Beastie Boys at the Quart Festival

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On July 3, Beastie Boys performed at the Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway. I haven't had luck locating any reviews or photos from independent sources. I can only provide the following media links:
  • Concert review at (in Norwegian)
    The review says the show suffered from many technical problems -- microphones not working, instruments not working. The review confirms the following songs were performed: Brass Monkey, Root Down, Sure Shot, Body Movin', So What'cha Want, Shake Your Rump, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Tough Guy, and Sabotage (as always, dedicated to George W).

  • An article at summarizing a press conference the Beastie Boys participated in (in Norwegian)
    From what I understand using an online translator, Beastie Boys laughed at most of the questions they were asked and provided goofy answers. It seems some of the journalists posed questions in odd English, amusing the band. Mike talked about the band's next album being targeted to dogs because of their keen hearing. Adam Horovitz was asked for his opinion on illegal downloading. It seems his answer was something like he doesn't care as long as he gets paid. Adam Yauch had some words on illegal downloading too, but I can't make out what they were -- something to do with suing Metallic. Yeah, online translators don't always work.

  • Another article from the press conference at (in Norwegian)
    I couldn't make much sense out of this one. The writer spends more time describing the environment (e.g., Yauch lounges on a sofa, Horovitz sits in a window) than the questions and answers. Regarding Horovitz being asked about illegal downloading, it seems he said he'd rather sue his fans for other things, like not dressing properly.

  • Another article from the press conference at (in Norwegian)

  • An article at about the band's performance at the Quart Festival (in Norwegian)
    This article confirms a few more songs performed: B for My Name, Egg Raid on Mojo, Intergalactic.

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    Photo credit:


    A fan who attended the show contacted us to provide some photos and info about the show.

    Ari writes:
    I have to say that the gig was amazing -- one of the best I've seen. I was lucky enough to get there from Finland, and it was so worth it!
    Among Ari's photos is one of the setlist (see below). View Ari's photos at Flickr.

    Quart Festival Setlist


    10:02 PM friis said...

    the "new" album is an album only dogs can hear.
    and I think what adrock is saying is, that he thinks downloading will be tuff to stop. he doesn't mind smapling, but he wants to deal with it, with the owner of the music.
    he would like to get paid for the downloads, but he doesn't think it will happen.
    yauch says there a big diffrens to take a whol song and sing over that and just use a drum kick.

    then they ask if they will go to the extrem and suing them who are d/l ing their stuff, and mike saying he wants to sue them for all diffrent reasons. like his socks going missing. and then yauch will sue metalica for sueing their fans, and then adrock will sue yauch for putting some kind of food on his toiletseat.

    and then something about mike looking in to a miror each day, and that they think they are amazing.

    in the last one yauch talks about him knowing a norwegian snowboarder, and they are disgussing what songs the aduence might and might nok like. and what songs they will play.
    and mike says he can remeber looking at the girls when he was here the last time.

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