Full Roskilde press conference

From Stereo Warning:

You guys played and have seen lots of concerts. What makes a performance stand out?
MCA: Mike and I were trying to calculate the other day how many hours we've spent on stage, 'cause we were talking to this pilot and she said she had flown for 11,000 hours. My guess is we've spent maybe 10,000 hours on stage.
Mike D: I could be wrong, but I'm throwing 10,000 out there. That's pretty good experience, you know. You'd feel safe - not with us flying a plane, 'cause I've never flown a plane, but performing with us. We know what we're doing up there. That's all I'm saying.

Why don't you bring more bands from New York on tour with you? Bands from your old New York roots, that never got discovered.
Adrock: None of those bands are together anymore.

Murphy's Law is.
Adrock: We've toured with Murphy's Law before.

But not in Europe.
Adrock: No, not in Europe.
Mike D: How come you didn't bring up Urban Waste, though? Or Kraut? Or even The Mob? Or The Attack? The Undead?
MCA: How about Cavity Creeps? How do you feel about Cavity Creeps? You're into them? No?
Mike D: How about Adrenaline OD? Come on, you're feeling them boys at home! You love that shit, right?

What's the difference between Beastie Boys 20 years ago and today?
MCA: I have more gray hair.
Adrock: I have more money.

I was thinking more along the lines of artistic...
Mike D: You know, I just spent all my crowns today at lunch. I don't have any left.
Adrock: I have more, but in the bank.
Mike D: It's probably not that different, every record we do is a bit different, but it represents where we're at the moment. Twenty years ago we listened to some different types of music.
MCA: I got a computer.

Do you see a difference in the music scene?
MCA: Not much.
Adrock: Just trying to barely get by.
MCA: Just trying to stay afloat.
Adrock: Hanging on by a thread.

Do you have anything in common with the hip-hop scene from today, like 50 Cent for example?

Mike D: I actually use the same dry cleaner as 50 Cent. We do use the same dentist, although he uses a different person for his fronts, 'cause my dentist won't do that type of work.
Adrock: 50 Cent is in much better shape than us.
Mike D: Well, he drinks vitamin water. I drink soda. I had a dentist once who gave me teeth made out of wood, because he said that's what George Washington had. Then I found out that George Washington didn't use wood in his teeth and I started to get splinters from the teeth and I sued the dentist. 'Cause it hurt me a lot and he lied to me.
Adrock: George Washington, the first American president, his teeth were from elephant's teeth.
MCA: No, rhino tusk.
Adrock: I thought it was elephant tusk.
MCA: No, rhino. I can send you the link if you want it. You can google it, too.

What do you think of Rick Rubin's work today, he's a very popular producer...
Mike D: I don't know if it's been announced, 'cause it's something he just told me about when we were in the sauna together, but he's doing a thing with Cirque de Soleil.
Adrock: He gets mistaken sometimes for the dude in ZZ Top.

Which one?
Adrock: The one with the beard.

Will you make any political statements today on stage?
Mike D: I'd like you to consider strongly voting for me. I don't have an office per se that I'm running for, but if an argument erupts I'd like you to just take my side.
Adrock: We don't even have an office.

How is the music scene in New York right now?
Mike D: I'm not familiar with it. But there's always something going down.

What's a good bar to go to in New York?
Adrock: Astoria Hogwash. There's a bar called Hogwash in Astoria, Queens. It's a drive from New York, but it's a good bar. And Murphy's Law are from Queens too. And so is Run DMC and LL Cool J. A lot of history in Queens.

What do you think of CBGB's going down?
MCA: It's sad.
Mike D: New York changes.
Adrock: What are you gonna do, it's the way of the world.


7:59 PM Spiffy D said...

I'm trying to remember any time the Beastie Boys have been serious with the media. The only times I can remember have been Free Tibet and the MTV thing where they brought attention to the rapes at Woodstock '99.

2:08 PM friis said...

nice that someone in that room, was glad that they were jokeing.

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