Hear, see, and feel Beastie Boys

Mix Master Mike interlude and "Intergalactic" at Balaton Sound Festival, filmed by Kobak

It's rare for me to find a video that captures what I feel a Beastie Boys concert experience is like. This video, filmed at the Beastie Boys set at the Balaton Sound Festival in Zamardi, Hungary, achieves just that.

This video has it all: Mix Master Mike's mastery, B Boy banter, special visuals (the robot animation for "Intergalactic" that I wrote about in another review), audience exuberance, and Beastie Boys craftiness (i.e., taking a mistake and turning it into something good). Note the funky, spoken-style way Adam Horovitz picks up the interruption in "Intergalactic."

This video put a huge smile on my face.


10:55 AM myshinki said...

I feel you!
i got the chills while watching it.

11:39 AM Danielle said...

I agree. The video represents a Beastie Boys show very well. :)

12:17 PM Saber said...

damn that was good

6:52 PM jenny said...

Damn, that Mike D. He really makes one sexy Cap'n. I hope he realizes this and wears nothin but this outfit for the rest of his life.

5:10 PM pinno said...

wow! this video makes me feeling like that time in milan in 2004!! goosebumps and fast heartbeats!!! :D
waiting for the beasties while mix master mike rocks the crowd!! :D

i love beastie boys!!

3:40 PM kobak said...


good to see, that I'm not the only one,who enjoys beastie boys, and that You could use my video. :-)

By the way, the concert was amazing!

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