Happy at the Roskilde Festival

Photo credit: Rockphoto.dk

Time for Living
Remote Control
Root Down
Pass the Mic
Super Disco Breakin'
Sure Shot
Electric Worm
Live at PJ's
Lighten Up
The Maestro
Egg Raid on Mojo
Triple Trouble
Flute Loop
Brass Monkey
3 MC's and 1 DJ
In 3's
Off the Grid
Tough Guy
Body Movin'
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Ch-Check It Out
MMM Interlude
Heart Attack Man

Mic to Mic reader and friend Friis contributes the following review of the Beastie Boys set at the Roskilde Festival. It was her first Beastie Boys show.
Damn, Beastie Boys killed it! They were all happy and full of energy, even Yauch, who was smiling a lot like Mike and Horovitz were.

They started the show by going to the front of the stage to pose and show off their suits, which was quite funny. Yauch did the long version of the intro to "Gratitude," which made me very happy. I couldn't stop jumping up and down. Mike was full-on for all of his solos. The three of them were goofing and really into it. Mix Master Mike was oh-so-hot. Big ups to him for playing the Prunes' beat to "Sure Shot." I don't think anybody else knew that some Danes had made that song, but it rocked my socks.

The crowd seemed to appreciate the instrumentals. The speakers went out during "Lighten Up," but the band kept playing. It amused Yauch. He looked embarrassed, but he couldn't do anything about it, so he just smiled.

"Tough Guy" was cute. Mike did his thing with saying the lyrics before they started playing. He pointed at Horovitz, and Horovitz asked him why he did that. Mike gave him a hug.

The band seemed to be very aware of how the crowd were doing and also wanted to get everybody moving, so they dedicated "No Sleep" to all the people in the back. Then they argued about whether all the other songs were dedicated to the others. Mike dedicated "Brass Monkey" to Davis and Skylar, who were in raincoats and playing with Losel's yo-yo on the side of the stage.

The band said goodbye after "Ch-Check It Out," and the crew began to remove their instruments, which confused me because I knew they would come back. It seemed for a while that they weren't going to return to the stage but, luckily, Mix Master Mike came back and got the show going again.

"Intergalactic" was the biggest hit with the people around me. "Heart Attack Man" was in a weird place in the setlist. The kids liked "Sabotage," so it ended like it should.

Mike gave the audience props for being in the rain and mud for so long on the other days of the festival. Luckily, it didn't rain on Friday, but it was still sweet of him to acknowledge what the fans had endured. He was a real audience's man, doing calls and responses. The audience applauded when he asked how to say "cheers" in Danish when he was drinking some water. He did actually get pretty close to saying it correctly.

Horovitz danced a lot and got everybody else dancing too. He had some problems with his guitar in "Lighten Up," but he rocked so much that it didn't matter.

Yauch looked like he had a really good time. He smiled a lot and even did that Sasquatch dance to "Triple Trouble"! When the sound fell out, he asked us if we could hear them, just making sure it was all right.

Fredo was nice, but he didn't stand out that much, only when he was standing at the side recording videos and taking pics. But he and MMM were nice on the hand drums, or whatever you call them.

Money Mark was on jumping beans and fell with his keyboard once again.


12:32 PM Sophie said...

I am happy they are happy. :D

1:18 PM Klepto said...

yay, friis! thanks for the review! :D

is there video of yauch dancing???? i must see! :o

1:41 PM Danielle said...

Thanks for the review, Friis. It's wonderful you had a very positive first show experience!

10:47 PM Saber said...

nice review!

10:01 AM Brody said...

Awwww!! Mike hugged Adam! <3

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