Raid on Mojo
Root Down [video] / [alternate video (from outside the tent)]
Triple Trouble [video]
Sure Shot [video] / [alternate video]
Shake Your Rump [video]
Live at PJ's [video]
Tough Guy
Electric Worm
Pass the Mic
Body Movin'
Super Disco Breakin'
Brass Monkey
Off the Grid
The Maestro
Remote Control [video]
3 MC's & 1 DJ
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Ch-Check It Out [video]
So What'cha Want
MMM Interlude
Intergalactic [video]
Heart Attack Man
Sabotage [video]

A video montage of Sabrosa, Sure Shot, Intergalactic, Brass Monkey, and Electric Worm may be viewed here.

A recording of the Beastie Boys set at the Werchter Festival may be downloaded here. [LINK UPDATED]



6:50 PM Hot Sauce said...

Oh, Mike and his Belgian waffle!


6:57 PM Danielle said...

The band sound like they were having fun.

8:58 PM josef said...

thanks for the audio link

9:14 PM Saber said...

the set list doesnt change much for the hip hop shows. its the same songs every time.

6:45 AM pinno said...

hi! the link for downloading the set is not more available :(

can you upload it again, please? :D

6:04 PM Hot Sauce said...

Wow, the audio is high in demand. The download has reached its limit. I had to upload the file again.

New download link:

11:53 AM Jon said...

Is it a soundboard recording?

9:12 AM Fan said...

1st time I've seen them live and it was a great show. The audience in the front was hot, but excellent show still.

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