Audio of Heineken Open'er Festival hip-hop set

Yauch: Everybody in the house, let me hear you say "Bong-bong!"
Audience: Bong-bong!
Yauch: Say "Bong-bong!"
Audience: Bong-bong!
Horovitz: My side, my side! Go "Bing-bing!"
Audience: Bing-bing!
Yauch: Bong-bong!
Audience: Bong-bong!
Horovitz: Bing-bing!
Audience: Bing-bing!
Yauch: Bong-bong!
Horovitz: Bing-bing!
Yauch: That was great.
Horovitz: We've got to work that one out.
Diamond: That was a hot routine, y'all.

Ahh, bong-bonging and bing-binging in the rain in an old airfield in Poland with the Beastie Boys! Yes, I remember it well! And now we all can remember it well, thanks to a generous taper who recorded and shared the show with us.

Download a compressed folder [.rar] containing mp3s at or individual mp3s via below.

01 Gratitude
02 Time for Living
03 Live at PJ's
04 Root Down
05 Triple Trouble
06 Sure Shot
07 Shake Your Rump
08 Remote Control
09 Tough Guy
10 Electric Worm
11 Sabrosa
12 Pass the Mic
13 Body Movin'
14 Super Disco Breakin'
15 Brass Monkey
16 Off the Grid
17 Shambala
18 Son of Neckbone
19 The Maestro
20 Egg Raid on Mojo
21 3 MC's and 1 DJ
22 No Sleep Til Brooklyn
23 Ch-Check It Out
24 So What'cha Want
25 MMM Interlude
26 Intergalactic
27 Heart Attack Man
28 Sabotage


3:07 PM Saber said...



5:44 PM Baseline said...


5:58 PM Josef said...

Nice recording. Thank you!

6:38 PM Akann said...

I've been there :D :D
Thank you!

11:01 PM Danielle said...

What a delightful show! Thank you for sharing.

7:05 AM Aidan said...

Can't wait to listen to this!

11:54 AM Spiffy D said...

Put this on disc and played it on the big system. Sounds great in 5.1 surround! Now my neighbors can enjoy it thru the walls! Thanx to the taper. The Maestro remains one of my favorite Beastie songs ever.

--- damian

9:54 AM Kevin said...

Noice! Thanks alot!

11:44 PM o.c. kicks said...

Thank you to the taper for recording the show and Mic to Mic for posting it.

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